Hangouts Monitoring App
  • Monitor Hangouts with every detail on the target device.
  • Monitor other social media platforms as well, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and so on.
  • Works in stealth mode.
  • Reliable and power-saving.

    At the beginning of 2021, we have seen that technology has made significant advances. People, irrespective of age and demographics, have now surrendered to mobile apps and technologies. Due to the pandemic, people have now started to communicate virtually instead of physically. Virtual meetings on google hangouts and other video calling platforms have become a part of our daily routine. It is even essential for companies to monitor their employees to ensure that their company privacy is not breached. Therefore, further in this article, we will discuss Google Hangouts and apps that monitor it.

    Part 1. What is Hangouts App?

    Hangouts is developed by Google and it is a communication platform that helps users to communicate virtually via different channels such as instant messaging, audio/voice calls, and video calls. Google Hangouts is best for corporate settings as businesses can now conduct their meetings online and discuss discrete information freely and comfortably because the app provides the newest protection standards to secure the communication. It allows communication between two or more persons.

    Part 2. How to find out who someone is talking to on Hangouts?

    Are you talking about a fast way to monitor who is talking on the Hangouts app? Or you want an easy, simple way? Moreover, you want something that will not put you in trouble? Then look no further than Aispyer for Android. Aispyer for Android is the most secure and trustworthy Android tracker you can find in 2021. This product has three ways to protect your data. You can stop tracking any time you want. Once stopped, you can resume monitoring whenever you wish to, or you can completely delete all the data. You now control everything.

    Key features of Aispyer for Android

    • With basic Google Hangouts tracking, Aispyer also allows the users to track popular media applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Google Hangouts and many more social media apps.
    • Aispyer for Android can monitor calls and text message of target device even you can track the deleted iMessages or the target Android phone as well.
    • You can get the accurate location of the target phone using the GPS.
    • You can view the sent and received images, videos, receive app notifications in real-time.
    • It can track Calendar notes.
    • You can monitor the Email of the target Android mobile as well.
    • The Aispyer for Android for works in the invisible mode and the target phone user will never know about it.
    • You can even track the browsing history of the target mobile using Aispyer for Android.

    How to Monitor Hangout with Aispyer for Android

    Step1Create an Aispyer account

    Go on the Aispyer for Android website and “Click up Free” button then create a free account by entering your email address and creating a password.

    Step2Set up the target phone

    You then will have to select a plan and purchase the license. Once you've done that, you will get a registration code and link for the app in your mail. Now, go to your Email id and then download and installs it on the target mobile device and then you need allow all permissions. After which, you have to launch the Aispyer on the target phone and enter the 6-digit registration code you received after purchase.

    Step3View in your browser and start monitoring

    After you have set up the app on the target device, return to the browser and log in with your login credentials. On the landing page, you will find a dashboard with the target device information. On the left-hand side you can select the hangout or any other social tab which you want to track.

    Part 3. Other 7 best tracker apps for Google Hangouts

    1. SpySealth

    SpyStealth is a mobile tracking app for Android as well as iOS devices. It is a multifunctional parental control app that enables parents to monitor their children’s activities, such as text message, email, social media apps Google Hangouts, like WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. You need to have a successful authorization and then select a plan to purchase the license.

    • It is reliable and safe
    • Easy to use interactive panel
    • It is slightly expensive
    • Customer service is not great

    2. AppMia

    AppMia is also an app that allows monitoring of the Google Hangouts app. The app comes with a live demo, which will help users get familiar with monitoring. You can also record hangout calls and monitor who is calling and when you can restrict the call and the numbers from calling.

    • Demo is available.
    • Clean User Interface. 
    • It can get expensive if you want all features.
    • Drains battery very fast.

    3. Hoverwatch

    As the name suggests, Hoverwatch lets you watch over the phone directly. It is a great Hangouts tracker that helps users monitor calls, texts, and other things. You can also monitor google hangouts, although you might have to pay a little extra there. All in all, it is an excellent app if you want to monitor your child’s phone.

    • They offer a free plan. 
    • The user interface is colorful and well designed.
    • Free plan has minimal features.
    • If you want the call log of google hangouts, then you have to pay a little extra.

    4. Snoopza

    Snoopza is one of the best free keyloggers, which you can install on any device and track conveniently without being visible to the target. The free features include recording calls, monitoring calls, tracking messages, etc. if you want to track social media apps, you have to pay for it. You can track all the chats of the Hangouts app easily with the use of this app.

    • Easy to install.
    • Pricing is affordable.
    • The target phone must be physically present to install the app. 
    • It is only compatible with android devices.

    5. mSpy

    The best part about this Hangout tracker is that your phone doesn’t require root breaking or jailbreaking and is easily downloadable on both android and iOS devices.

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    6. Copy9

    This app comes with a free version to use it and then decide if you want to pay for this app. Copy9 is an excellent app if you're going to monitor Hangouts as the keylogger feature makes it easy to spy on Hangouts.

    • It offers a free trial version for testing.
    • Premium version is affordable because price is competitive.
    • The app doesn’t track the target phone location accurately.
    • User interface is not easy to understand.

    7. Easy Logger

    This app, as the name goes, is an easy way of key logging an app. With the keylogging feature, users can monitor and track the Hangouts app. You can view the entire log, summary, and all the other information that you need.

    • It can easily work on mobile as well as desktop.
    • Offers you to track the hangout messages of target devices.
    • You can’t track the hangout app data in this app in the free version.
    • It is expensive as compared to others.


    Having an app that can be remote and safe and at the same time be of great help to monitor Google Hangouts app can be essential. We discussed a few apps above which you can use to track the Hangouts app. Most of these apps are good but have lack of features. On the other hand, Aispyer for Android is one such app that fulfils and ticks off all the categories required to be the best tracker for Google Hangouts app.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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