Apps to monitor kids phone
  • Monitor popular social medias such as Facebook, whats app, Instagram, Skype

  • Monitor phone activity such as GPS location, SMS, call logs, contact information

  • Monitor photos, Apps, emails, calendar, keylogger and more

  • Monitor browsing history and activity

    Parental monitoring has become essential nowadays due to the ever rising number of risks associated with internet and smartphone usage. You can make use of the various apps to monitor child's phone that can be easily downloaded from app stores found in android and iOS. These applications can help you to ensure that your kids are not spending more than necessary time on their smartphones and are not falling victim to any scams that might be lurking on the internet.

    Some of the best apps to monitor kids phone provide parents with a plethora of features like blocking websites and applications, monitoring calls, SMS and even social media interactions. You can also find applications for child phone monitoring free at some app stores but these applications will generally have lesser features than their paid counterparts.

    Part 1.Top 5 Free Apps to Monitor Kids Phone

    1. MMGuardian


    • You can use this tool to block certain contacts that you feel are not good for your kids
    • It can automatically identify messages and text that may be related to scams or cyber bullying and will notify you about it instantly.
    • You can also block your kid’s activity and prevent them from sending or receiving pictures.
    • This tool will provide you with detailed reports about the messages sent and received by your kid’s device.
    • It automatically identifies inappropriate images and notifies you about possible sxual content or disturbing images.
    apps to monitor kids phone - mmguardian

    2. Safer kids text monitoring app


    • It can be used to monitor outgoing and incoming text messages remotely.
    • This tool also provides the parents, access to the web browsing history.
    • You can also block certain types of content and even websites that you don’t want your kids to visit.
    • You can use this application to set screen time so that your kids can only use the phone at provided time slots.
    • It can also disable applications so that they cannot be used until access is provided by you.
    apps to monitor kids phone - safer

    3. Screen time parental control


    • This tool allows the users to set screen time schedules so that their kids can only use their smartphones at given times slots.
    • It has a very simple and clean user interface that makes it easy to use for new users.
    • It allows the parents to share the parental controls among each other as required.
    • You can easily see SMS received and sent by the target device on a daily basis.
    • It will also show you the complete browsing history and will also allow you to block harmful and profane websites.
    apps to monitor kids phone - screen time

    4. Our pact parental control


    • You can use this application to restrict access to certain application until you provide permission to use it.
    • You can use it to monitor all the sent and received text messages.
    • It automatically sends you a notification when your kids leave home, school or any place that is present in the settings that you are using.
    • You can set time limits for phone usage to make sure that your kids are not getting deviated from studies.
    • It has a very simple user interface and can be easily used.
    apps to monitor kids phone - ourpact

    5. QuStodio


    • This tool is very easy to use due to the simple design language that has been opted for in making the user interface for this tool.
    • You can monitor the time your kids spend on each application so that counter measures can be taken.
    • It can monitor call history of your kids device so that you can ensure that there is no issue with it.
    • It can be used to monitor SMS that are sent and received through the target device.
    • It can easily block websites and applications according to your requirement.
    apps to monitor kids phone - qustodio

    Part 2. Top 5 Best Apps to Monitor Kids Phone

    1. Aispyer


    • This tool can monitor live location of the target device remotely.
    • You can access social media chats and monitor posts on the target device through this application.
    • This tool can remotely access sent and received text messages on the target device.
    • Aispyer can easily track calls of the target device and can also intercept live calls.
    • It has a key logger feature that lets you record all the text typed on the target device.
    apps to monitor kids phone - aispyer

    2. Secure teen parental control


    • Secure teen allows you to set up web filters that will automatically block profane or adult content while browsing the internet.
    • It can easily monitor social media activities remotely.
    • You can set usage schedule for various apps so that you kids can get more time away from their smartphones.
    • All the features present on the app are easy to use and require little to no technical expertise.
    • It can help you to monitor text messages as well as out bound and incoming calls on the target device.
    apps to monitor kids phone - secure

    3. FamiSafe


    • FamiSafe can help you to easily monitor web history and block websites that you don’t want to be accessed on the target device.
    • If the application detects any profanity or adult content or any text that might indicate cyber bullying, it will instantly send a notification about it on your device.
    • You can monitor calls on the target device by using this application.
    • It can also monitor incoming and outgoing text messages of the target device.
    • It can automatically generate reports about screen time of a particular target dveice.
    apps to monitor kids phone - famisafe

    4. Norton family parental control


    • It offers you full access to the screen time usage of the target device.
    • It can easily track live location of the target device.
    • It can be used to control internet usage among kids by scheduling their phone usage.
    • You will be able to lock the target device remotely whenever you want.
    • It can provide you instant notifications whenever your kid breaches any rule set by you in relation to smartphone usage.
    apps to monitor kids phone - norton

    5. ESET parental control


    • You can set timings for using each application for the target device and can even block certain applications.
    • You can easily monitor text messages sent and received by the target device.
    • It offers a lot of powerful web filters that can be used to filter out unwanted and profane content.
    • It allows you to track your kid’s location remotely.
    • It provides you with wearables support i.e. it can also be accessed through smarwatches.
    apps to monitor kids phone - eset

    Part 3. Tips You Should Know While Looking for the Best App to Monitor Child's Phone

    When it comes to choosing apps to monitor child's phone,there are a lot of options in the market to choose from. Different apps to monitor kids phone will have different features based on the prices and developers that are offering them. You can also go for tools that offer child phone monitoring free of cost but they will have a lot fewer features. The following are a few tips that may help you to choose the right tools.

    1. Consider the cost

    Although you can easily find application that offer child phone monitoring free,paid applications will offer better features. Make sure that the cost of the tool is affordable when you consider the features that it is providing. Make sure that you do proper research as some of the apps to monitor child's phone may offer better features than most of the expensive ones available in the market.

    2. Analyze your requirements

    Make sure that you understand what you require from apps to monitor kids phone. Make a list of your requirements and shortlist the applications that provide you those features. Suppose you want SMS, Call and social media monitoring, be sure to only shortlist the application that provide you with those features. Once the list is prepared, compare the applications on the basis of the features that they provide along with their cost to understand the best tool for your requirement.

    3. Safety of the data

    You can easily find great applications that will be under your budget while also having all the essential features that one might want, but even after that, the security of the data it receives from the target device is a major concern. Make sure that you read reviews of tech experts before you invest your money as they properly analyze every aspect of the application and come up with all the pros and cons. It is better to go for tools from reputed developers as that will ensure the security of data.


    Nowadays, there is a rise in the number of issue, risks and threats on the internet. Due to this, parents have started to monitor the smartphone usage of their kids in order to make sure that they are not getting involved in bad habits. There are a lot of tool on internet that can help in this scenarios, however the best out of them all is surely Aispyer. This tool offers tons of features for parental monitoring and can easily monitor text messages, Calls, social media and even multimedia gallery of your kid’s device. It also has some unique features like key logger, which give it an edge over other tools.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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