SMS Tracker for iPhone
  • Works as hidden SMS tracker on iPhone.

  • Even the deleted messages can be tracked.
  • Records all the keystrokes.

  • Secure, safe, and reliable.

    “I have given iPhones to all of my employees in order to increase their productivity but I am noticing that they are busy while texting someone on their iPhones. I want to know is there any SMS tracker app for iPhone, So I can track my customers. Thanks!”
    Smartphones have changed human life dramatically and now everyone wants to have the latest smartphone like iPhone. Businesses are using smartphones to increase their sales and make their employee’s life easier. Children are demanding phones for educational purposes and entertainment as well. But being a parent or business owner, it’s important as well to make sure your kids or employees are making correct use of iPhones. Here, in this article, we will talk about an SMS tracker for iPhone that can help you to keep an eye on your kids and employees.

    Part 1. What’s SMS Tracker for iPhone?

    It’s an application that monitors and tracks all the sent and received text messages on iPhone. It’s not only limited to text messages, but you can also track other media that the target user shares with their contacts this media include photos, videos, documents, audio clips, stickers, and emojis. There are many free SMS trackers for iPhone that you can use but they aren’t that efficient that’s why it’s recommended to use paid tools.

    Part 2. Top 5 Best SMS Trackers for iPhone in 2021

    1. Aispyer for iOS


    As we have stated in the above paragraph that one should always buy and use originally paid tools because these tools are safe and they don’t harm your computer or iPhone. If you are using other free SMS tracker apps for iPhone, your data may be at the breach. Let’s know about the top 5 best SMS trackers for iPhone in 2021.Aispyer for iOS.

    Aspire for iOS is one of the best SMS trackers for iPhone without jailbreak that can help both parents and employees to track SMS on their kid’s or employees' iPhones. It comes with advanced iPhone monitoring features. It’s a hidden SMS tracker for iPhone that works on your computer and you don’t need to install it on the iPhone.

    Features of Aispyer for iOS

    • Doesn’t require any jailbreak
    • There’s nothing technical and everyone can use it.
    • You can monitor deleted files as well.
    • Get details about all the activities on the target iPhone.
    • Trial version is available.
    • Secure, safe and reliable.
    • No jailbreak required.
    • Can't record the keylogger.

    2. Aispyer for iPhone


    This is another hidden SMS tracker for iPhone that’s very efficient and powerful when it comes to tracking SMS on iPhone. With the help of this SMS tracker you can record all iPhone audio and digital communications and the owner of the target device won’t even know about it. You can track the GPs location of the target device and this feature can be used to trace your employees whether they are working in the field or not.

    Features of Aispyer for iPhone

    • Record live calls and spy on contacts
    • Track all the internet history of the target iPhone.
    • Monitor all social apps and works as SMS tracker. 
    • Remotely take pictures and record the mic.
    • Works as hidden SMS tracker on iPhone.
    • Track GPS location and last location of target iPhone.
    • Safe and reliable to use.
    • Jailbreak required to use this SMS tracker.

    3. TheTruthSpy


    You may have read about it somewhere on the internet about this iPhone SMS tracker. It offers enough spying features that can easily help a parent or business owner to take care of their kids and employees. It allows users to easily track SMS, GPS History, App usage history, and many other monitoring features. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

    Features of TheTruthSpy

    • Easily manage calls.
    • Record the usage of apps on the target iPhone.
    • Records all the keystrokes.
    • Easily download on any Android or iPhone.
    • Track calls, messages and internet history
    • It’s not detectable and works as a hidden spying app.
    • The trial version doesn’t offer full features and you have to buy a premium version in order to avail of full features.

    4. mSpy


    mSpy is a famous name when it’s about iPhone SMS tracker. It uses advanced algorithms that allow mSpy to offer powerful spying features for tracking SMS on iPhone and other smartphone devices. You just have to download it to make use of its amazing features. Here’s a glance at its features.

    Features of mSpy

    • Supporting multi-languages all around the globe.
    • Get all details about the incoming and outgoing calls.
    • Many amazing features.
    • There’s no usages restriction.
    • Let your children safely experience the internet and other social apps.
    • It’s not affordable for everyone.
    • You can’t record voice calls on the target iPhone.

    5. Highster Mobile


    It’s a combination of the latest technology and an easy-to-use tool that’s very efficient and powerful when we see a list of the top 5 SMS trackers for iPhone in 2021. It has all the features that the best SMS tracker for iPhone should have. If you want to know more about its features and advantages, let’s have a look.

    Features of Highster Mobile

    • Track all the contacts and logs.
    • Easily browser the web browsing history on Google Chrome.
    • Easily tracks SMS on iPhone and other social networking platforms.
    • Restrict unwanted websites and apps on the target device.
    • Get access to all videos, pictures and other data stored on the target device.
    • It’s not affordable for everyone as it’s expensive.
    • There’s not proper customer support, if you want to ask anything relative to product.


    After reading all the reviews related to the top 5 best SMS trackers for iPhone in 2021, you have now a clear idea of which one is best for you. We would suggest you use Aispyer as it’s one of the best SMS trackers for iPhone.

    Aispyer for iPhone


    Aispyer IS DESIGNED FOR LEGAL USE ONLY. It is a smartphone and tablet monitoring software that shall be used only with the aim of parental control of their children, by employers to monitor the devices which belong to them and on which the employee’s work, on a device which is of your ownership, and by you with a consent of a device owner.

    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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