Why Choose AiSpyer Facebook Spy App?

  • AiSpyer is a helpful Facebook tracker app that enables you to view the activities on the target device.
  • With this Facebook spy app, you're able to view both public and private messages easily.
  • AiSpyer Facebook tracker app helps you to check Friends list and Friends request with ease.
  • Monitor Facebook push notifications even when the app is not running.
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How to Monitor Facebook Messages with AiSpyer?

  • Step 1

    Visit AiSpyer and create an account
    by entering your email address and setting a new password.

  • Step 2

    Download and install the app on your target's device.

  • Step 3

    Now you can start tracking Facebook activities with ease.

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Have you have cared about what messages have been sent and received on your kids' Facebook account? There's chance that your kids receive inappropriate messages on Facebook easily as Facebook doesn't control all of the messages. Thanks to AiSpyer Facebook tracking app, you'll be able to track all Facebook activities with ease. AiSpyer Facebook spy app is lightweight and power saving, so you don't have to worry about the app being found.

Can you tell to whom someone is talking on Facebook Messenger?

Yes you can. AiSpyer Facebook spy app enables you to know who is sending messages to the target device, knowing the Facebook activities, notifications and more.

Is Faccebook Tracking Legal?

This is a very complicated question among the world. On one hand, people can use a variety of Facebook spying apps to monitor their Facebook activities to prevent the account from being hacked; On the other hand, these spy apps can also track another one's Facebook activities. Therefore, it's all up to you to decide whether you want to monitor Facebook.

Why Facebook Tracking is Important?

As a matter of fact, the social media is filled with all kinds of information nowadays, and we can't stop others from publishing the inappropriate things. Therefore, the best way we can do is prevent our kids from accessing these dangerous information. With the Facebook tracking app, you'll know the Facebook activities of your kids in the first time, and prevent them from stepping into the area they shouldn't.

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