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As a parent, there are lots of things you don’t want your kids to access on his/her iOS device, and presently, many young folks get distracted easily by what they see online. But the big question is Are these kids safe online? You can’t be sure of an answer if you’re unable to track activities on their iPhone device

Well, the world of technology has evolved, and now, we’re experiencing mind-blowing innovations that eased the way humans execute different plans. Thanks to this so-called technology, tracking an iPhone without being detected is just like a walk in the park. In today’s article, we'll introduce you to the top four simple tricks to track iPhone invincibly and conveniently.

Part 1. Fastest and Most Effective Way to Track iPhone Without Jailbreak

URL: https://www.aispyer.com/iphone-tracker-without-jailbreak/

Nowadays, many parents are tired of stressing about jailbreaking iPhones before they can track their kid iPhone. Thanks to advanced iPhone tracker tools like Aispyer for iOS, you can now track iPhone without jailbreaking with only a few clicks. And the fascinating aspect of this tool is that it uses avant-garde AI technology to track iPhone activities fast and undetectable. However, you need not get physical access to the target’s device all the time, and it has loads of hacking features that make it easy for you to track activities on your child's iPhone device at a pocket-friendly price. See it's key features below.

Key Features

  • Ability to access iTunes backup, transfer photos from iPhone to PC, and do a lot more without compromising the device data.
  • Easily track call history, social media activities, SMS messages, and lots more on target’s iPhone with backup function 
  • Download and access photos and videos from target’s iCloud account without hassles
  • Aispyer for iOS can track messages, access social media activities, view browsing history, and allow you to do a lot more without giving the target any hint to be suspicious.     
  • Jailbreak isn't required and you can track data including deleted ones.

How to Use Aispyer for iOS to Track iPhone?

Step 1Register for an account via Aispyer website

Register for an Account via Aispyer for iOS official website using the link, and select one of the pocket-friendly subscription plans that suit your requirement.

Step 2Download and install Aispyer for iOS

Download Aispyer for iOS on your PC and install the app as soon as the download is finalized.

Step 3Track iPhone activities

Finally, Connect the target’s device to your PC to backup data or select an existing backup from the computer to proceed. Afterward, login to your Aispyer account and start to track iPhone location without them knowing.

Yay! Now you're done!

Part 2. Track iPhone Without Them Knowing - Aispyer for iPhone

URL: https://www.aispyer.com/iphone-tracker/

Up next is Aispyer for iPhone! Yes, this tool is another powerful tracker app created by the Aispyer team to ease how parents track their kid iPhone. Unlike the Aispyer for iOS, this tool has the maximum capacity to track real-time data on your kid's iPhone without them knowing, but it can't recover data from the iPhone.

This tool is an all-in-one solution that can track the latest iPhone faster and easier, and it supports stealth mode making it 100% undetected without compromising the target’s iPhone battery life.

Key Features

  • Track, listen, record, and intercept phone calls on the target’s iPhone device.
  • It's useful for both business and family and works in stealth mode making the app undetected.
  • Track GPS location and access social media activities of the iPhone without hassles.
  • Restrict kid's access to sensitive content while browsing the internet.

How to use Aispyer for iPhone to Track iPhone

Before proceeding with the steps below, remember you’ll need to jailbreak the target’s iPhone. Also, don’t forget to choose a pricing plan that’s suitable for you and follow the instructions sent to you via email before logging in to track iPhone data.

Step 1Download Aispyer for iPhone on the target device

Download Aispyer for iPhone on the target’s iPhone, the select ‘Sources’ option from the bottom corner. Afterward, select Edit, then Add option. Finally, add the APT URL on the box and hit the Add Source button to proceed. 

Step 2Install and activate Aispyer for iPhone

Up next, click on Utilities tab and install the System core. Then hit the Confirm button to install and click on the Restart Springboard icon. Afterward, Input the license key and click the OK button. This time,  you'll  get an activation success notification as soon as you get it done

Step 3Start Monitoring

Select the Hide App option to make Aispyer work in stealth mode and check user options visibility. Finally, log in to your Aispyer account and click on Dashboard at the left hand side of the pane to track iPhone activities effectively.

Part 3. Track iPhone Using Find My iPhone App

Do you know all iOS devices have a tracker app? Find My iPhone is a built-in app created by iPhone to help users keep track of their device when it gets lost. 

This app is easy to use and set up! Also, it’s free, so if you’re not ready to purchase any software tool, don’t hesitate to follow the step wise guide below.

How to use Find My iPhone app

Step 1

Visit iCloud.com and log in into iCloud using your Apple ID and passcode.

Step 2

Click on Find My iPhone app and wait while your iPhone is being searched for.

Step 3

After the search is completed, your iPhone location will be displayed in the map showing on the screen.


Tracking an iPhone was once considered to be a breathtaking task, but thanks to advanced software like Aispyer for iPhone and Aispyer for iOS, you can now easily track all activities on an iPhone without being detected. Besides, the apps listed on this page are light-weight, so you need not stress as they won’t compromise the battery life of the target's phone making them 100% undetectable. In addition to that, you can employ Find My iPhone app if you’re looking to only track iPhone location without intruding into target’s phone activities. But if you need an advanced iPhone tracking tool that can give you access to in-depth info of of every activities transpiring on an iPhone, don’t hesitate to reach out to Aispyer for iOS or Aispyer for iPhone

Aispyer for iPhone


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