Why Choose AiSpyer Email Tracker?

  • Track title and body content of every email.
  • Monitor the date of the sent email.
  • Handle the inbox list and outbox list.
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How to Track Apps with AiSpyer?

  • Step 1

    Visit aispyer.com and create
    an account of your own.

  • Step 2

    Download and install AiSpyer app
    on target device.

  • Step 3

    Now you can track emails on target devices easily.

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It's always necessary to know what emails your kids have accepted and sent, because the email content may contain inappropriate content which your kids may know and immitate. Therefore, using AiSpyer emial Tracker to email content on your kids' device is a must-have.

How Often Does AiSpyer Email Tracker Update the Content?

AiSpyer Email Tracker is a real-time updating service, and it updates the email with details in the cloud when there's any update on the target's mobile device.

What Information will be Kept on AiSpyer Email Tracker?

AiSpyer Email Tracker will keep the list of Sent box, list of inbox, title and the detailed content of the email body.

If the email is deleted on the target device, can I track it?

When the email is deleted on the email service, the content will also be saved in the cloud. Therefore, you can still see the email content.

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