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    Most of the times GPS trackers devices are used to find the missed keys, route navigations and finding your lost pets but now using the GPS tracker devices and apps you can also track the activity of your kids. There are several GPS trackers for kids available for you that help you to track your kid activities and locations. Mainly there are two types of trackers available:the first one is known as device and the second one is known as app or software. These both are related to each other and you can’t use the single type of tracker. The GPS for kid device also works using software or app so this is not possible to track the location of your kid just by using the device or app. Let’s have a look on some of the best GPS trackers for kids in this article.

    Part 1.Top 3 GPS tracking App for kids

    1. Aispyer - Best GPS Tracker for kids

    Aispyer is a very powerful and feature rich GPS tracker for kids application that comes with very powerful GPS for kids features. It allows you to quickly track location of your kid with just few clicks of mouse on your system. This application comes with the very easy to use web based dashboard where you can simply track the social media activity, messages, call records, contacts and location of your kid. While using Aispyer you can get the real time update about your kid location and other details.

    Key Features

    • The application is able to track mainly all kinds of activity of your kid.

    • Using this GPS for kid application everything becomes very easiest.

    • This is very powerful and comes with the real time tracking options.

    • You can get information about the call timing, contact number, contact name and call duration of your kids mobile.

    • You can access the WhatsApp, Facebook and WeChat social media accounts of your kids with the app.

    • It is fully compatible with the old and newest versions of Android mobiles.

    • You can get the detailed location information using this application.

    • The application works in the background without knowing your kids.

    gps tracker app for kid



    Spyzie is another GPS for kids’ tracker application that comes with the powerful tracking features for your kids. This application is able to work in the background and give you the real time data of your kids mobile. Spyzie is able to track mostly all kinds of data using the real time location access. This website also offers you a web based interface where you can see the data of your kid mobile using the browser of your system.

    Key Features

    • The application work in background.
    • It is easy to use and setup in the mobiles.
    • Works in the iPhone and Android devices.
    • Allows you to access all kids of data from the target mobile.
    gps for kid

    3.Life360 - Family Locator, GPS Tracker:


    GPS Phone Tracker app is a quite popular GPS app for kids. This app comes with the very simple and clear interface. The application doesn’t offer you the advanced options such as reading messages; multimedia files and social media account details etc. The application simply tracks the lost or stolen mobiles using GPS.

    Key Features

    • This is a family app to track the location of your family members.
    • This is free application and you can get it from play for location sharing feature.
    • Helps you to find the location of the theft or missed phone.
    gps phone tracker for kid

    Part 2. Top 3 GPS tracking devices for kids

    1. Jiobit


    Jiobit is one of the most popular GPS for kids’ device which is able to detect the location of the kids and anything. This device comes with the powerful and secure GPS tracker which can easily track information about your kid. You can track the kid position in real time while using this application. This device can be used to track the vehicle as well and you will get the latest location of the vehicle in case of theft.

    Key Features

    • It allows you to track the live location of the kid and vehicle very easily.
    • The battery of the device is long lasting and keeps the device turned on.
    • Device is secure and no need to worry about the personal data.
    • You can also view the detailed location history.
    • Device comes with very small size.
    gps tracker device for kid

    2. Myxplora


    Myxplora is actually a smart watch which looks similar to the normal watches but comes with the powerful tracker which helps you to track the activity and location of your kid. Myxplora is a very popular leader in the European market which is most popular in the smart watch genre. This device allows you to add up to 12 phone numbers as well which can be used in the case of emergency. This device also supports the SIM to make calls.

    Key Features

    • The device is available for downloading in the Google play store and iTunes store for free to download.
    • The application of the device is easy to use.
    • You can store the contact numbers.
    • Just need to tap one time on the SOS for emergency calls.
    gps tracker watch for kid

    3. Verizon GizmoWatch


    Verizon GizmoWatch is another GPS tracker for kid watch which allows users to track the location of kids with easy to use application and device. This device comes with the powerful tracker and it is also able to provide you real time location of the child. It comes with the option to insert the SIM in the device which helps the device to track the location using the internet.

    Key Features

    • There are several smart watches available on the website with different feature and prices.
    • The watch is able to track the live location.
    • The applications of the devices are free to use.
    gps tracker watch for kid

    Part 3. Compare the 2 ways with different metrics

    Using the GPS device tracker app or GPS tracker for kids both ways is good for you to track the kids’ activities. These both ways offers you the app to track the kid activities and you can trace their live location but there are some differences in both ways. To understand the difference between the both ways we have written a table below according to their features. This table will help you more to understand the GPS tracker device and app.

      Tracker Apps Tracker Devices
    Easy to Use Yes Yes
    Works without device or App No No
    Price Normal Costly
    Track the Real time Location Yes Yes
    Track the Social Media Activity Yes No
    Need to Charge No Yes

    GPS Location Tracker


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