View iPhone Call History
  • Stores all types of iPhone calls, text messages, emails, etc.

  • Includes detailed reports on caller ID, call duration, time and more.

  • Convenient monitoring platform — highly intuitive.

  • Monitoring can be performed completely remotely.

    Are you looking for a free web tracker app that you can use in order to browse web activity? Continue reading below to be introduced to 10 of the best iPhone tracking apps available in 2020! All of which are packed with tools that will allow you to monitor all types of web activity on a mobile device.

    Apple has made things pretty convenient when it comes to viewing saved data. Which, thankfully, does include call history! A couple of methods of doing thigs include iTunes and iCloud — both of which you can use in order to backup and restore your call logs so that you can view your iPhone call history at a later date. Learn how to view call history on an iPhone using both methods below!

    (And read till the very end to be introduced to a pretty handy third-party software called Aispyerthat you can use in order to remotely store and view all sorts of phone usage history!)

    Part 1.How to View iPhone Call History with iTunes Backup

    For the first how-to, I’m going to be teaching you how to view iPhone call history using the iTunes backup function. iTunes, if you think pre-emptively enough and backup your iPhone regularly,doessave your call history logs. So, if you wanted to have a look at who you called prior to backing up, you can restore that backup and access that information quite easily — which is what I’m going to be demonstrating for you below.

    Step1 Restore iTunes Backup

    Again, this method implies that you havebacked-up the data that you wanted to view. If so, launch iTunes, connect your iPhone to your computer, and under the Generalstab select the Restore Backup…option!

    It may take a while for the data to be completely restored, please wait before proceeding!

     view iPhone call history-Restore iTunes Backup

    Step2 iPhone Phone App

    Once the backup has been fully restored, all the data should have been moved back to your iPhone. So, open up your iPhone and launch the iPhone Phoneapp.

     view iPhone call history-iPhone Phone App

    Step3 Go to Recents to View Call History!

    Again, if there was any data stored in your iTunes backup, it should be available on the Phoneapp’s Recentspage! On there, you can see Caller ID and the date the call was performed/received.

     view iPhone call history-Go to Recents to View Call History

    Part 2. How to View iPhone Call History with iCloud Backup

    If you find yourself missing out on your iTunes backup, you can always look to see if you managed to save your precious data in your iCloud account! If you’re unsure as to how this information is retained, it’s simply recovered when you sign in to your iCloud account on a cellular iOS device. This means that once backed up, the data will be shared with any iPhone that hosts the iCloud account in question. Down below, we’ll be showing you how you can make this backup and where you’ll be able to find the data afterward.

    Step1 iCloud Settings

    To begin, go to your iPhone’s iCloud Settings (which you can find under Settings > Apple ID.

     view iPhone call history-iCloud Settings

    Step2 Open iCloud Backup Menu

    Once on your iCloud Settings page, scroll down and select the iCloud Backupoption.

     view iPhone call history-Open iCloud Backup Menu view iPhone call history-Turn On Backup Settings

    Step3 Turn On Backup Settings

    You can choose to either manually backup your data (which is done by selecting the Back Up Nowoption),or you can turn on the iCloud Backupfeature so that your data will be automatically backed up to your account whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi!

     view iPhone call history-Turn On Backup Settings

    Step4 Go to iPhone’s Phone App

    Once again, to access this recovered data, go to your iPhone’s Phoneapp!

     view iPhone call history-Go to iPhone phone app

    Step5 View Recent History!

    Once the data has been restored, you can find your iPhone call history data under the RECENTS page (which is shown in the image below!)

     view iPhone call history-View Recent History

    Part 3. How to View Call History on iPhone with Aispyer Easily

    To top it all off, I’ve chosen to include a tutorial on Aispyeras well! Using this method, you can view the call history of a device (whether it be yours, your child’s, your significant other, or anyone else’s) remotely through the internet! The only catch is, that you have to have it installed on the device that you want to survey. But, once you’ve got it all set up, everything else is completely hands-free — leaving you to view whatever you wish whenever you want!

    • Stores all types of cellular communications (calls, text messages, emails, etc.)
    • Includes detailed reports on caller ID, call duration, times and date stamps, and more.
    • Convenient monitoring platform — highly intuitive.
    • Monitoring can be performed completely remotely.

    Step1 Start Using Aispyer

    To start off, you will need to sign up to Aispyer (creating an account is FREE, and you can check out the Demo of the product before making any kind of commitments.)


     view iPhone call history-Start Using Aispyer

    Step2 Install Aispyer on Device

    Once you’ve signed up for Aispyer, you will need to go on and install it on whatever device you want to monitor closely (be it yours, your kid’s, your significant other, or other members of your family.) A video tutorial has been prepared by Aispyer in case you run into any issues.

    Installation Tutorial:

     view iPhone call history-Install Aispyer on Device

    Step3 Sign in to View Call History!

    Now, using the account that you created in the first step, you can begin monitoring! Once you have a device set-up, you can view their phone usage. Starting with the data available on the dashboard. The most relevant of which is the…

    • Most Detection Widget:This widget includes a consolidated graph of the caller IDs that the device is most often in contact with (as well as their phone numbers and the number times they’ve been contacted.)
     view iPhone call history-Sign in to View Call History

    Step4 View In-Depth Call History

    That’s not all that Aispyer offers though! Click Call from the side-tab in order to view more information.

     view iPhone call history-View In-Depth Call History

    On the Aispyer call page, you can see a very thorough breakdown of the device’s call history. Including caller ID, phone number, call duration, date/timestamps, call type, and whether the call information was deleted or not.

    Tip:There are also the little date and search bars at the top of the interface that you can use in order to look at the data from a specific date OR to look at the call history as is related to a specific caller ID.

     view iPhone call history-tips

    Conclusion:Top 3 Ways to View iPhone Call History

    There are plenty of odd little reasons that might lead you to want to view the call history kept on an iPhone — and there are plenty more that you can use to view potentially deleted call logs. If, for example, you have a reason to believe that your spouse or kid is hiding something from you, having a tool like Aispyer on hand is a great way of finding out who they are communicating with (whether they delete the information or not.)

    So, make sure to explore your options! You never know what you’ll find after using the methods that I’ve shown you here today.

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