Best Free Parental Control App for Android
  • All-in-One parental control features that give parents the ultimate access to monitor kid's WhatsApp activities, detect GPS location, and oversee web browsing history.

  • Lightweight parental control app that helps the parent to maintain a perfect balance between their kid's online and offline activities.

  • Supports geofencing, making it easy to detect when your kids leave a spot.

  • It's hidden so that you can monitor you kids without them knowing.

    Being a blessing and a curse, technology continues to fascinate lots of people with what it has got for everyone! Gone are those days where parents need to encounter stress before they can know their kid's current situation or even know what their kids are up to with their mobile devices. All thanks to this so-called technology, the innovation of different advanced parental monitoring apps has been a great blessing in parenthood. Today, we'll introduce you to some parental control apps that can help you get in touch with your kids whenever they are away from you. Although there are tons of them available online, we've selected the top 10 parental control apps that will enable execute every parental monitoring operation effortlessly.

    Part 1. Top Free parental control apps for android you should know 

    These are the best parental control apps of 2021. Choose one that suits your needs best.

    1 - SecureTeen


    SecureTeen, as it advertises itself, is a one-in-all solution to protect your kids from digital dangers. And, with essential traits like advanced web filtering, screen time management, and constant monitoring options, SecureTeen, in a way, is the best free parental control app.

    Key features

    • Blocker to limit, control, or remove harmful and inappropriate apps, websites, or content on Youtube.
    • Options to monitor all texts and calls, and details of all contacts stored on your child’s phone.
    • Track real-time location, get notified when they cross set ‘safe-zone’.
    • Limit screen time.
    • Remote access.
    • Monitor Facebook activities: messages, friends, posts, etc.
    • Installation is simple, the interface is easy-to-use
    • You can operate on Stealth-mode, your child will never-know
    • Track up to three devices at the same time
    • Reasonable price: $69.99/year
    • You cannot view audio or video files on your child’s phone
    • Can slow your child’s device

    2 - Safe Browser


    Safe Browser Parental Control app is perfect for the parents who want to give their child some privacy but also do not want them to ogle at all the cheesy and explicit content online.

    Key features

    • Filter adult, obtrusive, and dangerous websites.
    • Mark custom sites as whitelist/blacklist and secure it with a PIN.
    • Set your own web filtering rules.
    • Remotely manage, monitor, and schedule.
    • Simple interface and easy to install and configure
    • Major parental monitoring apps violate the child’s privacy, whereas Safe Browser allows you to keep your child safe without invading their privacy.
    • No control over harmful and inappropriate apps. 

    3 - Mama Bear


    MamaBear is a refreshing app in the hoards of parental control software out there. Doing little, it’s one of the best free parental control apps if you don’t feel the need to monitor every activity of your child.

    Key features

    • ‘Come Get Me’ or ‘In Emergency’ are appreciable.
    • Geo tracking to show your child’s current locations.
    • Customizable Speed-limit options, know when your child or driver exceeds.
    • Social media monitoring features are excellent—allows you to customize, and doesn’t limit to only Facebook like SecureTeen. 
    • Affordable. 
    • Continuous GPS surveillance drains the battery too much.

    4 - Highster Mobile


    Highster is originally designed to monitor spouses, however, it can be classified as one of the best parental monitoring apps too, as it supports features that enhance parental operation.

    Key features

    • Read all the sent/received messages on your child’s phone.
    • Allows you to view Kids’ photos/videos.
    • View calls, their timestamps, and duration.
    • GPS location tracking shows your ward’s location in real-time.
    • Stealth Camera: allows you to take pictures from your target’s phone without notifying them.
    • Remote Control Panel allows you to modify general settings, call or text setting, internet setting at any time remotely. 
    • Works even if your child changes his/her number. 
    • Easy to install and interface is simple to use
    • Expensive cost of purchase.

    5 - FlexiSpy


    Flexispy is one of the advanced parental monitoring apps with both basic and high-level features. From its GPS tracker to the text and call monitoring tools, FlexiSpy boasts of lots of monitoring tools that will make parental monitoring just like a walk in the park.

    Key features

    • Monitor all the texts and calls, as well as listen to communicated audio.
    • Real-time GPS tracker.
    • Keylogger captures every keystroke entered.
    • Keyword notifier informs when the chosen keyword gets sent/received.
    • Take pictures/screenshots remotely.
    • Live call interception feature is limited to only a few parental control apps and FlexiSPY is one of them. 
    • 24/7 customer support. 
    • One of the costliest parental monitoring app: $68/month or $199/3 months. 
    • No blocking capability—website or application. 

    6 - MeetCircle


    With its free version, MeetCircle allows you to filter content, view history, and show app usage. The sophisticated features like scheduling usage, block or limit internet, GPS tracking, comes with the premium version. 

    Key features

    • Set a bedtime, reward extra web time for good behavior.
    • Detailed reports of web history, app usage, websites visited.
    • Customize setting to filter content by age.
    • Allows you to set ‘off-time’ to pause their continuous gawking on the screen.
    • Easy setup. 
    • Supports unlimited devices. 
    • Intuitive design and the interface is simple to use. 
    • Expensive: $129/year—given the limited features. 
    • Lack of essential features like Geofencing and pausing the device. 

    7 - GeoLocator


    Geolocator Parental Control app, well, focuses more on tracking your child’s movement than usual parental monitoring options.

    Key features

    • Accurate real-time tracking.
    • Specify minimum safety zone.
    • Low battery consumption.
    • Allows you to turn-off silent mode if your child’s phone is on silent mode.
    • The Baby Monitor feature allows you to listen to what is happening around your child. 
    • You can turn your phone into a walkie-talkie, of course, with a data connection. 
    • Lacks too many important parental control features.

    8 - Netsanity


    Netsanity is highly customizable giving a lot of options to parents, making it be regarded as one of the top parental control apps. However, the app is easy to use and supports a free version.

    Key features

    • Allows you to schedule screen time, web time, game time, etc.
    • Block text and calls.
    • Locate your ward in real-time.
    • Filter inappropriate content, whitelist/blacklist websites.
    • Highly customizable and flexible 
    • The restriction levels extend to almost everything on the phone. 
    • Up to 25 devices with one subscription. 
    • The free version has limited features

    9 - XNSPY


    XnSpy parental control app allows you to monitor your child without interfering and keeping its presence undetectable.

    Key features

    • View call logs exchanged texts and watchlist contacts.
    • Access over almost every communicable media.
    • Real-time GPS locator.
    • Exclusive actuarial report keeps you informed about everything your child does.
    • Control the device remotely and get access to almost everything
    • ‘Alerts for chosen activity’  gives you time to focus on your task and not disturb you with everything they are doing
    • Innovative features and simple-to-use interface
    • The cost of purchase is expensive.

    Part 2. Best parental control app for Android of 2021

    AiSpyer is one most comprehensive parental control app that not only allows you to monitor your child activity without interfering or informing them but also it gives you to option of limiting and restricting your child phone usage. While most apps focus on monitoring and others attend to restricting needs — AiSpyer centers on both and provides you with really a one-in-all solution.

    Key features of Aispyer

    • Track everything and anything on your child’s phone: mobile number, Location, Social Media, Messengers.
    • Keylogger to view every word typed.
    • View photos or videos on your child’s phone.
    • Effective app blocking functions for setting up content controls.
    • Smart and intuitive design, the interface is simple-to-use.

    The fastest way to uncover your kid's activities on an Android phone 

    Step1Signup and register for an account on Aispyer

    Create an account by clicking the "Sign Up Free" button on the official website of Aispyer and input an email address with a password. Then find the best plan and pay via Credit/Debit or PayPal to subscribe to Aispyer.

    Step2 Download and install Aispyer to targets Android phone

    Download the Aispyer app using the QR code or download link sent to your email address. Afterward, install the app on your child’s phone. 

    Step3Monitor your child activities via the Aispyer dashboard

    Login on with your account from your device, you can monitor every and all things your kid is doing on the phone on Aispyer Dashboard.


    The best parental control app, at a minimum, should offer basic features like GPS tracker, app blocker, screen-time scheduler; however, the need for it changes from parents to parents. If you feel that you shouldn’t invade your child’s privacy, but still want to keep track of location: you should go with GeoLocator parental control app. If you feel the time has come to invade privacy: you should subscribe to the XNSPY parental control app. If you need a comprehensive option that gives you the flexibility to choose, whether to monitor or control, AiSpyer is the best option.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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