Find My Friend's iPhone
  • Secure, comfortable, discreet, and power-saving

  • Track live GPS location, location history, and live calls invisibly

  • Track all apps and data on iPhone including deleted ones

  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the app

    Finding your friend’s iPhone is not complicated as you might expect. You can use a couple of methods to find your friend’s iPhone successfully if it missing.

    As we all know, this technology era is all about mind-blowing innovations that has brought about ease in how we execute our plans. Thus In this post, you will learn how to find your friend’s iPhone location using the best iPhone tracker on the internet. There are also other similar applications in the list that you can use as an alternative. So read on to find out more.

    Part 1. How Do I track my friend’s iPhone efficiently?


    AiSpyer is a simple yet powerful iPhone finder that you can utilize to find your friend’s iPhone. It uses cell triangulation and GPS technology to track the latitude and longitude coordinates on a map, giving you the exact location of the friend’s iPhone. After finding the exact location, you can trace the path to MAPS and quickly reach it. 

    AiSpyer for iPhone also allows you to manage the sensitive data on your friend’s iPhone, and it's has a highly-intuitive user interface that makes navigation around the app easy and convenient.

    Moreover, AiSpyer for iPhone supports a seven day trial period that allows you to test its credibility before acquiring the app. So, you can use it as a free iPhone finder for seven days and then revoke the membership if need be.

    Key Features

    • Find the accurate location of your friend’s iPhone using GPS and cell tower triangulation technology.
    • Delete your friend’s private data remotely.
    • Review any activity of your friend’s iPhone remotely without hassles.
    • A clean user interface that makes navigation around the app easy and convenient.

    How Do I track my friend’s iPhone efficiently Using Aispyer For iPhone?

    Firstly, signup for an account on Aispyer for iPhone website using your email. Then choose a subscription plan that's perfect for your requirements.

    Step 1

    Download Aispyer for iPhone on the target iPhone device  and install as soon as the the download is finalized. Afterward, launch the Aispyer for iPhone app follow this; Tap Sources button > Select Edit button > Finally hit the Add button to proceed.

    Step 2

    Input APT URL on the space back and click the Add Source icon to successfully add the URL. Also, you can install the system core via the following page.

    Hit the Confirm button and install the application, then click on the Restart Springboard and option to input your license key. After that, you should click the OK button to activate the app.

    Step 3

    Hit the Hide App button to configure visibility parameters and enable the app to work in stealth mode. 

    Step 4

    After completion of the setup procedure, you can log in to your Aispyer account via the official website and start to find your friend's iPhone via the Dashboard.

    Part 2. Other useful apps to find my friends iPhone

    1 - Life360


    Life360 is an iPhone tracker app that is specifically designed to locate family and friend’s iPhones. It also allows you to communicate with the missing iPhone—if a good samaritan wants to return your friend’s iPhone.  Further, it shows you the location history helping you know the past whereabout if the device is shut off. However, the app only works if you have previously installed this on the device.

    • Simple and intuitive; also free to use (basic features)
    • Works across all devices, and supports cross-platform
    • Shows you location history —if cannot find the accurate location
    • Life360 has to be previously installed on the missing iPhone
    • You cannot remotely manage the data
    • You cannot remotely lock the device

    2 - Glympse


    Glympse is another great iPhone finder that you can use to find your friend’s iPhone. It is different in its approach. It doesn’t require you to install the application in order to track the iPhone. Instead, Glympse sents a link on the device, and if the other user clicks it, you will know their exact whereabouts. 

    Unfortunately, if the intruder doesn’t click on the link— Glympse will be of no use. Nonetheless, it’s worth a try and can be useful to locate your friend’s iPhone. 

    • Find the GPS coordinates of your friend’s iPhone
    • Works even if you haven’t previously installed the application
    • Intuitive as it sents a link to find the exact whereabouts
    • Only works if the intruder clicks on the link
    • You cannot manage or lock the device remotely

    3 - Find My Friends


    Supports iOS 12 or earlier, Find My Freinds is an earlier substitute of Find My Device. Although this app isn't not completely replaced on the newer versions with Find My Device. Still, if your friends have previously installed the application and shared the location with you—it will be useful to find your friend’s iPhone. 

    • Easily locate your friends iPhone 
    • Location-based notifications
    • Simple privacy controls
    Only works if your friend has shared the location with you permanently (or the set time did not past yet)

    4 - Phonesheriff


    Designed by Retina-X Studios, PhoneSheriff at its heart is a parental monitoring tool. But if have installed this application on your friend’s phone previously—you can very well use it to find its location. You will know not only the current location but also the location history.

    • Accurately find your friend’s iPhone location
    • You can know the past whereabouts of the missing iPhone
    • Remotely lock the device or wipe out sensitive data
    • Your friend’s iPhone should have PhoneSheriff installed on it previously.  
    • It requires jailbreak of iPhone and doesn't support stealth mode.


    While all the applications listed in this post have the capability to find your friend’s iPhone, all have their different prerequisite. Find My Friends, PhoneSheriff, and Life360 are all expensive applications, but many users have them installed on their devices. If your friend’s iPhone has any of them, you can use these apps to find the location. 

    Glympse, on the other hand, takes a different approach as it sends a link to your friend’s iPhone—leaving it up to the intruder to click on it. If he doesn’t you will not know the exact whereabouts.

    However, if you're seeking a top-notch and cost-effective tracking app that's packed with advanced iPhone tracking features, you should reach out to Aispyer for iPhone. 

    Aispyer for iPhone


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