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    Metro PCS, now known as Metro by T-Mobile, is a pre-paid plan that’s widely available in the United States. Pre-paid plans such as this are most often used temporarily or in secret. Unlike subscription-based plans, after all, there are no commitments here, and that affords you some level of privacy. But, did you know that you can view call history on a Metro PCS device? It’s actually not as private as you’d think! All you have to do is have access to the number or phone, and you’ll be able to check your (or someone else’s) call history online.

    Learn more about this, and the three methods we’d most recommend, down below!

    Part 1. Best 3 ways on how to check Metro PCS call log online

    To start off with, we've compiled a list of three of the best ways of learning how to check your Metro PCS call logs online. Starting out with MetroPCS's own online tool - which will require that you have access to your target device's telephone number, and then finishing it off with two 3rd-party programs that you can use to extract information with tracking apps that you can install on your (or someone else's phone).

    Method 1: Metro PCS’s online tool

    Much like most cellular services (although, admittedly, it's rare for pre-paid services), Metro PCS offers an online tool that you can use in order to access your call history on the web! For this method to work, you will need access to the Metro PCS's phone number that you want to track. It's a good way of tracking payment, and it also comes with details such as Type of Call, Phone Number, Date, Call Duration, and Cost in Dollars.

    How to Check Metro PCS Call Logs Online - Metro PCS

    Method 2: Advanced spying app - Aispyer

    For our second recommended method, we have Aispyer. This is the tool to use if you’re looking for something flexible. With it, you can track the call history of an Android Metro PCS device (no number needed - just install the device directly on the phone). Of the functions that this great spy app offers, you get the following: Call Logger, Text Message Recorder, Social Media Activity Tracker, Photo Cache-ing, and more.
    How to Check Metro PCS Call Logs Online - Aispyer

    If you want to see how this method works — check out the tutorial we’ve provided below!

    Method 3: Online spying app - Spyic

    Spyic, much like Aispyer, is an online spy app that you are meant to install on the device of your choosing. Once installed, it will automatically leech information for you and report it through the monitoring dashboard (which you can access anywhere and at any time online). The only difference is that Spyic is generally simpler than Aispyer - whilst being more expensive. So, it’s only something we’d recommend to those who have and want to track iOS devices (which this software does support).
    How to Check Metro PCS Call Logs Online - Spyic

    Part 2. How to check Metro PCS call log online step by step

    In order to demonstrate how you can check your Metro PCS call log online, we’re going to be using Aispyer. This was number 2 on our list of the three best ways to check Metro PCS call logs, but it is actually our most recommended method. Not only because of its permanence (you can continue using it even if you decide to change cellular services) but also because it is rich in features

    Key features of Aispyer

    • Exhaustive Metro PCS Call Logs (or call logs of any cellular service)
    • 100% Discreet online reporting of data.
    • Easy to set-up and monitoring is painless with the intuitive monitoring dashboard.
    • Offers other forms of surveillance:records calls, text messages, GPS location history, photos saved, device clipboard, social media activity, web-browsing history, and so on.
    • Permanent monitoring solution.
    • Perfect for managing cellular service subscription.
    • Compatible with all cellular service providers.
    • Pre-set-up is needed for surveillance.
    • The software is available only for subscription members.

    How to check Metro PCS call log online step by step

    Start checking your Metro PCS call history now by Aispyer!

    Step1Create an account

    Visit, click on the "Sign Up Free" button at the top right side of the web page. Then input the required information to register an account for yourself.
    How to Check Metro PCS Call Logs Online - Aispyer step 1

    Step2Download and install Aispyer app on target device

    As mentioned, only those that are subscription members are able to use the Aispyer dashboard. So, prepare to choose a subscription plan that suits your budget. Next, it's time to download and install Aispyer app to your Metro PCS device. Instructions for installation will be sent over to your email.
    How to Check Metro PCS Call Logs Online - Aispyer step 2

    Step3Start tracking Metro PCS's call log

    Once Aispyer app has been set up on your Metro PCS cell, go back into Aispyer by visit You will enter the dashboard. To check Metro PCS call logs, select the Call option from the dark side menu that’s magnetized to the left side of the interface. Now, you can begin to review your Metro PCS call logs!

    How to Check Metro PCS Call Logs Online - Aispyer step 3

    Aispyer provides the following features that you can't miss:

    • Call Type: Under Call Type,you can see red and blue icons that represent calls that are sent and calls that are received. You may also see a trash icon under this row as well. Any call log with a trash icon is something that has been manually deleted by the owner of the device.
    • Date/Name: At the top of the interface, you may also see the Date and Name. You can use these in order to locate and filter the call logs to check for specific dates or Caller IDs.


    That's our quick guide on how to check Metro PCS call logs online! Of course, as we mentioned there, our most recommended tool for this is Aispyer. BUT, just in case you're not convinced, feel free to check out the FREE demo offered on the Aispyer website. On there, not only will you be able to test out Aispyer's call log monitoring features, but you can also explore all the other functionalities offered by the spy app that we didn't cover today!

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