iPhone Location History Tracker
  • Track location history on iPhone precisely.

  • Replay the historical movements, and export them as desired.

  • Compatible with iOS devices from 9.0 to 14.x.

  • Suits both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

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Why is it essential to check location history on iPhone? Any answers or guesses? If your iPhone is lost or stolen, it is mandatory to view the last location visited. Similarly, if your rogue employee indicates suspicious activities threatening your dependents, such surveillance is adapted. Finally, to ensure your child's safety during school or tuition hours, it is highly recommended to track location history on your iPhone keep track of them. Still, there are a lot of reasons where these are just a few. Given are a few methods with which you can find location history on iPhone.

Part 1. The most effective way to find location history on iPhone

First, let’s discuss the most effective way to track location history on iPhone that requires no jailbreaking. It is none other than Aispyer for iOS.

While you are aware that it is possible to view location history on iPhone with iCloud ID or "Find My iPhone" feature without jailbreaking the device, ever wondered whether it is probable to consider such details from iTunes backup? Yes, it is possible with Aispyer for iOS. With ten years of experience in software development, the new app developed next to the Android monitoring app about which you are already aware. To look into the location history on the iPhone, all you need is the iTunes backup file on the PC. With date, timestamps, and duration, the location details can be viewed and exported to reliable formats like PDF or excel too. Aispyer for iOS makes the process easy by extracting the data automatically once iTunes back it on your computer.


  • Aispyer for iOS is a complete database where you can find the details like last location, date, and so on and the deleted information.
  • Performs 20+ advanced monitoring features that include almost all activities on the target device.
  • Coming to social media apps, Aispyer for iOS can monitor all activities like media file sharing, sent/received messages, documents, and deleted chats.
  • Track other info like text messages, record SMS or deleted data, view photos & videos, and the browsing history.

How to find location history on iphone with Aispyer for iOS?

Does this sort of no jailbreak app seem new to you? It is not just the advanced features, but the steps are also in only three stages to get to know how to find location history on iPhone with it.

Step 1Sign up for an Aispyer account

Tap the “Sign Up Free” button on the official website (https://www.aispyer.com/iphone-tracker-without-jailbreak.html) and register an Aispyer account.

Aispyer offers three pricing plans for iOS from which you can choose an option.

Step 2Install the app

With the email received in turn after purchase, you can use the download link to download and install the application on your Mac or PC. As per the instructions, complete the setup.

Step 3View the location history

Now, launch the app, and log in to your Aispyer account. If the backup file isn’t detected automatically, you can select the iTunes backup from the “LOCAL BACKUPS” list, and the scanning process will begin.

After the scanning process, the data files will appear on the overview panel, from where you can switch over on your PC.

That is how to look at location history on iPhone hassle-free with Aispyer for iOS were to create an iPhone backup, you can learn more here: How to back up an iPhone.

Part 2. In-built ways to view location history on iPhone

If you are wondering is there a free or in-built way to find location history on iPhone, then yes, absolutely there is. By customizing the "Privacy" options under the target iPhone's settings, it is possible with Google Maps.

Method 1: Manage privacy settings

To know how to find location history on iPhone by managing the settings, all you have to do is:

1. Tap the “Settings” app, and switch to the “Privacy” option.

2. From the privacy page, choose the “Location Services” followed by “System Services” on the same page by scrolling down.

3. On the following screen, enable or swipe the “Significant Locations” to ON or the right.

4. Once the option toggles, you will see location history stored on the iPhone or iPad.

5. From the "History" section, click on a particular location or date that will take you to the visual map from where you can clearly view location history on your iPhone.

  • This method lets you see a detailed view of the area visited by the target.
  • With an up-to-date timestamp and mode of transport, you get all information.
  • Free and simple to use with no other third-party application required.
  • If the location tracking feature is disabled, you cannot access the location history.
  • You need physical access to the target device.

Method 2: Google Maps

While only limited location history gets stored on the Apple device, it isn't possible to browse the data in a timeline. Thus, to facilitate people interested in such a detailed timeline view, Google Timeline is the best option. If you already have Google Maps on the iPhone, you can enable location services by executing "Settings> Privacy> location Services> Google Maps." If you want to experience the best view of the location with highlights, view the Google Timeline page on your laptop or PC.

You can learn how to track location history on your iPhone with Google Timeline in just two steps.

1. Open the Google Timeline Maps page on a web browser,and from the top left corner, choose the day or the date you wish to view the location history.

2. On the timeline, you will now see the places along with the duration. The images, if stored on Google Photos, will appear as well.

  • It helps in managing location history on iPhone effectively.
  • Can easily disable such location tracking anytime.
  • You must install Google Maps on the iPhone.
  • Location tracking can be disabled if the target is tech-savvy.


Finally, have you got an answer to your question on how to find location history on iPhone? Without a doubt, Privacy Settings and Google Maps are unbeatable in terms of built-in free ways to find location history on iPhone. In contrast, Aispyer for iOS stands first for its advanced monitoring features apart from location history tracking.

Aispyer for iPhone


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