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    With present day hacking technologies and sophisticated software it is very easy for a third party to keep an eye on your mobile phone. In case you want to learn how to find out if your phone is being tracked then there are 10 most authentic ways to detect such breach. It is very essential that you learn about all of such ways in detail to protect your interests.

    Part 1.How do I know if someone is tracking my phone

    Difficulty in shutting the device

    If you want to learn how to find out if your phone is being monitored or not then this is considered as one of the most proficient ways to do so. You might find it hard to shut your phone down as the spy software usually keeps on working in the background. Check your mobile phone’s screen, if it didn’t turned black even after switching off then it is a vindication that someone is keeping an eye on you.

    Increased temperature of battery

    In case you do not play video games or surf on your mobile device much but your device gets hot too early. Then you need to scan your device for spyware. Most of the tracking applications use battery life of your phone which causes it to get hot.

    High usage of data

    Most of the spyware software use to collect information from the targeted device through the stealth mode. These applications use data of your service provider to send private information to the third party. Thus even though you do not use your phone for net surfing you will get charged high amount for data surfing.

    Unexpected rebooting

    In case you need to learn How to Tell if Your Phone is Being Monitored? Then you have to see if your handset is getting rebooted at short notice or not. Most of the time when hackers try to breach your system then your mobile phone will get rebooted on short notice.

    Odd sounds while making call

    You may even get odd sounds when you make a call from a mobile phone which has been breached by hackers. Most of the unethical third parties try tapping conversations of people during a conversation and stealing private information.

    Unexpected messaging

    When your mobile phone gets hacked then it is possible that you get messages which have odd text. Most of these messages have weird symbols, random sequences etc. as hackers use code language with which your system get abrupt codes during the type of spying.

    Deterioration in battery life

    Due to mobile phone breach you also may have to suffer with deteriorated battery life. You need to look at sudden drop in the battery life when you need to know how to find out if your phone is being tracked or not. Most of the spy applications keep a track of several files on your mobile devices due to this it is a possibility that your battery might start to lag in performance.

    Slow mobile processing

    At present most of the mobile phones are equipped with latest hardware and software, thus you do not have to deal with slow processing even when you open several applications at once. If by chance you find that your mobile device gets hanged in between, even when you open single application then it is a vindication that someone is spying on you.

    Phones are active during standby mode

    This is another sign which will allow you about How to Tell if Your Phone is Being Monitored? When your mobile device is hacked then it may even stay active during standby mode. You will also receive ringing sound during such events.

    Presence of new application

    If you see any new application on your mobile device then it is a vindication that someone is monitoring you from remote location. Hackers install spying applications on your mobile devices which secretly steals the data. Most of these third-party unethical hacking devices can easily be showcased on your home screen.

    Part 2. How to Find and Remove Spy Software on Your Cell Phone

    Solutions for Android Users

    Anti Spy

    Through the help of this application you will get to learn how to find out if your phone is being tracked and then remove any malware from the system. This application is easy to use and it is very fast. Furthermore, you also get a chance to scan applications of device administration and can even learn about the applications which are from unknown source.

    Step1Install Anti Spy

    Initially, you need to download Anti Spy on your mobile device, then open it and click on scan button.

    Step2Get results

    Application will make you aware of the spyware present on your android phone.

    Step3Delete the spyware

    Lastly, you just have to delete the malware right from your mobile device.

    Solutions for iOS Users


    This is one of the most proficient software for iOS device with which you can easily remove the malware from your handset. The user interface of this application is very good and it is also low in size, thus it is easy for you to keep it on your handset.

    Step1Open the application

    You need to install the application and then choose from various areas from which you need to provide security to your phone.

    Step2Scan the system

    Now, you have to scan system of email which might be infected with malware.

    Step3Be safe

    After pressing the scan button, the application starts to scan the email on its own and provides you end result.

    Part 3. How to keep your phone protected

    Restore the factory setting

    Restoring your mobile phone to factory setting is considered as one of the most effective ways with which you can easily get rid of spyware. Restoration to factory setting gives you a way to reinstall fresh image of Android over your phone which only has default applications which are offered by manufacturer. Through this process all of the spying applications get wiped out from your device, but before this you need to create backup of important files.

    Update the OS

    In case you suspect that someone is spying over your iPhone then it is recommended update the operating system. Initially you are required to provide file backup of your system on iTunes so that you can easily secure them. Operating systems when become obsolete get prone to cyber attack and hacking.

    Lock your screen

    Most of the spy applications require that a person should physically access your device. Thus you need to acquire a high level password for your mobile device. If possible then use upper, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. Make your code at least 8 characters long.

    Opt for manual deletion of file

    In case you notice some unwanted applications on your mobile device then it is very essential to delete them manually. Most of the cases hackers use spying software which you can easily see in all files dashboard of your mobile device.

    Don’t jailbreak your device

    It is not recommended to jailbreak your iPhone as it can allow hackers to install malware on your handset. In case you did jailbreak your phone then make sure to download applications from genuine sources.


    If you are trying to learn how to find out if your phone is being tracked then there are several ways with which you can detect it. Furthermore, you can even take different steps with which you can easily remove the issues from your Android and iPhone. If the spyware is present on your mobile phone but you aren’t able to acknowledge its correct place then there are several Apps for iOS and Android handsets. These Apps are easy to use since they have excellent GUI features.

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