Facebook Spy App

  • Track Facebook activities with detailed information.

  • Track the location of target device where it upload the posts.

  • Track Facebook Messengers with all details.

  • It's small in size and doesn't waste power on target device.

Want to learn how to hack Facebook on an Android or iPhone? It’s easier than you’d think! There are tons of monitoring apps available these days that are completely discreet, becoming invisible after set-up whilst continuing to function as your very own little spy bug and reporting every single activity that occurs on your target device. Continue reading to be introduced to some of our favorites for Android, iPhone, and PC!

Part 1.How to Hack Facebook on Android

Our first recommended Facebook hacking app is AiSpyer. This can be used in order to hack an Android device. The set-up process is quite extensive, but once you have it installed on your target Android device, you have access to everything — from Facebook communications, to cell history, to GEOtracking, and real-time sleuthing in the form of ambient sound recording and call recording.

  • Exhaustive reports on Facebook communications.
  • Including deleted messages, time stamps, downloads shared media files, contact information, and more.
  • Offers administrative control over auto-lock, passwords, etc.


AiSpyer - Best Facebook Hacker

  • Track Facebook location in real time.

  • Track Facebook activities precisely.

  • Track Messenger with evey detail.

  • Track phone number, text messages, browsing history, and GPS location easily.

  • Track other social media app, WhatsApp activities with real-time update.

How to Hack Facebook with AiSpyer

Step1 Create an Account on AiSpyer

Go to aispyer.com, and click the Sign Up button at the upper right corner to create an account on aispyer.com.

How to Hack Facebook - Create an Account on AiSpyer

Step2 Get and Download AiSpyer App on Target Device

Purchase the premium version of AiSpyer, and you'll get the download link of the app and the registration code along with the email. Then you can download the app on your target device.

How to Hack Facebook - Get and Download AiSpyer App on Target

Step3 Hack Facebook on Dashboard

When you've successfully installed AiSpyer app on target device, you can log in your account on AiSpyer, and start monitoring Facebook activities with ease.

How to Hack Facebook - Start Hacking Facebook

Part 2. How to Hack Facebook on iPhone

For the next portion of this article, we’re going to teach you how to hack Facebook on an iPhone. The set-up of this will be different from AiSpyer — because the drivers of an iOS device requires a different type of handling. The best part is that you won’t need access to the target iOS device in order to set up Spyzie, the monitoring app that we are going to install. Instead, all you need to get started is the iPhone’s iCloud ID and password.

How to Hack Facebook on iPhone

Step1 Sign Up for Spyzie

To start, you will need to create an account with Spyzie and sign in.

How to Hack Facebook - Create an Account on Spyzie

Step2 Begin Spyzie Setup

The setup starts with profile creation. You will need to put in the necessary information on your target (their name and age) to begin.

How to Hack Facebook - Begin Spyzie Setup

Step3 Select Platform for Installation

Then, select which platform you want to install Spyzie on. For hacking Facebook on iPhone, select the iOS logo.

How to Hack Facebook - Select Platform for Installation

Step4 Verify iCloud ID

As mentioned, you will need to verify your target device with its iCloud ID and password before proceeding.

How to Hack Facebook - Verify iCloud ID

Step5 Go to Spyzie Dashboard

Once you’ve finished the verification process, all you need to do next is go to the Spyzie monitoring dashboard and move to the Data tab.

How to Hack Facebook - Go to Spyzie Dashboard

Step6 Start Hacking Facebook on iPhone

On the data tab, you can find all the things that you are able to monitor. Select the Applications icon in order to start hacking the Facebook of your target iPhone device!

How to Hack Facebook - Start Hacking Facebook on iPone

Part 3. How to Hack Facebook on Computer

For our last demonstration, we’re going to introduce our next recommended Facebook hacking app — XNSPY. XNSPY, much like Spyzie and AiSpyer, is a monitoring app that you can install on a target iOS or Android device. Our demonstration will be showing the default iOS demonstration on a PC — follow along if it is the most relevant for you or scroll back to try out our other recommended tools.

How to Hack Facebook on Computer

Step1 Create an Account on XNSPY

If you want to be able to use XNSPY properly you will need to create an account with them and use that account to login to their dashboard.

How to Hack Facebook - Create an Account on XNSPY

Step2 Select Platform to Hack

Select whichever platform applies the most to you — for the purpose of our demonstration we’ll be going through the iOS (No Jailbreak) platform.

How to Hack Facebook - Select Platform to Hack

Step3 Begin iCloud Setup

Select iCloud Setup to begin installing XNSPY to an iOS (without jailbreak) device.

How to Hack Facebook - Begin iCloud Setup

Step4 Use Apple Access Credentials

Without jailbreaking the iOS device, you will need to rely on the iCloud setup option -- which will require that you have the Apple credentials of the device you want to hack.

How to Hack Facebook - Use Apple Access Credentials

Step2A Code

If the device has two-factor authentication enabled, you will need to have its 2FA code (XNSPY has a tutorial available for this purpose) as well. Then, and only then, will you be able to click NEXT to move forward.

How to Hack Facebook - Choose Next or Input 2FA Code

Step6 Select Device for Hacking

XNSPY will automatically locate any device using the credentials you inputted: Select in order to confirm the device.

How to Hack Facebook - Select Device for Hacking

Step7 Setup Complete

Setup is now complete, click Finish and move to the next step.

How to Hack Facebook - Setup Complete

Step8 Move to Dashboard to Hack Facebook

From the sidebar provided, select the Dashboard tab. That will display all the basic information on the device that you’ve hack successfully.

How to Hack Facebook - Move to Dashboard to Hack Facebook

Step9 Messenger > Facebook

If you want to move to Facebook hacking immediately, select Messenger > Facebook. There, you will have access to all the Facebook message logs available on your target device.

How to Hack Facebook - Choose Messenger > Facebook

Selecting a message log to view the conversation thread will give you access to all the messages (sent, received, and deleted), shared media files, etc.

How to Hack Facebook - Hack Facebook Activities

That covers all the basic ways that you can go about hacking the Facebook Messenger app. As demonstrated, it’s a lot easier than you’d think! If you’re looking to try it out yourself, we recommend going with AiSpyer first. Unlike some monitoring apps, it’s available on both iOS and Android devices. It’s also considerably a lot more straightforward than some devices — no technical knowledge needed, just follow our detailed step-by-step tutorial above.

Facebook Tracker App

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