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  • Monitor Facebook activities with every detail.

  • Track Facebook Messengers with all information.

  • Track the location where the Facebook posts are posted.

  • Aispyer is lightweight and doesn't attract any attention.

    Are you looking for an application that can help you keep an eye on what your children are doing? Social Media is a landmine filled with various of unknowns, and despite our warnings, more and more teens are getting on apps like Facebook and talking to people that are much older than they are. If you want to be able to keep an eye on those communications, try out one of the Facebook Spy Apps that we recommend below!

    Part 1.5 Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps for Android

    First, let’s go through our favorite Facebook Spy Apps for Android. Android devices are a lot easier to spy on. However, setting up one of these spy apps will require that you have access to your target device, which may be difficult. However, once you have one of these apps installed, you’ll have complete access to all of their communications on Facebook!


    Aispyer - Best Mobile Tracker

    • Track Facebook location in real time.

    • Track Facebook activities precisely.

    • Track Messenger with evey detail.

    • Track phone number, text messages, browsing history, and GPS location easily.

    • Track other social media app, WhatsApp activities with real-time update.

    Step1 Aispyer


    First on our list is Aispyer. Newly released but making big waves as a very reliable spy application! No android rooting is required, and the app is completely invisible after installation. This doesn’t just work as your average Facebook Spy app either, it offers support for tracking most of today’s popular social media apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) and it offers real-time information on a device’s (location, web history, call message logs, etc.)

    Key Features of Aispyer

    • Very discreet (app is hidden automatically after installation.)
    • Social Media activity tracking (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.)
    • Device Activity tracking (GPS location, online web history, messages, call logs, etc.)
    Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps in 2020 - Aispyer

    Step2 Spyzie


    Spyzie is our next recommended Facebook monitoring app. It’s a lot like Aispyer, available for both iOS and Android devices (although its Android version is a lot more feature rich.) It’s a great app for keeping track of information. Be it your teen’s activity on Social Media or just their basic cell phone history (location, text messages, call logs, etc.)

    Key Features of Spyzie

    • Monitors every keystroke with Keylogger tool.
    • Screen capture, ambient recording, call recording, and more information gathering tools.
    • Convenient data graphs for keeping track of which apps are used most often.
    Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps in 2020 - Spyzie

    Step3 XNSPY


    XNSPY doesn’t offer a FREE trial, but it does offer a Live Demo that you can check out on their official website. It’s a lot cheaper than Aispyer and Spyzie, but that doesn’t translate to less premium features. There are plenty advanced tools available here. Including social media activity tracking (for Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) and basic device monitoring (for text messages, call logs, emails, GPS tracking, etc.)

    Key Features of XNSPY

    • Ambient sound recording that can be set to specific keywords.
    • Highly intuitive, perfect for inexperienced users.
    • Remote installation support allows you to set up the app without access to the target device.
    Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps in 2020 - XNSPY

    Step4 Highster Mobile


    If you’re looking for something that won’t need to be renewed every year, then you can always consider Highster Mobile. With an up-front one-time payment, you can have access to its features for a lifetime! This time, however, the cheaper price does equal to it being less premium. Not so much that the difference is obvious (it has a lot of the same tools offered by other monitoring apps),but it could do with more upgrades.

    Key Features of Highster Mobile

    • Social Media tracking (messages, screen record, etc.) for Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    • Call recording and ambient sound recording available.
    • So is text message, web history, GPS location, etc. tracking.
    Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps in 2020 - Highster Mobile

    Step5 TheTruthSpy


    TheTruthSpy is one of the monitoring apps that will require that you root your target Android device — at least if you want to use all of its features. We’re also back to premium subscription plans with this, so you can expect to be paying a very premium price per month if you choose it. On the bright side, it doesn’t skimp out on any of the necessary tracking tools — either for social media or basic cell history.

    Key Features of TheTruthSpy

    • Extensive keylogging feature for monitoring all activity.
    • Limited monitoring for Social Media (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber only.)
    • A Limited-time FREE trial is available for testing all of its features.
    Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps in 2020 - TheTruthSpy

    Part 2. 5 Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps for iPhone

    iPhones are a lot trickier in general. A lot of set-up is often required in order to get access to certain information (as a result of Apple’s iron fist over its user-security.) Fortunately, there are still ways of breaking through iOS security. It will just require access to a jailbroken device, or the iCloud account details used by the target device.

    Step1 SPYERA


    SPYERA is one of the apps that will require that you have access to a jailbroken device. Step-by-step set-up instructions are available on the website, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble when it comes to setting it up. Its monitoring dashboard is highly intuitive, allowing you access to social media activity tracking, cell history tracking, and advanced sleuthing tools for your target iOS device on any Android/iOS phone or tablet.

    Key Features of SPYERA

    • Downloadable software is available for monitoring iOS devices.
    • Advanced sleuthing features:screen capture, call recording, GPS location tracking, etc.
    • Monitors social media messages and files (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.)
    Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps in 2020 - SPYERA

    Step2 SpyHide


    SpyHide, much like with Spyera, requires that you have access to the target device in order to install its monitoring features. Once that’s done however, you’ll have access to all its social media tracking features for spying on the target device’s Facebook activity.

    Key Features of SpyHide

    • Social media tracking (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email etc.)
    • Cell history, text message, contact history, online web history, etc. tracking tools.
    • FREE to try — basic tools available on trial.
    Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps in 2020 - SpyHide

    Step3 Mobile Tracker Free


    Mobile Tracker FREE is a lot like SpyHide. There is a PRO version of the app, but this FREE version offers a lot of the more important monitoring features. Allowing you to track social media activity and cell history on both iOS and Android devices.

    Key Features of Mbile Tracker Free

    • Social Media tracking (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.)
    • Access to Cell History, GPS Location, Text Messages, etc.
    • Real-Time sleuthing tools available (although limited in iOS support.)
    Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps in 2020 - Mobile Tracker Free

    Step4 Spyic


    Spyic offers very in-depth monitoring for iOS devices. Even more in-depth monitoring tools than our previous picks on this list, but it is also more expensive. So, you’ll have to content yourself with the price tag if you want access to its advanced sleuthing tools. For Facebook alone, you have access to message chats, time stamps, contact information, deleted messages, and shared media files.

    Key Features of Spyic

    • Advanced Social Media monitoring tools (for Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.)
    • Basic tracking for cell history, web history, etc.
    • Keylogging feature that records all activity.
    Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps in 2020 - Spyic

    Step5 Cocospy


    CocoSpy is very similar to Spyic. Again, you get incredibly advanced Facebook monitoring tools, paired with the highly intuitive interface, and the convenient cell history sleuthing features that was offered by Spyic. It’s also capable of tracking both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices, which is always a bonus — especially if you don’t have direct access to the target device.

    Key Features of Cocospy

    • No Jailbreak required.
    • Sleuthing is done discreetly — no sign of monitoring.
    • Advanced Facebook monitoring (messages, time stamps, contact info.,deleted messages, and shared media files.)
    Most Helpful Facebook Spy Apps in 2020 - Cocospy


    A lot can happen over the web, and there’s nothing wrong with looking for a little extra security for our precocious teens. With Facebook spy apps like Aispyer, you can enjoy that security quite conveniently. Try it out today and breathe a little easier knowing that you can protect your child from the malicious people that hide behind anonymous profiles on the internet.

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