Best Facebook Spy App
  • Monitor all Facebook messages, Facebook activities, group chats.
  • Find messenger histories including date and time of all the sent or received messages.
  • Support to track fast all popular social media activity such as Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram, snapchat etc.
  • Track call log, SMS, GPS, web history, photos, email, calendar, app infos etc. on mobile phone.

    Facebook being the most actively and widely used social media app has now become much more than a platform to find your long lost friends. Teenagers, adults, and people of almost all ages these days also use Facebook as a platform to meet new people and make new friends. Just like a coin, there is a flip side to this as well and has given away to Facebook spying. These Facebook spy tools and apps let you look into the Facebook account of a person and check the messages shared over the platform.

    Part 1. What are Facebook Spying Apps?

    Facebook Spying Apps are those apps that let you check the Facebook account details and the messages on the platform for the person desired. There are several situations when you would need these apps like checking on your partner when you doubt cheating on you, checking the social media of your teenage child, keeping a check on your employee’s account, and more. So if you are suspicious of any person’s activity/ behavior or just want to keep a check on their Facebook activities, a good Facebook spy tool needs to be used.

    Part 2. Best 8 Facebook App Tracker

    There is no dearth of Facebook spying tools but to ensure that you get all the required information, only the good ones must be used. To make your search task easier we have shortlisted the top 8 Facebook spy tools as below.


    Aispyer is one of the best Facebook Spy tool owing to its wide range of features and simplicity of use. The versatile app is available for Android devices and allows keeping a check and tab on Facebook notifications, activities, messenger, and more. This is a lightweight and power-saving app where the target device user will not come to know that any such app is installed on their device. After the app is installed, it allows you to check the following Facebook information of the target device:
    • All types of activities on the Facebook account
    • Public and private messages
    • Friend list as well as the friend requests sent and received
    • Messenger for the messages exchanged
    • Even when the app is not running, you can monitor the push notifications
    Key Features of Aispyer:
    In addition to Facebook spying, a host of other features are also supported by the app and the major ones are enlisted below.
    • Allows tracking the phone numbers
    • Allows tracking the web surfing history and activities
    • Social media tracker with support to Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Instagram
    • SMS and GPS tracker
    • Allows tracking photo, calendar, emails, and more information on the target device
    • The app is secure and easy to use
    • It is unobtrusive which means that the target device owner would not know that he is being monitored
    • Available for download on all the latest Android phones.


    This is another popularly used app to monitor Facebook and other activities of the target device. The app can be used for Android smartphones and tablets and allows you to access the information remotely from a web browser. The app is safe to use and does not expose or store any of your personal information.
    • Allows spying Facebook Messenger chat for free.
    • Facilitates monitoring SMS, contact list, call history, and location of the device, create Geo fence and more.
    • The supported features are limited in comparison to the other programs.
    • One month license is over $35 per month for a basic plan which is quite expensive.


    Available for Android and iOS devices, this is a top-rated app that allows monitoring the target device locations, calls, apps, Facebook, and several other apps. Working on the stealth mode, the app supports Ge0 fencing and tracks browser history as well.
    • Available for Android as well as iOS devices.
    • Supports key logger function.
    • No option for call recording.
    • Does not support screenshot feature.
    • There is no free trial available.


    mSpy is a parental control monitoring app that lets you keep a tab on Facebook and other activities of your child’s smartphone. Using the app, Facebook messages, multimedia files as well as other content can be checked without the target device owner coming to know about it. Browsing history, call, GPS, and other activities can also be tracked.
    • Available for Android and iOS devices.
    • Live panel to have remote control.
    • Each license is available for a single device.
    • If the target phone is wiped off, no option to recover or get data backup.
    • No Instagram monitor support.


    This is another parental control app that allows you to keep a check on your child’s smartphone through their social media profile (including Facebook),location, and other data. There is also an option for setting a screen-time restriction and restrict access to inappropriate sites.
    • Simple to use and access.
    • Pocket-friendly price.
    • A basic app for parental control.
    • Does not support advanced spying featu.


    Available for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac system, this parental control app supports keeping a complete track on the Facebook activities and other social media sites. The app also allows control over the sites and the time for which they can be accessed.
    • Allows checking several social media site activities including Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and more.
    • Allows to check call logs, multimedia files, and other phone processed.
    • Parental control through app blocker, schedules, and the limit for the screen time.
    • Allows to check call logs, multimedia files, and other phone processed.
    • Need to get a paid subscription to get access to all the features.
    • Expensive plans.


    To keep a check and spy on the activities of any person’s smartphone including Facebook, this is a good app to consider. Using the app you can check the messages shared over Facebook with a date and time stamp along with media files and other activities.
    • Supports monitoring social media activities and messages from various sites like Facebook, Snapchat and more.
    • Offer advanced spying options through monitoring, GPS locations, calls, text messages, voice recording, call recording, and more..
    • Available for Android and iOS.
    • To get access to the complete features of the app, you need to apply for a paid subscription.
    • A lot of users have complained that features like call recording and others do not work properly.


    If you are looking for monitoring an Android device for Facebook and other basic activities, this is a good app to consider. Messages with time and date stamps along with contact details on Facebook can be monitored using this app. It also allows you to track calls, browsing history, GPS, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.
    • Offers a 7-day free trial version of premium subscription.
    • Does not require to root the device.
    • Available only for Android devices.
    • Features are limited in comparison to other advanced tools.


    Above listed are several Facebook spy tool from which you can choose the one that matches your requirements. If you are looking for the complete spying of a Facebook account with support to advanced features we recommend Aispyer as the best Facebook Spy tool. The app allows you to track all the Facebook activities along with the option to get the notifications even in situations when the app is not working. So for keeping control of your kids, spying on your cheating partners, and employees, Aispyer is just an apt tool.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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