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  • Own the prodigious Call History reporting feature.
  • Record the recent, and even, deleted call logs!
  • Monitoring completely remotely.
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    Is there a phone number you want to check the call records for? Well, there are various ways to do it! Some of which, we’re going to be covering in this 2020 Guide for learning how to check call history of a number! Of the methods that we’re going to be using, the most notable of which is Aispyer (which we’ll be covering first.) You’ll see why we think it’s the best choice with the demonstration we’ve provided below!

    Part 1.How to Check Call History of a Number with Aispyer

    Alright! Let’s begin with the promise demonstration for Aispyer. Of course, we’ve had to leave out quite a lot of Aispyer’s other features — choosing, instead, to focus solely on its Call-related functions, but the demonstration provided should still give you a good idea on how the app works and how you may want to use its functions for your purposes. Whether that be monitoring the call history of someone you know or something else altogether!

    • Aispyer has quite the prodigious Call History reporting feature.
    • With Aispyer, you can see recent, and even, deleted call logs!
    • Other information included in the report is Caller ID, telephone number, and more.
    • Monitoring can be performed completely remotely as well, so your target is none the wiser.

    Step1 Start with An Account!

    Before you can do anything else, you must create an account with Aispyer. This is the account that you’ll be using for checking the call history further down the line.

    How to Check Call History of a Number with Aispyer-Start with An Account

    Step2 Install the Spy App

    Aispyer operates by planting a ‘spying app’ on a specific device. So, whoever’s number you want to keep track of, you’ll need to install Aispyer in order to be able to access their info.

    A video-guide is available for easy-installation. URL provided below!


    Install the Spy App

    Step3 Use Your Account!

    Once the little spy bug app has been set-up on your target’s phone, you can begin monitoring! Do so by logging into the Aispyer monitoring dashboard with the account you created.

    Use Your Account

    Step4 Check Call History of a Number!

    From the dashboard, navigate to the left-hand side menu and select the Calltab. This will move you to the page shown in the next step!

    Check Call History of a Number

    Step5 Start Checking Call History!

    Now’s the time to begin checking what you want to know! As you can see in the image provided, Aispyer will report the Caller ID, the Number, the Call Duration, the Date, and the Call Type of all the logs associated with the phone you’ve bugged with the app.

    Start Checking Call History

    Step6 Locate Call History of a Specific Number

    If you want to use Aispyer to locate the call history associated with a specific phone number, use the tool provided at the top of the interface! The Namebar will allow you to locate specific call logs based on whatever name you’ve inputted.

    Locate Call History of a Specific Number

    For example, inputting the name ‘Ernie Marina’ (as is shown in the image provided) will give you access to all the calls associated with that name!

    Aispyer has a host of other unique and convenient features such as this.

    So, make sure to check out the FREE demo for yourself to try it all out!


    Part 2. Top Other Two Ways to Check Call History of a Number

    Just in case you’re wondering what kind of competitors Aispyer has in the market, here are two other call history ‘checker’ apps that you can use in order to monitor who someone is spending their time communicating with on their phone! Now, much like with Aispyer, these are designed not dissimilarly to spy bugs — which you plant on an item so that you can access information remotely. So, there really is not much of a difference between one and another. But there are of course pros and cons based on pricing, interface design, efficiency, etc.

    We’ll cover all of that below.

    1. FreePhoneSpy


    First up on the list is FreePhoneSpy. Which, as you can quite plainly see from its name, is a FREE monitoring app. Again, this functions very similarly to Aispyer. Although, because it is open-source software, it’s not quite as sleek, or even, as efficient. It’ll do you in a pinch but keep in mind that there are going to be pitfalls when it comes to tracking — which you may or may not want to deal with depending on your own level of patience.

    • Extensive phone call reporting.
    • Offers a bunch of convenient calls-related widgets.
    • FREE and open-source, available for anyone.
    • The interface is awkward and not the most welcoming.
    • Its software is fairly slow as well.
    • Software updates are sparse.

    2. FoneMonitor


    With FoneMonitor, you get something that is definitely more than a little closer to Aispyer (which you can plainly see from the screenshot provided.) The two were, quite frankly, cut from the same cloth! So, there’s not much to say in terms of differences. That is, outside of the obvious design choices and perhaps the pricing as well.

    • Provides advanced call history reporting.
    • Smooth and easy-to-use interface.
    • Lots of premium monitoring functions.
    • Unlike FreePhoneSpy, FoneMonitor is a PAID subscription-based software.
    • It’s quite a bit more expensive than some of the other alternatives.

    Conclusion:[2020 Guide] How to Check Call History of a Number

    If you have any reason, whatsoever, to want to snoop on someone else’s call history, then the tools mentioned above are the way to go! Despite being rather elusive, these spy apps can make a tremendous amount of difference at providing you some peace of mind — whether it be to keep watch on a rowdy teen or to catch out a dishonest lover!

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