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  • Track your kids' or employees' iPhone location hassle-free.

  • Unique GPS navigator, phone call, and environment recording.

  • Spy on 11+ popular social media apps like Tinder and Viber.

  • Activate the iPhone camera remotely and record or listen to the surrounding.

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How can I see someone's location on the iPhone?”- Anonymous.

Is there a complaint that your teen reaches late to the college, or is your loved one stuck in the traffic? How about if you have the power to know where they got hooked up or their exact location? Yes, there are readily available methods with which you can know someone's place without them knowing. With no delay, let's get to our today's concept on how to see someone's location on the iPhone.

Part 1. How to see someone's location on iPhone without them knowing?

1. Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak)

Want to track someone’s location on iPhone without jailbreaking the device? Here is Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak), new software that outperforms compared to the other non-jailbreak spyware. Yes, with multi-compatibility, Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) can retrieve the non-real-time data but up-to-date from the target device like contacts, calls, iCloud, and so on. When you have Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak), you never need a data recovery as it can do its job too!

Key features

  • Data tracking: iMessages, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, voice memos, calendar, notes, app data, and photos.
  • iOS-specific data: iCloud, screen time restrictions, location, app data, 2FA, encrypted iTunes backup, and iCloud photo library.
  • Data extractor& recovery: Fix the “iPhone backup corrupt” issue, deleted text messages, iTunes backup from the lost or stolen device, and iMessages from iCloud.

How to use Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak)?

As this is the new software in the field of tracking, if you are confused about how to view someone's location on iPhone with Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak), take a look at the below guide.

Before entering into the guide, make sure you have iTunes on your PC already to make an automatic data backup. Otherwise, execute "Summary> Automatic Backup> This PC on the first time usage.

Step 1Download and install

On your PC, download and install the Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) app.

Open iTunes, connect the target device. It will make an automatic backup of data.

Step 2View the tracked location

Open the Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) app, choose the target device from the “CONNECTED DEVICES” list, and on the overview screen, you can view the location data.

2. Aispyer for iPhone

Want a real-time GPS tracking spyware that can provide the live location of your kids or employees? Here is Aispyer for iPhone, where although the name is the same, Aispyer for iPhone is unique in its operation. Working as a spy app, you can remotely track the target device's location with a particular GPS locator or navigator. Lost or is your iPhone stolen? Aispyer's anti-theft feature can find it for you.

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Key features

  • Get to the target location with the unique GPS tracker and navigator that depict the place in Google Maps.
  • On detection of suspicious activity like inappropriate chat from unknown numbers and calls, get custom alerts on crossing a boundary.
  • In-built to installed apps, get to know the category they are based on, along with installation date, their usage, and uninstallations.
  • Spy on popular 11+ chat apps, including social media like Tinder, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts, and Skype.

How to use Aispyer for iPhone?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to see someone's location on an iPhone without them knowing with Aispyer of iPhone.

Note: A point to note regarding Aispyer for iPhone is that you need to jailbreak the device. Prior, you need to create an Aispyer for iPhone account with an existing email and keep the registration details email safe.

Step 1Launch Aispyer for iPhone

After the downloading and installation of the Aispyer for iPhone app on the target device, launch it. And execute “Sources> Edit> Add.”

Step 2System core installation
  1. Enter the APT URL and tap the “Add Source” option.
  2. From the “Utilities” tab, install the “System Core.”
Step 3Restart, and enter the license key

Tap the “Restart springboard” tab and enter the license key that will activate the application successfully.

To hide the app, tap the “Hide App” option to proceed.

Step 4View the location

Now, open your Aispyer user account, whereby navigating to the dashboard, you can click the “Location” option on the left panel to view the details.

Part 2. How to view someone's location on iPhone in-built?

While the above-discussed methods are third-party applications, want an inbuilt way to track someone's location on the iPhone? Get to know the popular techniques that are in usage by many.

Method 1: "Find My iPhone"

The first popular method of seeing someone’s location on an iPhone is the “Find My iPhone.”This method is more helpful when you need to find a lost or stolen device. With just the Apple ID and password, you can now get to knowhow to see someone's location on your iPhone.

1. On the target device, swipe the “Find My iPhone” option along with other options.

2. To track the iPhone device's location, visit the website-iCloud/find, enter the Apple ID, and the area will display.

Method 2: "Find My Friends"

If your iOS version is through 8.0 to 12, you can use "Find My Friends" to accomplish the task, where if your iOS version is 13, then the "Find My" app will do this as well. Want to know how to view someone's location on the iPhone? Follow the below steps:

Note: Both the user and the target iPhone should install Find My Friends.

  1. Open the "Find My Friends" app, tap Add and Choose a friend, or you can enter your email address, followed by the "Send" button.
  2. Doing so will send the request where you can accept it on your device that will automatically share the location to your iPhone.


There is not just one, but various methods to know someone's location on iPhone in which we have listed a few here where Aispyer for iPhone and the without jailbreak version outperform the other methods. Thus, with practical interpretation on how to see someone's location on iPhone with every technique, this is the end of today's article!

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