Know Someones Location on Facebook
  • Know someones precise location without Facebook account.
  • Know Facebook messages, Facebook activities, group chats without them knowing
  • Monitor fast all popular social media activity on Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram, snapchat etc.
  • More datas to track such as call log, SMS, web history, photos, email, calendar, app infos etc. on mobile phone.

    "I have recently joined Facebook and don't know much about how to make productive and efficient use of Facebook. I am receiving friend requests and message requests from many unknown random people, and when I try to inquire about their personal information, they don't provide satisfying answers. Can anyone help me how to find someone's location on Facebook? I don't want to be a victim of a cyber-scam. Thanks!".

    Yes, it is possible to see someone's location on Facebook on this edge of technology. It is possible because Facebook gets GPS location data with users' permission to show them nearby places, nearby friends, and targeted audience according to the products. Back in the 90s, it was quite impossible to track someone's location due to the lack of GPS systems in old computer systems. But when smartphones like Android and iOS were introduced, they added and improved their GPS tracking systems gradually to locate the user and provide accurate information regarding advertisements based on their location. We are going to teach you in this article how to find someone's location on Facebook.

    Part 1. 4 ways to trace the location of a Facebook user for free and easily?

    When we install the Facebook mobile application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, they ask for permissions to access the location for the device where Facebook will install, it has three options:

    • Allow all the time
    • Allow only while using the app.
    • Deny

    Here we will show you four different ways that will help you to trace the location of a Facebook user. Let’s get started.

    • 1. The Nearby Friends Feature
    • 2. Location Sharing
    • 3. With Location History
    • 4. With Marauders Maps

    Method 1. Trace the Location of a Facebook User with The Nearby Friends Feature

    Facebook has an option that helps the user to share his location with your family and friends. The method works if you have turned on your Facebook location sharing option; otherwise, it's not helping you. This feature of Facebook comes in both iOS and Android versions. Let's get started to know how to see someone's location on Facebook. This process is different for iOS and Android devices; we will share both methods.

    For Android Smartphones

    Step1Turn on the GPS location from settings.
    Step2Open Facebook App and tap on three parallel lines on the top-right corner.
    Step3From options tap on "Nearby Friends," and then a new screen will appear.
    Step4Tap on Settings and tap on "Allow Location" and tap on "Allow." You can turn off and on this Nearby Friends option whenever you want. You will see the list of all your Facebook friends that have turned on their location sharing option, and their location will be visible there.

    For iOS Smartphones

    Step1Turn on the "Location Services" and configure it to "Always."
    Step2Open Facebook App on your iOS device and tap on three parallel lines."
    Step3Scroll down and look for “Nearby Friends” and tap on it."
    Step4 From the Setting options, you can turn off and turn on your "Nearby Friends" option. The location of all those Facebook friends will be updated there who have enabled Nearby Friends option.
    • Only available in smartphones such as iOS and Android.
    • You have to always turn on these features for tracking.
    • You can't get an accurate location; it only provides an approximate location.
    • Don’t cost any money and free to use.
    • Available on both iOS and Android smartphones.

    Method 2. How to Get Someone’s Location from Facebook Using Live Location Sharing

    There is another efficient way to see someone's location on Facebook. Facebook lets users share their place with their friends on Facebook through Facebook Messenger application. The only person who's chatting with you will be able to see your location; no else can see it, and you can set a time when you want to turn it off—simple the following steps to see someone's location on Facebook.

    Step1Open Facebook Messenger application on your smartphone and tap on "Location."
    Step2 Now you will see an option of "Share Live Location." That's it.
    You can quickly stop the location sharing process if you want just by opening the app again and tap on the chat look where you have shared location and tap on "Stop Sharing." To use it on iPhone, you need to "Always" option for accessing the site.
    • Easy to share your location with friends and family members while traveling.
    • It’s secure as no other person can view it.
    • Available only on iOS and Android smartphones.
    • You can’t get the location of the next person until they share it themselves.
    • The next person can stop it at any time.

    Method 3. How to Trace the Location of a Facebook User with Location History

    You can track someone with their Facebook location history. Let’s start to learn how to track someone’s location using Facebook location history.

    Step1Log in to the Facebook account and click on the drop-down arrow on the top right corner.

    Step2Once clicked, it will list some options in the drop-down menu, click on "Settings."

    Step3After settings, click on "Location," and you will see a tab like "View Location History."

    Step4View Location History will show you all locations, but it will ask to enter the password first of that Facebook account. Once the correct password is opened, you can see each day's location history by clicking on the back and next arrows.

    • It is easily accessible on Mac and PC devices.
    • Provide accurate information.
    • Location history can be removed easily.
    • The location option must be activated for collecting location history.
    • You can't access anyone's location history until you know their Facebook password.

    Method 4. Track Someone’s Facebook Location with Marauders Maps

    Marauders Maps is a Google Chrome extension that helps to track the location with the help of Facebook Messenger. Let’s start using Marauders Maps.

    • Install the Marauders Maps from Google and enable it after installing it.
    • Once installed, it will show you the location of all online people and turned on their location in your Facebook messenger.
    • Easy to use.
    • It doesn't provide an accurate location of the user.
    • It only works if users have the location sharing feature turned on in their devices.

    Part 2. The best effective way to find the current location on Facebook without them knowing.

    All the methods that we have described above have some drawbacks and don't provide accurate information. But the exact location of someone can be traced with a professional tracking tool. We always recommend Aispyer, a professional, secure, reliable, and easy to use mobile phone tracker for Android.

    It's a lightweight and robust Facebook spy tool that can help you track Facebook activities of target devices such as live location, notification, messages, etc. All these are done without getting into the knowledge of the target device owner.

    Aispyer Key Features

    • It can track and monitor all popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
    • It's easy to use, and you don't need to have an IT expert.
    • It doesn't take many resources of the device, and the method usually behaves.
    • It's power-saving and doesn't drain the battery of target devices.
    • It works secretly without leaving any trace for target devices.
    • It can track phone number, GPS location, Web History, SMS, and many other activities.

    How to Track Someone's Facebook Location Using Aispyer?

    Let’s start tracing Facebook location by following the steps below.

    Step1 Open Aispyer official website and create a new account. Choose a plan according to your preferences and requirements.

    Step2 After registration and getting a plan, you will receive a link. Download the Aispyer app from that link and install it on the target device. Customize monitoring settings according to your preferences.

    Step3Login to your Aispyer account on your device, and you can monitor all activities on the target device and trace Facebook location.


    The methods described above work in some conditions, but they can't provide you accurate results such as the exact location. The best solution to get someone's location from Facebook is by using the Aispyer tool. It is very reliable and provides real-time location without letting know the target device.

    Facebook Tracker App


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