Best Apps for Blocking Social Media

  • Aispyer offers functions for all apps.

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  • Different kinds of social media blocking apps

    Have you or someone you know been spending too much time on social media? There’s a certain quality to social media platforms that are just so undeniablycompelling. It’s hard to part with them. Especially when they’re just right thereall the time. The notifications alone can drive you mad! Fortunately, there are now apps for both the iPhone and Android that will allow you to block social media! These app blockers come in so many different shapes and sizes that you’ll no doubt be able to find one that will work exactlyhow you want it to.

    Get to know at least 20 of the best social media blocking apps by reading what we’ve written below!

    Part 1. Easiest Way to Block Social Media on Android

    For our first introduction, we’re going to introduce a method of blocking social media on an Android device. For this, we’re going to use a mobile app called Aispyer. This is primarily meant for blocking out someone else’ssocial media activity. For example, parents who are concerned about their child or employers who don’t want their employees taking advantage of their company phones by using it for non-work purposes.

    • Aispyer offers functions for blocking the use of all apps.
    • It also offers a social media monitoring function.
    • Great for analyzing social media use.

    Step1Go to Aispyer Website

    Aispyer is an app that needs to be downloaded and installed on the Android device that you want to restrict social media activity. Go to the Aispyer website and sign up for a monitoring account to proceed!

    block social media on android - how to step 1

    Step2Download and Install Aispyer

    Once you’re all set up on Aispyer, download and install Aispyer on your chosen Android device. There’s a video tutorial of this process available on YouTube! Just link the URL below to view it!


    block social media on android - how to step 2

    Step3Begin Monitoring

    Once the app has properly been installed on your target Android mobile device, you can begin monitoring! Do this by signing up for Aispyer on your own device.

    block social media on android - how to step 3

    Step4Select App List

    Once you’re on Aispyer, you’ll notice that there is a menu on the left side of the interface. On there, locate and select the App Listoption!

    block social media on android - how to step 4

    Step5The App List Page

    The app list page is where you can find all the different apps installed on the device (as well as when the app was installed, and a toggle switch called ‘Status.) For blocking an app with Aispyer, simply toggle off the Statusswitch of your chosen app!

    Of course, this can be done for social media apps as well (which will shut it off and prevent the owner of the device of using said app.)

    block social media on android - how to step 5

    Part 2.Another 9 Helpful Apps to Block Social Media on Android

    Aispyer is just one of the many examples of an app for blocking social media on Android. As we said in the beginning, there are dozens of them out there — and not all of them will necessary work the same way. If you’re interested in the different types available, and whether one may suit you more than the other, have a look at the rest of the 9 Android social media blocking apps on this list!

    1. Offtime


    First up, we have Offtime. This is more of a self-analysis and self-restricting app. So, unlike Aispyer, this is mainly for youruse. Although, if you’re feeling extra creative, it can also be set up so that you can create timed restrictions that will shut down certain apps for your child’s device. Both these things, and more, are possible because of the following functions…

    • App usage tracking for analyzing app usage.
    • Time Restrictions can be shared with others.
    • It provides detailed daily reports on phone usage.
    block social media on android - offtime

    2. AppBlock


    AppBlock is our second pick. And, yet again, it’s actually completely different from the two other apps we’ve introduced thus far. One can say it’s similar to Offtime, at least in that it’s an app designed for self-restriction, but there are key differences that set it apart. Like, for example…

    • Customizable time restriction profiles.
    • Time and Day of the Week restrictions.
    • Specific app block rather than app filter.
    block social media on android - appblock

    3. App Off Timer


    This next social media blocker, App Off Time, is probably best described as a mix between apps 1 and 2 on this list. Much like Off Time, this was designed for enforcing periods of app shutdowns that restrict your app access (as well as other people, should you choose a group-wide app block.)

    • Strict and un-avoidable time restrictions.
    • Highly customizable app blocker.
    • A parental pin can be set up if you intend to use it for your child’s device.
    block social media on android - app off timer

    4. Stay Focused


    Stay Focused, as you can probably guess from the name, is an app that’s meant to encourage no distractions. This is very helpful for students or anyone who is facing a hard deadline. It will shut off app access based on either a time period (set up by you) or app usage. For example, if you choose to only allow a social app to be opened 2 times a day, then that’s all that’s allowed.

    • It offers highly customizable time restrictions.
    • It provides user-based restrictions as well.
    • Self-Analysis reports with a detailed app usage history.
    block social media on android - stay focused

    5. Flipd


    Flipd adds some interest by encouraging you to improve your social media usage a bit of time. You can use this along with your friends — in a manner that is similar to a social app. At least, in that, you are able to see how your friends are progressing. Which could potentially, perhaps, persuade you to improve at a faster rate.

    • A casual setting for less-strict lockdowns.
    • Hard Locks for strict and unavoidable time restrictions.
    • Self-Analysis reports for monitoring your improvement.
    block social media on android - flipd

    6. YourHour


    Your Hour is another unique take at app ‘blocking.’ See, rather than enforcing any time or usage restrictions, it comes with a set timer that will appear at the top of any app that you use. This is so that you can see for yourself how much time you’ve spent on a certain app.

    • App usage timer for all apps.
    • Encourages self-analysis and self-restriction.
    • More casually restrictive.
    block social media on android - yourhour

    7. Moment


    Moment is not just limited to app usage. It’s very much focused on helping you decrease your phone usage, in general. This might help you more if you’re interested in bringing down the amount of time you use your phone to do anything.

    • Provides parental control functionalities.
    • App and phone usage monitoring.
    • Customizable family-wide off-screen periods for special events or family time.
    block social media on android - moment

    8. Space


    Space was previously called Breakthrough. Primarily because it’s meant to encourage you to breakyour habits. Whether it be your overdependence on social apps or just phone usage in general. It’s incredibly popular and quite versatile.

    • Customizable phone usage restrictions.
    • Great for self-analysis and encouraging self-improvement.
    • Monitors and tracks all phone and app usage.
    block social media on android - space



    With, we have an app that kind of breaks the mold. It’s not necessarily an app blocker. It has functions that will allow you to go ‘offline,’ but its main function is to provide music that’s meant to help you focus and encourage less app use.

    • Creative and unique sound therapy for encouraging less app use.
    • Functions that will turn off internet access.
    • Very casual app blocking features.
    block social media on android -

    Part 3. How to Block Social Media on iPhone

    Now that we’ve had a good long look at all the different kinds of social media blocking apps you can expect for Android, let’s have a look at some iPhone alternatives. Starting with a demonstration of our top pick for iPhone, which is FamiSafe! FamiSafe, much like with Aispyer, was designed primarily for tracking and blocking app usage for others. It’s blocking functions are also a bit different, which is what we will be demonstrating below.

    Step1Go to FamiSafe Website

    Much like with Aispyer, you start by going to the FamiSafe website and setting yourself up with an account (and perhaps a subscription package, as this is a PAID app.)

    block social media on iphone - how to step 1

    Step2Install FamiSafe and Begin Monitoring

    You’ll have to install FamiSafe on your target iOS device (there are guides on the website that will help you do this.) Once the app is installed, however, you can begin your tracking and restricting from another device. Just log in to FamiSafe with the account you created!

    block social media on iphone - how to step 2

    Step3The FamiSafe Dashboard

    Once logged in, you’ll be face to face with FamiSafe’s monitoring dashboard. Feel free to explore its other functions before proceeding.

    block social media on iphone - how to step 3

    Step4FamiSafe’s App Blocker

    Of course, in order to block social media on iPhone with FamiSafe, you will need to locate and select its App Blockerfunction!

    block social media on iphone - how to step 4

    Step5Set Up a Custom App Blocking Profile

    There are different ways you can go about blocking with FamiSafe. You can either set up age-based app blocks (for filtering large amounts of age-inappropriate apps) or you can use the Schedulefunction to set up specific time restrictions for special apps.

    The Schedule function is probably the one that you want to go with if your only intention is to block social media access!

    block social media on iphone - how to step 5

    Part 4. Another 9 Helpful Apps to Block Social Media on iPhone

    To supplement our introduction of FamiSafe as an iOS-friendly app to block social media, we’ve also drawn up a list of 9 other iPhone apps. Again, these won’t necessarily be all that similar to each other. But they will be, in some way shape or form, designed to help or encourage someone to restrict or completely block social media usage.

    1. Freedom


    Freedom is the first iPhone app on this list. It’s a lot like Offtime or even Moment. At least, in that’s it meant to help you analyze your own social media use so that you can set up appropriate restrictions that will decrease the amount of time you spend on certain apps.

    • Great for self-analyzing and self-encouragement purposes.
    • Blocks both apps and websites.
    • Highly customizable blocklists.
    block social media app on iphone - freedom

    2. OurPact


    OurPact is definitely more of a parental or group app. This is the app to use if you want everyone to unplug during family dinners, events, work projects, etc. It’ll allow you to enforce group-wide social media blocks that should keep away any potential distractions and encourage better conversations and workflow.

    • Blocks social media apps, text messages, internet access, etc.
    • Highly customizable group-wide apps.
    • It provides several advanced monitoring functions.
    block social media app on iphone - ourpact

    3. Net Nanny


    Net Nanny is not necessarily a social media app. Suffice to say, it’s a lot more. Similar to Aispyer or even FamiSafe, it’s very useful for families who want to set up controls that will allow them to discipline their child and encourage them to focus on what matters.

    • Great for setting up parental filters and restrictions.
    • Blocks texts, calls, and internet access.
    • It provides standard phone activity functions.
    block social media on iphone - net nanny

    4. Qustodio


    Qustodio is another app that is very close to both Aispyer and FamiSafe. It’s quite effective at enforcing parental controls. Be it through app blocking, website blocking, or strict timed restrictions.

    • Provides casual app blocking functions.
    • Great for blocking internet access.
    • Timed restrictions are highly customizable.
    block Social Media on iPhone - Qustodio

    5. Kaspersky Safe Kids


    Kaspersky is actually quite similar to Qustodio. The only main differences are really only the price. It’s quite affordable for such a big parental control software (which is definitely rare.) Otherwise, you can expect the same standard functions.

    • FREE version available.
    • Monitors web activity.
    • Basic app management functions.
    block social media on iphone - kaspersky safe kids

    6. Screen Time


    Screen Time is a little closer to the self-restricting apps that we’ve already introduced. Again, just like the others, this was designed to encourage less time on social media. In this case, by setting up a ‘goals’ system for accomplishing manageable social media activity reductions.

    • Great for enforcing less app use.
    • Extra functions are available for geofencing.
    • Activates filters for inappropriate content.
    block social media on iphone - screen time

    7. MMGuardian


    MMGuardian is slightly older than some of the other apps out there, but it does still function quite adequately as parental control app for iOS (if a bit clunkier than some of the other apps we’ve introduced thus far.)

    • Simple and very old-school interface.
    • Highly advanced web filtering functions.
    • Basic app management.
    block social media on iphone - mmguardian

    8. Web Watcher


    From the name alone, you can expect Web Watcher to be better designed for monitoring purposes. In this case, that includes phone usage, internet usage, and app usage. Outside of that, it does also offer a couple of basic parental control options (in the form of app management and timed restrictions),that makes it appropriate for this list.

    • Very simple but still effective app management.
    • Highly advanced monitoring functions
    • Older but intuitive interface.
    block social media on iphone - web watcher

    9. KidsLox


    KidsLox is the last app on our list. If only because it’s not very well known at this time. Nevertheless, it offers a set of parental controls for restriction screen time. So, it’s inclusion here is just as appropriate as all the other apps.

    • Focuses on encourage less phone usage.
    • Very basic monitoring interface.
    • Rather slow processing speed.
    block social media on iphone - kidslox

    Conclusion:Best Apps for Blocking Social Media on iPhone and Android Devices

    That’s it for all the best apps for blocking social media on iPhone and Android! Make sure to at least check out a couple of these apps on your own — if only to get a feel for their features and to see whether the interface agrees with you. As to our recommendations, we suggest looking at Aispyer for Android and, of course, FamiSafe for iPhone!

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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