Why Choose AiSpyer Calendar Tracker?

  • Track calendar title, content, location and more.
  • Monitor the starting time of calendar events.
  • Fully support to search calendar by date or keyword.
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How to Track Apps with AiSpyer?

  • Step 1

    Visit aispyer.com and create
    an account of your own.

  • Step 2

    Download and install AiSpyer app
    on target device.

  • Step 3

    Now you can track apps on target devices easily.

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It's always necessary to know what apps your kids installed and used, because the apps may contain inappropriate content which your kids may know and immitate. Therefore, using AiSpyer App Tracker to track apps on your kids' device is a must-have.

How Often Does AiSpyer Calendar Tracker Update the Information?

AiSpyer Calendar Tracker will update the detailed information of the tracked device's calendar app in real time on the cloud. And you'll be able to view the content on AiSpyer in real time as well.

Does AiSpyer Calendar App Support Location Tracking?

Yes. AiSpyer will track the location of the calendar if the target user adds the location in the calendar.

How to Track Calendar with AiSpyer?

When the calendar tracker app is installed on the target device, you can track calendar easily. Now you can go to AiSpyer.com and enter your password, then you'll be navigated to the dashboard. In the dashboard, you can view the tracked details, including calendar title, description, location, and more with ease.

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