View Sprint Account Call Log Online
  • In-depth Sprint Call log reporting
  • Remote online surveillance functions that can be performed on any device
  • Convenient calls, messages, GPS location, device information, etc.
  • Clean and user-friendly interface for maximum ease of use

    Sprint Corporation is one of the many thriving telecommunications companies in the west! It’s been around for at least 100 years, and, as of mid-2019,it’s been slated to serve over 54 million customers! Of course, as with any cellular service provider, Sprint requires annual (or monthly) payments based on your recorded cellular activity.

    Now, in the interest of helping you keep up to date with your payments, we’ve provided two unique tutorials on how you can view your Sprint account call logs online! Starting with Sprint’s own online website and then finishing things off with a special tool (called Aispyer) that you can use in order to view incredibly in-depthrecords of all cellular activity that’s been performed under your Sprint mobile devices!

    Part 1.How to View My Sprint Account Call Log Online

    If all you’re looking for is a brief look at the recorded Sprint call logs under your plan, then using the call log history provided by Sprint should be more than enough. This tool is primarily meant to be used for tracking calls (so that you may determine how much calls have costed you.) BUT it does also provide a table where you can view all calls received and sent— as well as the time and date the calls occurred, the duration of the calls, the recipient of the calls, and the cost of the call under your chosen Sprint plan.

    Step1 Sign in to Your Sprint Account

    First thing’s first! Sign in to your Sprint account (or sign up if you don’t have one already.) You will need this Sprint Account in order to access your own call logs. Once logged in, you will be moved to the Sprint Dashboard.

    Sign in to Your Sprint Account

    Step2 Go to Calls Page

    Under the Sprint Dashboard, you’ll be moved to a SUMMARY page of your Sprint activity. That will give you the overall look at your activity for the month.

    Now, if you want to look at your call logs specifically, select the CALLS tab at the top of the interface. That will move you to the page shown in the image below — where you can view all the calls recorded within the time period specified at the top of the page.

    Go to Calls Page

    Part 2. What Data Are Checked in Sprint Account

    Sprint is able to provide the following details under the Sprint CALLSpage…

    • On:Under the ON tab is the date and time that the call was initiated.
    • To/From:Under the To/From tab is the contact information of the person the call was received from or the person your target dialed.
    • Destination:Under the Destination tab is the telephone number from which the call was received from or performed on.
    • Rate:The rate tab is the multiple of the cost of your call (based on the Sprint subscription your mobile cellular devices are under.)
    • Mins:The mins tab records the general duration of the call (rounded by the nearest hundredth of a minute.
    • Cost:The Cost tabs is the aggregated cost of the call (based on the multiple of the Rate tab and the Mins tab.)

    If you want to keep a copy of this call log for legal purposes, there is a Download Call Detailsbutton that you can use in order to save the data that is saved by your Sprint Account! Note:You cannot delete data, you can only filter data that you want to see yourself (that data will still be available for Sprint personnel to see.)

    Part 3. How to View Sprint Account Call Log Online with Aispyer

    If you want a more in-depth look at what’s going on behind your Sprint Call history logs, then you may want to try out Aispyer! As a surveillance app, it will need to be pre-installed on all the devices under your Sprint subscription plan to work. BUT once installed, you can view all the phone usage data on those specific devices. That includes call logs, of course,(which we’re going to cover in the step-by-step tutorial below),but it also includes message logs, social media activity logs, web browsing logs, email logs, photo caches, and so much more...

    • In-depth Sprint Call log reporting (timestamps, duration, contact info, and more.)
    • Remote online surveillance functions that can be performed on any device.
    • Clean and user-friendly interface for maximum ease of use.
    • Convenient calls, messages, GPS location, device information, etc. widgets.
    • Advanced keylogging feature for monitoring all typed activity!

    Step1 Sign Up for Aispyer

    In order to be able to view your Sprint call logs using Aispyer, you will need to start by signing up for a surveillance account on their main website!


    Sign Up for Aispyer

    Step2 Choose Your Plan

    You will also need to choose a specific subscription plan — as Aispyer is a premium product that needs to be purchased before being used. Once you’ve purchased your plan, installation details will be sent to the email linked to your Aispyer surveillance account!


    Step3 Install Aispyer on Sprint Device(s)

    With the details provided in your purchase email, you can begin installing Aispyer on your Sprint mobile devices. An in-depth installation video tutorial is available on the Aispyer main website for convenience if you find yourself stumbling along the way.

    Video Tutorial:

    Install Aispyer on Sprint Device

    Step4 Sign in to Surveillance Dashboard

    Once your Sprint devices are set up, sign in to Aispyer’s surveillance dashboard with the account you created in the first step! On the main dashboard, you can see...

    • Device Information:Most relevant information available on your Sprint devices…
    • Most Detection:Most called contacts — as well as their contact information, phone number, and the number times you’ve received/sent a call to them.
    Sign in to Surveillance

    Step5 View Sprint Call Log History

    Much like with the Sprint tutorial, if you want a more in-depth look at your Sprint call log history, select the CALLtab and wait to be moved to a page where all the information is kept.

    View Sprint Call Log History

    Among the information that can be viewed with Aispyer are the following…

    • Name:Under this tab is the photo (if available) and name (if available) of the sender or receiver of the calls.
    • Phone Number:This tab has the phone number linked to the contact information listed.
    • Duration:Unlike Sprint, Aispyer provides records of the calls down to the last second (and includes hours — not just minutes.)
    • Date:Aispyer also provides clear information on the exact date and time the call was received or sent.
    • Call Type:Under this tab, a blue icon is shown if the phone call was received and a red one if the phone call was sent.

    Part 4. Tips and Tricks for Viewing Account Call Log Online

    To round this whole guide off, we’ve also included a couple of tips and tricks that you have missed in the tutorials we’ve included up above — primarily involving the Sprint Online website. fortunately, it does provide a fair number of convenient tools that can be used if you want to be thorough about your Sprint-associated payments.

    Step1 The Bill Page!

    If all you want to see is your bill (not the call logs that resulted in that bill),then Sprint does provide a service where you can view (at any time) an almostreal-time report on your account’s activity. This includes your last bill, any adjustments, recent payments, total due, and the deadline that the payment has to be made.

    The Bill Page

    Step2 The Summary Page!

    Sprint’s Summary page is a great place to check if all you’re looking for is a very quickly consolidated information of your phone activity within a given time period. It won’t be able to provide much in terms of detail, but it’s nonetheless very helpful if you’re in a rush.

    The Summary Page

    Step3 Print This Page!

    The Print This Pageoption is one that most people tend to miss when they’re checking out their Sprint account, but it’s actually pretty helpful — especially if you’ve found any issues on your call history logs. The printed page can serve as evidence if you want to make some claim and you don’t want to wait for them to fiddle around at their offices.

    Print This Page

    Step4 Download Call Details!

    Another convenient function is the Download Call Detailsoption. This is great for people who are very meticulous! Just one click and you can save all your call details (within a given bill period) as a PDF that you can store on your desktop or phone for future reference.

    Download Call Details

    Step5 Sprint’s Date Functionalities!

    Another commonly missed function is the Datebar at the top of the interface. On this bar, you can see all the dates (within a given bill period) where a call has been received/sent. Of course, if you want to see call logs for a specific date, all you have to do is click one of the highlighted dates and you’ll be moved to another page where you can see all the congregated history for justthat time period.

    Sprint Date Functionalities

    Conclusion: Full Guide About How to View Sprint Account Call Log Online

    If you’re under Sprint’s cellular services, then these are the things that you should know! Even if it’s only used during emergency situations. There are just too many people that are left unaware of the many tools that you can use in order to manage your cellular activity — whether it be Sprint’s own online web tool or the third-party surveillance tool (Aispyer)that we showed you how to use near the end.

    Call Log Tracking


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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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