How to Track Web Activity on Mobile Phone

Posted by Sabina Herz | 17.06.2019

Are you concerned about your teen’s activity on the web? Well, worry no more. I’m going to teach you how to track web activity on a mobile phone with a couple of spy apps. Spy apps that will allow you to remotely monitor every and all activity going on in the mobile device used by your promiscuous teenager without them even knowing about it!

Part 1. How to Track Web Activity on Android Phone

For my first recommended web tracking solution, there is AiSpyer. It offers a complete web activity tracking package. All you need to do is install it on your target Android device and it will do the rest of the work for you! Completely stealthily of course, with your teen none the wiser. It’s not limited to just web history tracking either, but you can explore those other functions yourself by either downloading the app now or checking out its free demo.

AiSpyer - Best Browsing History Monitor

  • • Track browsing history easily.
  • • Track browsing history with date and location.
  • • Track web history even in the incognito mode.
  • • Track phone number, text messages, browsing history, and GPS location easily.
  • • Track other social media app, WhatsApp activities with real-time update.
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How to Track Web Activities on Android with AiSpyer

Step 1. Create an Account on AiSpyer

Pay a visit to, and click the Sign Up button to create an account on The account will be used for monitoring web activities.

How to Track Web Activities - Create an Account on AiSpyer

Step 2. Download AiSpyer App on Target

You'll need to purchase the premium version of AiSpyer to get the download link of AiSpyer app. You can enter the download link to download the app on target device.

How to Track Web Activities - Download AiSpyer App on Target Device

Step 3. Start Tracking Web Activities

When you've successfully installed AiSpyer app on the target device, you can log in your account on to start tracking web activities.

How to Track Web Activities - Start Tracking Web Activities

Part 2. How to Track Web Activity on iPhone

Now that we’ve gone over how to track web activity on Android with AiSpyer, let’s move on to an iPhone app. For this, we’re going to be using Spyzie — another web activity tracking app. Much like with AiSpyer, it offers basic web history tracking after its been installed on the target device (which I will be demonstrating for you down below.)

How to Track Web Activities on iPhone

Step 1. Create an Account with Spyzie

To begin, you will have to register for an account with Spyzie. You will be using this account later when it comes to monitoring web activity so make sure that it is one that you have full access to.

How to Track Web Activities - Create an Account with Spyzie

Step 2. Provide Information on Target

Spyzie advertises itself as a parental monitoring app. So, it will ask you to provide ‘Teen’s Name & Age.’ If you’re looking to monitor your teenager, then provide those details. Otherwise, provide the name and age of your actual target.

How to Track Web Activities - Provide Information

Step 3. Select iOS Logo

Next, select the iOS logo in order to proceed with the iPhone version of the setup wizard.

How to Track Web Activities - Select iOS Logo

Step 4. Verify iCloud ID of Target Device

With Spyzie you can set up an iOS device with just its iCloud account details (No Jailbreak required.) Provide these details and click VERIFY to complete setup.

How to Track Web Activities - Verify iCloud ID

Step 5. Start Tracking Web Activity with Spyzie

Finally, you can log in to the account you created with Spyzie in the beginning on your iPhone and start tracking web activity! To track browser history, specifically, select the DATA tab and then click the Browser History icon.

How to Track Web Activities - Start Tracking Web Activity

Part 3. Tips and Tricks about Tracking Web Activity on Mobile Phone

When it comes to tracking web activity on your mobile phone, there are plenty of ways to do it! With Spyzie and AiSpyer, tracking is a little easier. If only because you have access to all browser data without having access to the device (tracking can be done completely remotely and without your target ever knowing.) However, if you want to stick to the usual methods of tracking web activity, here are a couple of tips and tricks that we have to offer.

Tip 1. Use the Search Bar

With most browsers you have the option to look up specific keywords (names, locations, etc.) on a search bar. Take advantage of this feature and make a watchlist of words to go over, in order to monitor specific types of activity.

How to Track Web Activities - Use the Search Bar

Tip 2. Narrow Search by Date

Browsers like chrome also provide the option to narrow your search by date. So, if you’re looking for something that you specifically search on a given date, then you can use this feature to narrow down your parameters quickly and hopefully find the URL sooner.

Tip 3. Use Google Account to Track Activity on All Devices

The Chrome browser, when synced properly, now gives the option to track activity on all active devices. This way you can check on the browser activity on your phone/tablet on your computer or vice versa.

How to Track Web Activities - use Google Account

Tip 4. Recently Closed

If there are pages not showing up on your browsing history, make sure that you check your ‘recently closed’ tabs. This is a great way of tracking down a page that you’ve visited very recently.

Tip 5. Check Out ‘My Google Activity’

If you want a more exhaustive look on web activity, try out the ‘My Google Activity’ tool. It offers advanced filters that you can’t find with just the regular history tracker on most browsers.

How to Track Web Activities - Check Out My Google Activity


There are definitely ways of tracking activity on the web with just your average web browser, but unless you have constant access to the device in question, the best option for you is to try out the two apps that we introduced. They’re the perfect solution for those that are looking to take their tracking more seriously.