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  • Monitor real-time data and record using log of all apps.
  • Even the deleted data can be tracked.
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    FlexiSpy is a spy app which allows people to track the activities of other people on the desktop, mobile phone and tablets. FlexiSpy comes with several features and options. If you are also a user of FlexiSpy or thinking about using the FlexiSpy then there are several things you need to know about it such as how to use it, what type of data it can track etc. We are providing all these things in this article for you so you won’t face any issue with this application and you can decide whether it is good to use the app or not. let’s start learning more about the FlexiSpy.

    Part 1. What is FlexiSpy and How does FlexiSpy work?

    FlexiSpy is one of the most efficient spy apps that you can use to know all your contacts what they are doing in the social media platforms. It helps you in spying and finding most of the revealing secrets of your closed ones. You can focus on instant messaging and monitor conversations that your friends and families are having. You can also view stickers using this app. This application is fully compatible with the computers as well so you can install it on your employees systems and monitor their activities.

    Key Features

    The premium version of FlexiSpy offers most of the features you would find in other spy apps.

    • The ability to keep tabs on phone calls, text messages, browser history, emails, media files, and even the location of the device after you FlexiSpy login.
    • With FlexiSpy, you can track social media activity and messages sent over applications like WhatsApp and Skype.
    • FlexiSpy is great to be used by concerned parents because it also has a keyword alert feature that alerts you every time your child types a specific word on their phone.
    • Premium version allows you to send fake texts,
    • It remotely uses the phone’s camera to take photos or its microphone to record conversations, and even record calls or intercept them.

    How to use FlexiSpy

    Step 1Purchase and download the app

    Once you purchase a FlexiSpy subscription, you will need to download the software onto your device. The FlexiSpy app is only available through the company website. You will not find this application on the App Store or Google Play.

    You will be given a link, which will need to be opened on the target device. The link will lead you to downloading the FlexiSpy application.

    Step 2Install and activate it

    When the app is downloaded to the target phone, you will receive a notification. Click the finish button, and this will direct you to the installation process. Here you will be given the permissions that the FlexiSpy application requires, and asked if you are ok with this. Once you accept these terms, the app will begin installing. After installation, you have to activate it with the code that you recieved in the email.

    Step 3Start monitoring

    After activating the application in the target phone, you can start tracking the target device data. FlexiSpy works in the silent mode and the target user will never know about it. To get the information about target device you just need to login to the FlexiSpy dashboard and then you can see the GPS location, calls, text and all other data of the target phone.

    • With powerful features.
    • FlexiSpy free download and free demo account are available.
    • Works in stealth mode.
    • Jailbreak required for iOS versions.
    • Advanced Android features require rooting.
    • There is no FlexiSpy free trial.

    Part 2. [Recommended] Best alternative to FlexiSpy

    Aispyer for Android is the best alternative application if you are not happy with the FlexiSpy installation. This application is easiest to use and you can use it on mostly all versions of the Android operating system. Aispyer for Android is available in very competitive prices as compared to the other products available in the market. Aispyer for Android application comes with the powerful technology which totally works in the invisible mode so the target device users will never know that you are accessing their data. It comes with the several features which we are going to share here with you.

    Key features

    • Aispyer for Android allows you to track the exact location of the target mobile devices.
    • You can use the application to get the contacts, call records, messages of the target phone virtually without knowing them.
    • It enables you to track the messages of the social media apps as well including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and many other social media apps.
    • Supports accessing the target device browsing data, photos, Emails, Calendar and all other types of personal information.
    • You can also access the Keystrokes used by the target device user and even the content copied on the clipboard.

    Step by step guide to use Aispyer for Android

    Step 1Create a Monitoring Account

    Visit the Aispyer website first and then click the “Sign up Free” button. Create an account using the needed information on website and then check out the premium plans and select the best one for you.

    Step 2Install the Application

    You will receive an Email with download link and registration code now. Visit your Email and download the app. Now get access to the target phone and install the app on the phone. This process will create a communication between the Aispyer website and mobile.

    Step 3Start Tracking the Data

    Now login to the Aispyer dashboard and then you will be able to view data of the target mobile. Here you can access the contact, messages, social media apps, browsing data and location of the target with ease.

    Part 3. Other two Flexispy alternatives

    1. mSpy

    mSpy has existed over the internet as a good mobile tracking application and good alternative to the FlexiSpy. mSpy can help you watch out for your children and can be utilized to ensure that your workers don't take data, and so forth.

    • mSpy is a complete tracking solution which offers you easy access to the target device data.
    • It works in the invisible mode and the target user can’t know about the app.
    • The application plan is very costly.
    • Stability of the app is not good.

    2. Spyine

    The Spyine is also a good alternative application to the FlexiSpy. Spyine app comes with the online dashboard where you can view the target phone data online without getting physical access to the phone.

    • The app works without any root or jailbreak.
    • Provides you access of the social media apps, contacts, call logs and text messages.
    • Sometimes it is unable to block the sites remotely.
    • You need to get physical access of the target phone to install the app.


    These are some of the best alternative apps which can be good option if you don’t want to use FlexiSpy app. We have researched about the features and reliability of these all discussed apps but these all are different from each other in different point of views. If we talk about the best and perfect app then this is Aispyer for Android. This application is really which you need to try. It is fully reliable, safe and offers all kinds of features whatever you need in a spy application.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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