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  • Unique GPS navigator, suitable GPS location, and custom alerts.

  • Record iPhone’s surroundings by turning on the device’s microphone.

  • Track your kid’s social media activities and application usage.

  • Secure, comfortable, power-saving, and discreet.

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How to track iPhone location history successfully?”

“I wish I had the best iPhone tracker to track the iPhone location of my kid’s so that I can ensure that they reach their school safely and keep track of their site. I have tried out some of the tracker apps but still, need a useful iPhone tracker. Can anyone suggest a hassle-free method on how to locate the iPhone?

Do you require an answer as well as you have the same question? Don’t get bothered as we are here with an ultimate guide on how to track iPhone location.

Part 1. How to track iPhone location history effectively?

For the first part on how to track iPhone location history, we have brought forward the third-party applications, Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak), and Aispyer for iPhone, new from the team.

A. Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak)

Not just Aispyer for iPhone, but the Aispyer team has developed another iPhone tracker that is Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak). With just the target device, you can track the iPhone location of the iPhone device without jailbreaking it. Following a user-friendly interface, Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) is an iPhone tracker compatible with PC that offers a two-in-one process of both the device tracker and data recovery tool.

Key features

  • You can track iPhone location history, export the data to a reliable format that can get imported to Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  • Track all the iPhone related stuff like screen time passcode, iCloud data, iTunes library, call history, media files, and a lot more.
  • With no prior technical knowledge required, Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) is the suitable option to recover all the deleted and encrypted data from the target iPhone.

How to track iPhone location history with Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak)?

Want to know how to locate the iPhone location with Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak), then maybe the below manual could be useful.

Note: To use Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) on your PC, you should have iTunes on the desktop, and if it is your first-time access, you can execute “Summary> Automatic Backup> This PC.”

Step 1

Once downloading and installing the Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) on the target device is over, open the iTunes app, and connect the target device that will make an automatic backup of data.

Step 2

This phase is where the actual process begins. Open the Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) app, from the “CONNECTED LIST,” choose the target device, and from the overview panel, click the “Location Data” to get the data.

B. Aispyer for iPhone

Like for Android, Aispyer has devised an iPhone tracker tool to makeover kids and employee monitoring. It is safe, comfortable, power-saving, and unobtrusive hence making it the best choice to track over the target device. Coming to location tracking, the particular GPS locator in Aispyer for iPhone would monitor top-to-bottom, every nook-and-corner, including all the places visited by the target device along with the date and time. You can export all the information to Google Maps, making it the best tool to track iPhone location.

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Key features

  • Access to a GPS navigator that provides the target person's accurate location and live surrounding record with remote camera capture.
  • Send spoof SMS messages to the target remotely when the target reaches the restricted zone or crosses the allotted boundary.
  • Custom alerts, live phone call interpretation, tamper controls, media files access, chat history, application activity, and a lot more.
  • Is the iPhone lost or stolen? No worries, as you can find it by the anti-theft feature by tracking the iPhone location.

How to track iPhone location history with Aispyer for iPhone?

To know how to locate the iPhone with Aispyer for iPhone, you can follow the step-by-step guide given below.

Note: An important point to remember is, you need to jailbreak the iPhone device.

Step 1

Visit the official website of Aispyer for iPhone, and create an account today. Once you have picked a pricing plan, and done with registration, keep the registered mail for later use.

Step 2

Now, download and install the Aispyer for iPhone app on the target device and execute “Sources> Edit> Add.”

Step 3

Enter the APT URL, and by clicking on the “Utilities” tab, install the “System Core.”

Step 4

Click the “Restart Springboard” option and enter the license key you received in the registered mail.

To make Aispyer for iPhone work on discreet mode, hit the “Hide App” option to proceed.

You are all set whereby, after logging into your user account, you can track your kid/employee's iPhone location history on the map.

Part 2. How to locate an iPhone location for free?


Want to track iPhone location for free? Here is Glympse that makes the meeting up much easier than you think. Trusted by amazing brands like Williams-Sonoma, sky, Rollins, and Steelcase, Glympse is the newly emerging tracker tool in the market.

How to track location with Glympse?

  1. To send a Glympse message, you need to install the Glympse app on both the user and target device.
  2. Tap on the app icon on the target device and choose the “Share Location” option.
  3. Choose a recipient, specific destination, and Glympse will track the location of the target. 
  • Free-to-use.
  • Simple and friendly interface.
  • It offers only location tracking.
  • Glympse might be slow sometimes.

Part 3. How to track iPhone location by phone number?

Find My iPhone

How about tracking an iPhone by its phone number for free? Yes, this is what "Find My iPhone" does. It has been the prevalent method in finding the lost device or tracking iPhone location by phone number for a long time. Being an in-built method, it is readily available on any iPhone device to carry out simple device location tracking.

Steps on how to locate an iPhone with "Find My iPhone" feature

Here are steps to track iPhone location by phone number with the “Find My iPhone” feature.

Note: Make sure that the “Find My iPhone” feature is “On” on the target iPhone.

1. Visit iCloud/find on your web browser and enter the Apple ID and the iPhone device's password whose location you want to find.

2. From the devices drop-down, select the device that will display the location of the device.

  • In-built iPhone location tracker.
  • Physical access to the target device isn’t needed.
  • No other features are possible.


Thus, I hope you have now come to know how to locate the iPhone effectively by introducing a complete ultimate guide to track iPhone location history. Although Glympse and "Find My iPhone" work at a high level, if you require a top iPhone tracker, then Aispyer for iPhone and Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) will suit to be the best choice!

Aispyer for iPhone


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