Phone Usage Trackers

  • standard phone usage tracking capabilities

  • advanced web monitoring and filtering functions

  • discrete and intuitive remote monitoring

    Are you wondering how your kids or employees are making use of the new phones you’ve provided for them? There’s plenty of reason to want to monitor one’s phone usage, and fortunately, there are phone usage trackers that exist for both Android and iOS! Allowing you to spy on your chosen target as discretely or as openly as you like.

    Continue reading to learn more about the best phone usage trackers for Android and iOS!

    Part 1.Top 5 Apps to Track Phone Usage on Android

    Androids are generally a good choice for employee phones (since they are generally cheaper.) They also allow more freedom, for both parents and employers, when it comes to tracking phone usage with tracking apps. Each of the ones will be listing below will be a little different. However, most will be able to track SMS, calls, browsing history, and the GPS location of one or more devices. Some apps may also provide social app tracking or administrative control settings that will allow you to block websites, apps, etc.

    1. Aispyer


    Aispyer is our #1 most recommended phone usage tracker for Androids. It’s relatively new in the scene, but no other tracker is able to beat its versatility and functionality in 2020. Of course, just like we described, this can be used for monitoring a lot of the standard phone usage markers (text messages, calls, browsing history, GPS location.) But it also offers some of the more advanced tracking functions (social media tracking) as well.)

    • Powerful phone usage tracker for Android.
    • Advanced social app activity monitoring tool.
    • Extra parental controls (i.e. capable of blocking apps.)
    phone usage tracker - aispyer

    2. Family Time


    Family Time was set up more like a parental control app. However, it does adhere to a lot of the same standards that are important for phone data usage trackers. That is, you can set up to monitor how your child or employee ends up using their Android phone. Like, how often they receive or send texts, calls, etc. What they browse for online, what locations they visit, etc. Whilst also providing incredibly advanced parental controls.

    • Standard phone usage tracking functions.
    • Advanced parental control features.
    • Sleek and user-friendly interface.
    phone usage tracker - family time

    3. FamiSafe


    FamiSafe, much like Family Time, is advertised as a parental control app. However, it can be used by just about anyone that’s interested in monitoring the text messages, calls, browsing history, etc. of a specific individual.

    • Daily app usage tracker.
    • SMS, calls, browsing history, etc. monitoring.
    • Capable of activating select parental control settings.
    phone usage tracker - famisafe

    4. FamiGuard


    Again, we have another parental control app with FamiGuard. So, it doubles as both a phone usage monitoring tool, as well as a phone usage control tool. In general, there’s not much about it that’s different from either FamiSafe or Family Time — but it should be noted that it is strictly Android-based. So, if you were hoping to track several devices, it would only work for other Android phones.

    • Android-only monitoring tool.
    • Doubles as a parental control tool.
    • Very sleek and user-friendly.
    phone usage tracker - famiguard

    5. Moment


    Moment is structured just the slightestbit different from the other phone usage monitoring tools on this list, but it can be just as effective. The differences lie in its simplicity, which some may find more or less preferable. Depending on what kind of monitoring you would like to perform.

    • Basic Android monitoring features.
    • Simple and clean design.
    • Doubles as a self-analysis tool.
    phone usage tracker - moment

    Part 2. Top Phone Usage Trackers for iPhone

    Next up is our list of iPhone-based phone usage trackers. This list isn’t going to be all that different from the previous one. We’re still primarily going to be focusing on monitoring apps that will allow you to do the standard phone usage tracking (plus a little bit extra.) It’s just, this time, we’re focusing on iOS-ready apps.

    1. Qustodio


    Qustodio is our first iPhone pick! It’s very versatile; available not just for iOS devices but also for Mac, Windows, Kindle, and Android. Now, much like with Moment (our last Android-choice),Qustodio is a little simpler than the other apps that we’re going to be introducing on this list. However, in this case, the simplicity works in creating an intuitive and efficient environment for performing your tracking on your target’s iPhone or iPad.

    • Simple and intuitive interface.
    • Incredibly versatile, which mixed OS support.
    • Advanced and powerful phone monitoring features.
    phone usage tracker - qustodio

    2. OurPact


    OurPact is also a lot simpler than other apps — in both the control and monitoring aspects. However, just like with Qustodio, the simplicity of the app really helps when it comes to making the app as easy-to-use as possible.

    • Simple but efficient monitoring functions.
    • Dozens of unique parental control features.
    • Works as an effective website or app blocker.
    phone usage tracker - ourpact

    3. NetNanny


    NetNanny, as the name may imply, was designed mainly for keeping tracking of one’s online activity. But it’s so much more advanced than that. It will, in proper application, allow you to monitor almost every aspect of your child’s activity on their mobile device. Be it their text messages, their saved contacts, etc.

    • Advanced web monitoring and filtering functions.
    • Standard phone usage tracking capabilities.
    • Incredibly versatile parental control tools.
    phone usage tracker - netnanny

    4. Spyzie


    Spyzie is actually not all that different from Aispyer. It provides a lot of the same monitoring and tracking functions; just structured a little differently. In that sense, it’s a very solid alternative for those who are iOS users (as Aispyer is Android-only.)

    • Efficient phone usage tracking features.
    • Capable of geofencing, web tracking, and more.
    • Limited but useful parental controls.
    phone usage tracker - spyzie

    5. Flipd


    Flipd is officially the last tool in our lists of phone usage trackers for Android and iOS devices. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a badchoice. In fact, you may find yourself enjoying the very simple, but nonetheless efficient, basic features offered by Flipd. Especially if you’re not the type to be overly heavy-handed with your monitoring.

    • Simple and limited monitoring functions.
    • Focuses primarily on managing apps or phone usage.
    • Basic clean interface.
    phone usage tracker - flipd

    Part 3. How to Use Aispyer to Track App and Phone Usage

    If you’ve been wondering all this time as to how one of these phone trackers may work. Then you’ll want to look through the demonstration we’ve included below. In it, we’ve broken down how you can use Aispyer (our #1 all-around pick for top phone usage tracker apps),to do all the things it promises to do. Which includes the following…

    • Discrete and intuitive remote monitoring.
    • Complete records of messaging threads.
    • History of calls received and sent.
    • Full saved contacts list.
    • Geofencing, web browsing history tracking, and more.

    Step1Sign Up for Aispyer

    First, sign up for Aispyer! You will need this account later to sign in to the monitoring dashboard.

    use phone usage tracker - how to step 1

    Step2Pick a Plan

    Aispyer offers several subscription plans that you can pick and choose from. Select whatever works best for you.

    use phone usage tracker - how to step 2

    Step3Install Aispyer

    With your newly purchased service plan, you can now install and set up your child or employee's Android phone. For an in-depth tutorial on how this works, click the URL provided.


    use phone usage tracker - how to step 3

    Step4Sign in to Aispyer’s Dashboard

    Once the setup has been completed, it’s time for you to sign in to Aispyer on your chosen device! Doing this will move you to the Aispyer monitoring dashboard.

    • Dashboard:On this page, you can see device information, the device’s last known location, and the device’s most recent activities.
    use phone usage tracker - how to step 4

    Step5Start Tracking - Call

    To begin tracking phone usage with Aispyer, click the relevant menu tab from the left-sidebar. For example, Select the Calltab option to view all calls made and received. This page will also provide contact information, call duration, and time/date the call occurred.

    use phone usage tracker - how to step 5

    Step6Track Contact Information

    You may also be interested in tracking your target’s saved contacts. In which case, simply click the Contacttab option and you’ll be able to see their complete address book!

    use phone usage tracker - how to step 6

    Step7Track Message

    As our final example of trackable phone usage functions (although Aispyer certainly has more),clicking the Messagetab option will open up all the message logs saved on your target’s Android device.

    use phone usage tracker - how to step 7

    Conclusion:Best Phone Usage Trackers for Android and iOS

    Phone Usage trackers, as we demonstrated with Aispyer, can be incrediblyhelpful. This is especially true for new parents who want to be more careful about how they are handling their children. Or, even, employers that are concerned about the proper usage of company phones. In either case, being able to check up on the activity of your child/employee, will double as a comfort and as a way of enforcing discipline.

    Parental Control


    Aispyer IS DESIGNED FOR LEGAL USE ONLY. It is a smartphone and tablet monitoring software that shall be used only with the aim of parental control of their children, by employers to monitor the devices which belong to them and on which the employee’s work, on a device which is of your ownership, and by you with a consent of a device owner.

    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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