Frequently Asked Questions

Trustworthy and lightweight monitoring app for mobile.

What is AiSpyer?

AiSpyer is a lightweight monitoring app for mobile phone. This app can help you to monitor phone number, call logs, browsing history, GPS location, Facebook activities, Messengers, and WhatsApp contacts.

When comparing with other monitoring apps, AiSpyer stands out thanks to its lightweight size, and the unobtrusive characteristics, and it doesn't waste the power of mobile phone, which can make it successfully hidden on the target device.

How Does AiSpyer Work?

If you want to use AiSpyer, you'll need to create an account on AiSpyer firtst. After that, you can install the app on target device, and then track the data you need.

AiSpyer tracks and updates date once an hour, therefore, you'll be able to view the activities on target device in real time.

Please note that GPS location tracking replys on open GPS in the target device, if the GPS is not open in target device, the GPS location won't be updated in real time.

Can I Track Multiple Devices with Same Account?

Yes. With the premium plan, you'll be able to track unlimited devices.

Is AiSpyer totally invisible?

AiSpyer works in a invisible mode. When the app is installed on the target device, all the information of this app will be hidden.

Thanks to the lightweight size and advanced power-saving technology, AiSpyer doesn't waste any power, so it doesn't attract any attention.

What Happens after the Purchase?

Once you finished the payment, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered emaill address. The email contains the link to your dashboard and login credentials. Then you'll be able to log in AiSpyer and see full instructions of this app and how to install it on the target device.

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