Best iPhone Location Tracker
  • Utilize a real-time GPS tracker to locate an iPhone.

  • Locate a lost iPhone quickly with an anti-theft feature.

  • Know your kids' and employees' whereabouts efficiently.

  • Monitor call logs, chat history, browsing history, and app activity.

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"How do you track someone's location on iPhone without their device?" - Anonymous.

To track someone's iPhone location nowadays is so natural as compared to the past. Apple offers some local features that empower users to track their loved ones' iPhone or locate the lost iPhone. However, there are still some limitations to utilizing these features. Besides that, there are many other applications innovated and equipped to track the iPhone's current location. If you want to know how to track someone's iPhone location, continue reading to learn some handy ways to track the location and monitor the target iPhone.

Part 1. Track someone's iPhone location with no jailbreak

Aispyer for iOS is the first best option as you need not perform any jailbreaking to track someone's iPhone location. To use Aispyer for iOS, you will need a computer and the iTunes backup of the target iPhone so you can view locations on the big screen. Aispyer for iOS works subtly, providing 20+ advanced monitoring features like call log tracking, messages recoding, automatic data extraction from iTunes backup, and so on. Finally, coming to compatibility, all iPhone devices with iOS version 9.0 to 14.x is supported.   


Key features

  1. Location tracking: Records and stores all GPS locations to make a location timeline with date, timestamp, visited places and import it to the path like Google Maps.
  2. WhatsApp tracking: Monitor WhatsApp activities like chat history, media files like photos &videos, and even deleted messages.
  3. Track call logs: Incoming/outgoing calls with complete details like duration, contacts, date, and number.
  4. Read browsing history: Need to know the sites viewed by your kid? With Aispyer for iOS, you can view the Safari browsing history to keep your kids away from adult content.

How to view someone's location using Aispyer for iOS?

Note: This is the non-jail-breaking method that requires only a PC, and to know how to track someone's iPhone location details with Aispyer for iOS, here is manual for better understanding.

Step 1Create an account

By tapping the "Sign Up Free" option on the official website, create an Aispyer account by picking a pricing plan.

Step 2Install Aispyer for iOS on PC

 After purchasing the desired plan, use the download link to download the app and install it on your PC.

Step 3View the location history

With the app fully set up on your PC, choose an iTunes data backup to track the location information of the target iPhone device.

If any data backup isn't available on the PC, connect your device and make a backup with the iTunes app first.

Part 2. How do you track someone's location on iPhone remotely?

Aispyer for iPhone

The Aispyer for iPhone is an application that can easily track someone's iPhone location along with historical movements! Using the Aispyer for iPhone, you can follow the iPhone unobtrusively and remotely from another device, including digital and audio communications. Aispyer for iPhone is entirely discreet and tamperproof, protected by the license key, hence protecting unauthorized access. It can also do wonders like live phone call monitoring, social media app tracking, and keylogger. While it is just a glimpse, you can know more below.


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  1. Location tracker: Special GPS navigator provides up-to-date location details with date, timestamp, and historical movement.
  2. Location history: It could be the location history of a day before or a week ago. Aispyer for iPhone keeps track of all the data.
  3. iPhone VoIP calls: From apps like Skype, LINE, Facebook, and Viber, record the iPhone VoIP calls remotely.
  4. Live control panel: Aispyer for iPhone has a friendly interface that depicts the iPhone data in the lively dashboard where data gets updated regularly.

How to view someone's location using Aispyer for iPhone?

Step 1Create an Aispyer account

Start by visiting the Aispyer for iPhone site. Then sign up and create an Aispyer account. Proceed to purchase a plan whereby you will receive an email with the login credentials, and license key.

Step 2Downlaod and install the app

After the purchase, you will get an email. Login to the dashboard, according to the online dashboard with User Id and Password. Then follow the online help to download and install Aispyer for iPhone app on the target iPhone.

With the help of the license key, activate the application on the secondary device.

Once activated, you can hide the app, and configure the visibility.

Step 3Start tracking location of target iPhone

Now, login to the online dashboard again. Click on Data -> Locations, you can check the latest location and location history of the target iPhone.

This is how to track iPhone location without person knowing with Aispyer for iPhone.

Part 3. Alternative methods track someone's iPhone location

1. Find My iPhone

"Find My iPhone" is an application and service provided by Apple Inc. It permits tracking location on iPhone or remote location tracking of iOS devices, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The service itself enables users to track iOS gadgets using either the iOS application or iCloud. The application is on the App Store for free, and for the application to work, both the tracker gadget and the gadget being tracked must support the Find My iPhone application. Additionally, location services must be on, and both devices should have a similar iCloud account.

How to Track an iPhone using Find My iPhone?

  • To track someone's iPhone location, open the Find My iPhone app on another device, and proceed to sign-in with your Apple ID.
  • Select your iPhone from the list.
  • Here, you will have three options: play sound, lost mode, and erase iPhone from where you can choose one.

2. Google Timeline

Google Maps Timeline shows an estimate of spots you may have been and routes you may have taken dependent on your Location History. You can edit and likewise erase your Location History—including time ranges—in Timeline. Google Timeline is private, so no one but you can see it, and it's accessible on mobile or desktop. This tool can track location on iPhone, though it can only be for personal use. Suppose you have different settings like Web and App Activity turned on, and you pause Location History or erase any location information from Location History. In that case, you may still have the data saved in your Google Account as a feature of your other Google sites, apps, and services. 

How to Spy an iPhone using Google Timeline?

1. Open the Google Timeline website and click on the “Today” option.

2. Scroll down to the last of the timeline to check for the last identified location of your iPhone.

3. Review the data to verify if your iPhone is still there or on the move- Whether lost or misplaced.

4. Use the on-screen map to locate your iPhone.

By following the above steps, this is how to track someone's iPhone location with Google Maps.


If you want to track someone's iPhone location — regardless of whether it's for their well-being or personal interest, you can use any of the methods detailed above. Thus, when it comes to tracking remotely or if you wish to jailbreak another person's iPhone to track their movement, there is genuinely no better app than those of the Aispyer collection, either for iOS or for iPhone. With the best suggestions on how do you track someone's location on iPhone hassle-free, it is all for today!

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