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  • Record all phone call history and transfers it online!
  • Surveillance with Aispyer is 100% discreet.
  • View phone call history remotely.
  • Record and Report even deleted call history.
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    It’s a new year! Have you gone through your call history records yet? As time changes, you may find that having more or less of what you needed before (in terms of cellular service) is required — and the best time for change is the new year! So, pick up your phone and learn to check your phone call history with me today!

    Part 1.How to Check Other Cell Phone Call History Online with Aispyer

    Let’s start this 2020 Guide with the most complex undertaking. That is,checking someone else’scell phone call history. You may think this is impossible, but an app called Aispyer allows this in just a few simples steps! I’ll be breaking this whole thing down for you (step-by-step) a little further down, but the basic gist of it is this. Aispyer is a spy app that, upon installation, will leech data (calls, text messages, GPS location, etc.) and transfer it over to a dashboard that you can access remotely on the internet!

    • Aispyer records all phone call history and transfers it online!
    • Surveillance with Aispyer is 100% discreet.
    • You can view phone call history (and other data) remotely.
    • Great for cellular service subscription management.
    • Records and Reports even deleted call history.


    • It offers incredibly advanced cell phone data tracking.
    • A FREE demo is available for your exploration.
    • Other spying/monitoring functions available for your use.


    • Access to its premium features requires payment.
    • As of right now, Aispyer is an Android-only app.

    Step1 Create an Aispyer ID

    In order to use Aispyer’s online monitoring dashboard, you will need to create an Aispyer ID. Do so! This is what you’ll be using further down the road.

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Aispyer

    Step2 Choose a Subscription

    While not immediately necessary, it’s important that you choose what kind of subscription plan suits your budget as soon as you can. Aispyer offers a variety of licenses for your perusal.

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online -  Choose a Subscription

    Step3 Prep Your Device

    If you’re planning to use Aispyer to check the call history of someone else’s cell phone (as I intimated earlier),then now is the time to grab their phone for prepping.

    Installation Guides are available on the Aispyer website for this purpose!


    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Prep Your Device

    Step4 Start Checking Cellphone Data

    Finally, it’s time to check your target’s cell phone data! As mentioned, Aispyer will leech the data for you automatically — you can access it on Aispyer’s monitoring dashboard (which is featured in the picture below.)

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Start Checking Cellphone Data

    Step5 Check Cell Phone Call History

    In order to actually check the bugged cell phone’s call history, please select the Calloption!

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Check Cell Phone Call History

    Step6 Review the Cell Phone’s Call History

    You should have been moved onto the Call History page. Review the information as desired — whether it be for service management purposes or something else altogether!

    TIP:If you want to be able to play around with this function without making any commitments, go to the URL provided to access Aispyer’s FREE demo!


    Check Cell Phone Call History Online -Review the Cell Phone’s Call History

    Part 2. How to Check Other Cell Phone Call History Online with Phone Spy Tool

    For this next tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to check another’s cell phone call history online with a Phone Spy Tool called FreePhoneSpy. This tool is an open-source app that you can install on the device that you want to monitor (much like with Aispyer.) The only difference is its interface (which is tricky to use) and the lack of constant updates (which does make the software act slower and less efficiently.)

    Step1 Create a FREEPHONESPY ID

    Much like with Aispyer, this demonstration starts on FreePhoneSpy’s website. You will need to visit this as well in order to sign up for a monitoring account and learn how to install the surveillance app to access the information from the dashboard shown in the next step!

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Create a FREEPHONESPY ID

    Step2 Check Cell Phone Call History

    Actually, checking call history with FreePhoneSpy is no different than what we showed with Aispyer. The dashboard is less organized, which may be confusing to some, but on the left side of the interface, you will find the CALLoption for checking cell phone call history.

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Check Cell Phone Call History

    Step3 Review Call Logs

    Once on the CALL LOGSpage, feel free to review the call logs available. FreePhoneSpy records Caller ID, Phone Number, Direction, Duration, and Time!

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Review Call Logs

    Step4 (Optional) Export Call Log Data

    If you want, you can also export all the recorded data by using the EXPORTtab at the top of the Call Logs page (highlighted in the image below.) You can either Copy, Print, or Save (as CSV, Excel, or PDF) the data.

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online -Export Call Log Data

    Part 3. How to Check My Cell Phone Call History Online

    For our last demonstration, we’re going to go straight to the source by seeking out the platform provided by the cellular service that the cell phone is under on. For example, if your phone is under Sprint Mobile,you can use the ‘My Sprint’ tool (which is what we’ll be demonstrating below),in order to check your cell phone’s call logs. Now, it’s important to note that (unlike with Aispyer and FreePhoneSpy) with this option, you won’t be able to check anyone else’s call logs — just yours and the people under your plan.

    Step1 Use Your Phone Number to Create ID

    For the third time, we’re starting off this demonstration by creating an ID that will allow us to sign up for the monitoring dashboard associated with our cellular service provider.

    • You will need your cell phone’s phone number for this!
    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Use Your Phone Number to Create ID

    Step2 Check Your Cell Phone Bill!

    In order to access your cell phone’s call logs with a tool like ‘My Sprint,’ you need to check your bill. This may be different based on the tool you’re using, but for Sprint…

    • Select the See My Billoption to view your cell phone’s call history!
    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Check Your Cell Phone Bill

    Step3 Check Call History with My Sprint!

    Finally, it’s time to review your cell phone’s call history with My Sprint! For this, simply select the CALLS tab (from the toolbar at the top of the ‘Bills’ page.) Much like with all the other options thus far, My Sprint records the following:Date, To/From, Destination, Rate, Mins, and Cost!

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Check Call History with My Sprint

    Part 4. Tips and Tricks for Checking Phone Call History Online

    To finish this guide off, let’s go over some of the things that we’ve demonstrated summarily — by breaking it down into bite-sized tips and tricks! These tips will be interspersed between all of the methods that I thought you here today, but they should be able to help you even if you end up picking one over the other. Speaking off, let’s start by taking a look at which option is best based on what you need!

    1. Figure Out What You’re Looking For

    There are tons of different tools out there that pretty much do the same thing — with some minor differences of course. That, we showed you in the three different tutorials we laid out above. But, what do you actually need the cell phone call history logger for? Do you need to manage your cellular budget? Are you trying to suss out who someone is calling? Think about that first before deciding!

    2. Choose Aispyer for Surveillance Purposes

    If your intention is to monitor someone else’s activity (be it your child, your lover, your friend, your relative, or whoever else),then choose Aispyer. Aispyer is the best for surveillance. All you need to do is install it and you’ll have access to their call history records, and well — everything else! Be it their text messages, their browsing history, their GPS location, etc.

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Choose Aispyer for Surveillance Purposes

    3. Choose Cellular Service Tool for Budgeting!

    If your goal is to budget and plan out your cellular service spendings, then use whatever tool is offered by the service provider you’re under (like the My Sprint tool!) This isn’t going to work for monitoring someone else’s activity — just yours, but it is FREE. So, if all you want to do is make sure you’re not spending too much on your cellular plan, then this method is the way to go.

    Check Cell Phone Call History Online - Choose Cellular Service Tool for Budgeting

    4. Test Your Options

    If you’re still not sure exactly what you want to do with your call history — then the best move for you is to experiment. Try out all the options out there — be it Aispyer, FreePhoneSpy, My Sprint, etc. And see which one will suit your needs best.


    As for me, the tool I’d most recommend for you is Aispyer! See, unlike My Sprint (which only really works one-way),Aispyer is flexible enough to work both for tracking yourcell phone’s call history and someone else’s cell phone call history. So, if you’re indecisive and you don’t know what to choose, choose Aispyer!

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