iPhone Location Tracker
  • The unique GPS navigator tracks the target’s real-time location.

  • Export paths to use in other apps like Google Maps.

  • Find the lost or stolen device with the anti-theft feature.

  • It tracks Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and 9+ IM social media apps.

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How do I find the location on an iPhone effectively” - Anonymous.

Need to know where is your kid or employee got stuck? Is your kid late to the school and hence need to know his/her whereabouts? Is it getting late for your employee for an important meeting? Learn how to find someone's iPhone location from our today's article.

Part 1. How to find the location of someone on the iPhone for free?

Want to know how to find someone’s location on iPhone for free? The in-built “Find My iPhone” feature is the ultimate answer.

Find My iPhone

Especially for the iPhone location tracking, Apple Inc. has crafted the “Find My iPhone” feature with which you can find your lost device or track the real-time location of an iPhone. With just the Apple ID and password, you can use the iCloud.com website to execute the job. Apart from location tracking, you can also set options likePlay sound, enable lost mode, and erase iPad/iPhone data remotely.All you need to do is swipe the“Find My iPhone” to the right whereby, you can enable other options likeoffline finding and send the last location.

How do you find someone’s location on iPhone “Find My iPhone” feature?

So, how to find someone’s iPhone location with this feature? Can it be tracked on an Android device too? To clarify your doubt out, here are a few steps to be followed.

  1. Enter or visit the website, iCloud.com following which, enter the target device Apple ID.
  2. Click the “Find iPhone” option from the menus provided.
  3. Select the target iPhone device.

4. Once the iPhone location appears on the screen, you can use any of the following options: Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase the iPhone.

Now that you have come to know how to find someone's location on the iPhone, you can perform the above method on a PC or an Android device that requires just internet connectivity. You can switch to the incognito mode on a web browser, close all the accounts, and no history will get created.

Part 2. How to find someone’s iPhone location effectively?

The "Find My iPhone" feature is the best option to find the location of an iPhone. However, there are specific issues like unsmooth internet access and slow process where the need for an ultimate tracking solution is essential where third-party monitoring tool from the Aispyer team is the excellent choice to go!

While you are all aware of the Android version from the Aispyer team, the team has also introduced iPhone based monitoring tools where the first entry is Aispyer for iPhone. You can find the location of an iPhone in real-time w.r.t., visited places, date, and time with GPS location tracking or special GPS locator, Aispyer for iPhone plays an excellent role. Yes, you can replay the historical movements and export them to other applications like Google Maps. Additionally, you can also open the iPhone's microphone remotely and record the details regarding what goes on in the surrounding.

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  • Track your kid’s or employee’s real-time location and view the history location. With the GPS locator, you can see the unsafe places visited by them.
  • Record any character or keystrokes entered on the virtual keypad on the iPhone device, including social media apps and in-built ones with the unique iPhone keylogger.
  • View the actual screen activities and record the iPhone surroundings by accessing the iPhone microphone remotely.
  • Acts as an app spy where 11+ popular social media apps, including Viber, Tinder, Hangouts, and 9+ IM apps like Skype and Snapchat.

How to find the location of someone on iPhone with Aispyer for iPhone?

To know how to find someone’s iPhone location with Aispyer for iPhone, follow the below step-by-step manual.

Please note that for Aispyer for iPhone, you need to jailbreak the iPhone device.

Step 1

Tap the “Sign Up Free” button on the official website and create an Aispyer for iPhone account with a valid email.

Your registration gets complete by choosing a pricing plan: following the link, download, and install the Aispyer for iPhone app on the target device.

Step 2

  1. Once complete, open it, and choose the “Sources” tab, and then “Edit” followed by “Add.”
  2. Enter the APT URL, and then, execute “Add Source> Utilities> System core> Install”.
  3. Once the above steps are over, restart the Springboard, and enter the license key.

Step 3

You have now successfully activated the app whereby tapping the “Hide App” option, Aispyer for iPhone will operate in the discreet mode.

Now, open the online dashboard with the login credentials provided in the email. Choose the "Location" option under the data to view the target device's location.

Part 3. FAQs

1. What are the possible ways to find the iPhone location for free?

There are three ways tofind the location of an iPhone for free. They are “Find My iPhone,” Google Maps, and GPS tracking apps.

2. Is it possible to find the iPhone location if the “Find My iPhone” option is off?

If the "Find My iPhone" feature is inactive on the target device, it is impossible to find an iPhone's location.

3. What changes are to be made in iPhone for Google Maps to work for location identification?

Google Maps needs to be on the target iPhone, and location access needs to be enabled. Additionally, on the "Settings" app, the location tracking, location services, and location history need to be enabled.


Thus, if you need to stick to a free option to find the location of an iPhone, then "Find My iPhone" is the better choice. However, if you need an ultimate all-in-one solution to find someone's place, then, Aispyer for iPhone is the preferred one from our side. With a guide on how to find someone's iPhone location, I hope we have made your task even simpler!

Aispyer for iPhone


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