Best Apps to Control Kids Phone
  • Discrete and intuitive remote monitoring

  • Standard phone usage tracking capabilities

  • Advanced text messages and call log tracking functions

  • Efficient WhatsApp and social media (10+) monitoring tools

    Kids are difficult, hard to talk to, and naive. They were, and will always be like this. Today, with a smartphone and digital access, a simple and naive child has all the bad (and good) things at their fingertips. Also, not giving them the option isn’t a choice because you will be limiting them from the advanced world.
    So, what do you do? Simply, give them something that can imit them from the use of a smartphone and prevent them from exposure to harmful content on the internet. As a parent, you definitely do not want your kids to engage in any activity that'll later be a harm to them. in the future. Thus, allow them to compete, enjoy, but also limit the use of their phones and prevent them from the greater bad. In this post, you’ll find the best parental monitoring apps for both ios and android that allows you to do exactly that. So grab a pop-corn with a cup of cold juice and seat let's walk you through best ten apps to control kids' phone handily.

    Part 1. Top 5 best apps to control kids phone on Android device

    1 - Aispyer


    Aispyer is a full-featured, highly configurable, easy-to-manage tool that helps parents track their children's app, mobile, and web activity. Being the number one top leading tracker app, Aispyer boasts of a lot of advanced features that enhance the way parents monitor kids' phones on Android. Also, it's unobtrusive and doesn't compromise targets phone battery life making it invincible, efficient, and outstanding. Check out its key features below.

    Key features:

    • Advanced algorithmic web filter that blocks nasty and inappropriate content.
    • Strict monitoring options allow you to view every online activity.
    • Bound with all the requisite parental control-app tools like a real-time GPS tracker, phone locator, web history tracker, etc.
    • Keylogger tracker logs all keystrokes typed.
    • Stealth enables discrete monitoring.
    • Extensive monitoring system. 
    • Effortless installation and easy-navigatable interface. 
    • Advanced monitoring tools that help the parent to maintain a perfect balance between their kids online and offline life without hassles
    • Expensive, but given the individual features it’s no match for other parental monitoring apps. 

    2 - Find My Kids


    Find My Kids, well, was primarily made to track the geo-locations and movements of your child using GPS technology. Today, however, with multiple upgrades, Find My Kids is a capable monitoring app that incorporates essential parental control features.

    Key features:

    • Besides tracing their location in real-time, it also permits you to listen to their surrounding by enabling the ‘Listen-in’ option.
    • You can send a loud signal to notify them about something (even if their smartphone is in silent mode).
    • Get reports of apps they are using and know about app usage duration.
    • Allows you to check your child’s battery.
    • Track real-time locations and movements accurately
    • SOS panic button
    • Geo-fencing technology: alerts when they step out of the set safe-zone. 
    • Issues with device connection
    • The app is visible to your kids

    3 - Google Family Link


    Any commercial Android parental app has all, if not more, features than Google Family Link has to offer. Being free—Google Family Link—is worth a mention in the list of best parental control apps of 2020.

    Key features:

    • Allows you to schedule or limit their screen time, also enables you to remotely lock their device with the push of a button.
    • Manage their apps and view their app activity.
    • Has a list of ‘apps recommended by teachers’ to feed your child’s curiosity.
    • Free parental control app with basic features. 
    • Google just lets it out, on the app, saying—no filter is perfect—and performs accordingly. You can easily find sexual and abusive content, sites, and videos even if you enable the filter explicit-content option. 
    • If your child’s phone is not running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher—then Google Family Link doesn’t have anything to offer.

    4 - Kidslox


    Kidslox is another innovative and authoritative parental control app that helps parents to develop their young ones with a balanced attitude towards technology. See its key features below.

    Key features:

    • Lock apps categorically or individually.
    • Schedule time and set their screen exposure time.
    • Cross-platform support—go beyond phone and restrict their internet exposure on other devices too.
    • One of the cheapest parental control app. 
    • The interface is simple to use. 
    • Installation and set up is easy. 
    • No monitoring features—kids can access sites that aren’t blocked and you will not know. 
    • You cannot view their call history, texts, social media activity, photos, and videos. 

    5 - ESET parental control


    ESET parental control app is a solid solution for parents who want to protect their child from the unpleasantness of the digital world. It's easy to use and supports fairly useful features that'll enable parents to oversee their kids' activities quickly and efficiently.

    Key features:

    • Powerful web guard that even blocks inappropriate HTTPS sites.
    • Highly customizable Application guard that allows you to block or limit the usage of the app.
    • Daily report summarizing what kids are doing on the phone.
    • Track the child’s location in real-time. 
    • Cross-platform with unlimited devices license. 
    • Filters the web effectively.
    • Not for families with the mixed mobile-platform environment. 
    • No options for call and text blocking. 

    Part 2. Top 5 best apps to control kids phone on iOS devices

    1 - Qustodio


    Highly configurable, easy-to-manage parental control app for parents to track, limit, or restrict child activities. Moreover, this app has been one great way parents globally use to stay updated with their kid's actions on their iOS devices.

    Key features:

    • Web filter allows you to block undesirable sites by category belonging to drugs, gambling, pornography, etc.
    • Works on mainstream search engines like Chrome and Safari blocking inappropriate sites that have secure connections too.
    • Schedule screen usage and lock your child’s device remotely.
    • App-blocking settings to prevent or schedule app usage.
    • Besides usual parental control app traits, Qustodio also enables you to monitor your child’s Facebook and Youtube activity. 
    • Well-organized, modern, and simple interface.
    • Social media tracking is limited to Facebook. 
    • VPN can empower your children to break filters. 
    • Expensive.

    2 - Webwatcher


    WebWatcher parental monitoring app is a healthy option for parents who want to go beyond controlling their child’s phone usage and filtering browsers for a safe internet experience, like Qustodio parental control.

    Key features:

    • WebWatcher records almost every activity: browser queries, calls, texts, GPS location, photos.
    • Monitor social media activity: Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Viber, Snapchat, Tinder, etc.
    • Effective monitor your child’s online and social media activity 
    • Installation is simple; the dashboard and interface are easy to navigate
    • No time management or web filter options. 
    • $39.95 seems expensive. 

    3 - Bark


    Simple, elegant, relatively affordable parental control app with the primary focus to keep children safe from online mishappenings.

    Key features:

    • Web filters to prevent kids from viewing sensitive content.
    • Customizable sensitivity settings: relaxed, moderate, or strict to limit inappropriate behavior, and protect from risky apps and sites. Choose as per your child’s age.
    • Unparalleled web filters and social media monitoring. 
    • Unlimited devices. 
    • Easy to install, and simple to navigate. 
    • No location tracking or geofencing features
    • Quite expensive

    4 - Kidsguard Pro


    Excellent surveillance tool to monitor any and every online or offline activity of your child. It also supports over 30 social media platforms and has a wide variety of tracking options that'll give you access to things you need to know about your kids.

    Key features:

    • An invisible, and undetectable app to monitor children who disapprove of parental control apps.
    • Monitor GPS, call logs, texts, browser history, photos, etc.
    • Access over 30+ social media activity.
    • Simple Navigation and effortless installation process. 
    • Check files even after they have been deleted by the target. 
    • Only monitor, no control
    • Expensive.
    • No remote control features—you’ll have to recover the ios to see what your child does

    5 - Meet Circle


    Susceptible to tamper easily, Meet Circle is another strong parental control app with a few useful features. It supports web filtering, GPS location tracking, and lots more, but lacks some important features for parental monitoring.

    Key features:

    • Location tab to find your child’s location.
    • Web browsing limitations with robust teen/general filters.
    • Outstanding time management features.
    • Intuitive, flexible, highly customizable time management options. 
    • Unlimited devices and the setup is super easy.
    • Expensive—given sleek options. 
    • Essential features like geofencing, device lock is missing.

    Part 3. How to control kid’s phones in a hassle-free way?

    Next, let’s see how to control kid's phones in a hassle-free way with Aispyer.

    Step1Create an account on the Aispyer official website 

    Firstly, visit the Aispyer website using this link, and click on the menubar in the top right corner of the page. After that, select ’Signup free’ and create an account using your name, email address, and password.

    Step2Download the Aispyer application on the target device

    Subscribe to a plan that suits your requirements. Then using the QR code or download link sent to you email by the Aispyer team, install the Aispyer on your child’s phone. 

    Step3That’s it! Start monitoring your child activities on the Aispyer dashboard

    After logging in from your device, you can monitor every and all things your kid is doing on the phone. 


    The process of monitoring your kid's activities is now like plucking a low-hanging fruit! Whether you're looking to monitor their iOS device or Android phone, the apps listed above will give you the ultimate access to oversee every action that transpires on their device. Although all apps listed here have their benefits and functionality, we recommend Aispyer because it has more robust features, making it stand out from others. 

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