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  • provide complete web browsing history

  • monitor social media, web browsing, phone usage, etc

  • complete access to sent and received emails

    Are there any websites that you absolutely do notwant your kids or employees to use on the device they’ve been provided? Well, then you’re going to enjoy this list of at least 20 website blockers that you can use in order to make sure that they’re only visiting the website they’ve been allowed to have access to! It’s a good way of ensuring that they’re focusing on only the right things without your supervision (be it schoolwork or actual work for whatever business or company you run.)

    Part 1.Top 10 Website Blocker Software in the Market

    To start with, let’s look at 10 website blocking software that you can download and install on whatever device you’re looking to set up restrictions for! Some of these will be more focused on the parental control side, whilst others are designed more for employee control. However, in either case, you’ll be getting a software that is capable of blocking multiple URLs to encourage focus and a great worth ethic.

    1 Net Nanny


    First on the list of the best website blockers is Net Nanny. Net Nanny is one of the most popular website blockers out there. Partly, because it will work with just about anyone. For example, Net Nanny can be downloaded and installed on Windows and Mac computers as well as both iOS and Android and iOS devices. It also works doubly as a discrete monitoring tool as well as a tool for activating certain administrative controls.

    • Expert website blocker software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.
    • Advanced monitoring or tracking for social media, web browsing, phone usage, etc.
    • Several plans are available for different needs and budgets.
    website blocker software - net nanny

    2 Barracuda


    Barracuda is a more professionalweb blocker — quite obvious from its interface. It’s better used by employers looking to restrict the movements of their employees on company-provided devices. Of course, despite its designated use, you can still use this if you’re a parent looking to block out inappropriate URLs that you feel may become a bad influence on your children.

    • Effective website blocker for employers and parents.
    • Social media monitoring for keeping track of online activity.
    • Complete access to sent and received emails.
    website blocker software - barracuda

    3 FamiSafe


    FamiSafe, as you can probably guess from the name, was designed for families. It’s great for things like geofencing (tracking your family based on the GPS location of their device) or even social media monitoring. But, of course, as a website blocker, it can also be used for blocking certain URLs — or, even, restricting the amount of time your child is allowed to spend on the internet at a time.

    • Website blocking function for restricting access to certain URLs.
    • Timed online usage for limiting web access.
    • Geofencing, social media tracking, web filtering, and other helpful features provided.
    website blocker software - famisafe

    4 Freedom


    Freedom comes as both a website blocker software and a website blocker extension. Its software can be downloaded on both Windows and Mac computers but is not Android-friendly. You can use it in one of two ways. You can either block access to certain websites oryou can create a whitelist of all the URLs you want your child or employee to have access to.

    • Website blocker software for Mac and Windows computers, plus iOS-devices.

    Rather than just blocking the website, you can create a list of all the websites that you want your kid or employee to have access to (they won’t be able to access anything else.)

    website blocker software - freedom

    5 Qustodio


    Qustodio is another web blocker software that you might want to try out if you’re looking for a flexible software — as in, Qustodio works for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. It doesn’t have the most advanced functions, like the rest of the tools we’ve introduced. However, it has a more than adequate website blocker that you’ll appreciate if you’re looking for something quick and easy to use.

    • Simple and straightforward website blocker software.
    • Capable of blocking the download or installation of apps as well.
    • Default filters available for quick controls.
    website blocker software - qustodio

    6 Mobicip


    Mobicip is another website blocker that is compatible with a variety of different devices — be it Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, or Android. It’s primarily designed for monitoring web activity, but, of course, it has web filters that can be used in order to block access to websites known to host inappropriate content that may be dangerous to young and impressionable children.

    • Website filtering functions for blocking certain URLs.
    • Parental controls for restricting internet access.
    • Provides a complete and detailed report on browsing history.
    website blocker software - mobicip

    7 InterGuard


    InterGuard, much like Freedom, works one of two ways. You can either actively block out certain websites oryou can create a small list of websites that are allowed (a whitelist that restricts access to any other website.) The interface for InterGuard is very clean and minimalistic, which makes it perfect for beginners who may not have much of an experience with complex software such as this.

    • A manual website blocker is available.
    • Automatic blocker via the creation of a limited whitelist (allowed websites.)
    • Monitoring functions provided for easy tracking.
    website blocker software - interguard

    8 Truevine


    TrueVine is definitely more of a parental-based website blocker. It focuses a lot on the aspect of blocking pornography (which is a big issue that occurs in children or young teens.) They offer website blocking filters that simplify the blocking process by providing a list of all the websites that are known for inappropriate content.

    • Website blocker for restricting access online.
    • Pornography web filters for limiting access to age-inappropriate content.
    • Very simple and straightforward.
    website blocker software - truevine

    9 Cold Turkey


    Cold Turkey is made more for self-restricting purposes. For example, if you find yourself having issues with focusing on what you need to be doing — be it studying for school or working on a business project, then this provides control functions that will allow you to ‘Go Cold Turkey.’ In this case, that means setting up a timer (that cannot be overruled),that will automatically set up web blocklists.

    • Automatic shut off function for blocking certain websites.
    • Great for imposing limits on yourself.
    • Available for both Windows and Mac OS.
    website blocker software - cold turkey

    10 SelfControl


    Again, this SelfControl is an app that was officiallydesigned for imposing limits for yourself. In this case, it’s only available for Mac OS. It imposes permanent blocks on websites on allthe applications on your computer (not just one browser.) It’s a really good tool for encouraging you to focus on certain things — and not on whatever website or app has caught your interest in the past couple of days.

    • Great for setting self-imposed restrictions.
    • Very intuitive set-up and straightforward functions.
    • Blocks web access on all apps, not just one browser or tool.
    website blocker software - selfcontrol

    Part 2. Top 10 Website Blocker Browser Extensions

    Finally, now that we’ve introduced some of the best website blocking software in the market. Let’s have a look at some website blockers for your browser! These browser extensions will vary a bit (especially when it comes to supported browser),but each one is more than capable of setting up parental control blocks that you can use if you want to restrict the websites you want your children to have access to!

    1 Block Site


    First up on this list of websites blocking browser extension is Block Site! This is one of the most popular websites blocking browsing extensions for chrome. It’s simple, but also very effective. You can even get it for Firefox or for an Android device. As a sort of novelty function, using Block Site will allow you to set up ‘redirect’ sites as well. So, if you decide to block out a site like YouTube, you can set it up so that anyone who tries to visit YouTube is automatically redirected to another website (of your choosing.)

    • A simple and easy-to-use browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.
    • Available for Android devices as well (no iOS support.)
    • Other extra novelty functions for you to peruse.
    website blocker extensions - block site

    2 Focus


    Focus is a Mac OS tool that was made in order to encourage focus. It does this by allowing you to block out certain websites and applications. And, upon any attempt of visiting said blocked URLs, the user will be faced with cheery inspirational quotes that are sure to allow them to ‘focus’ on what matters. It’s a great tool for self-imposed restrictions, especially for students that are wary of an ever-approaching deadline.

    • Available only for Mac-OS computers.
    • Creates a centralized block list of all blocked URLs.
    • Throws up inspirational quotes for encouraging the user to get back to work (quotes used can be defaults or custom-made.)
    website blocker extensions - focus

    3 StayFocusd


    StayFocusd, much like the previous tool, is a browser extension design for encouraging a strong work ethic for employees and children alike. It’s highly reliable and fairly simple to use — which is really what you can expect from simple browser extensions such as this. With this tool, you can block complete access from the internet, create a whitelist of acceptable websites or a blacklist of select websites to restrict access to.

    • Blacklist creator for restricting access to certain websites.
    • Capable of cutting access to the web entirely.
    • Or, creating a whitelist of approved websites.
    website blocker extensions - stayfocusd

    4 Site Blocker


    Don’t get confused between this and Block Site. Like Block Site, Site Blocker was created in order to block certain websites that you feel may be inappropriate for your child or employee. It also offers simple redirect functions that could be pretty fun to play with if you want to set up reminders to stay on task when certain users try to visit blocked websites.

    • Web filters and web blockers available for use.
    • Fun web redirects for encouraging better focus.
    • Available for Chrome Browsers only.
    website blocker extensions - site blocker

    5 Distract Me Not


    A lot of browser extensions tend to be designed for Chrome, and only Chrome, but our next website blocker browser extension is not! It’s called Distract Me Not, and it’s a Firefox browser extension that rivals the capabilities of all the other extensions we’ve introduced thus far. Of course, as you can probably guess from the name, this was designed more for imposing self-limitations. But it can be pretty useful as well for parents who want to encourage their children to pay attention to their schoolwork rather than whatever catches their fancy on the web.

    • A great website blocker browser extension for Mozilla Firefox.
    • Used primarily for creating self-imposed limitations.
    • Very quick and easy to install the add-on.
    website blocker extensions - distract me not

    6 LeechBlock


    Next up, we have another Mozilla Firefox browser extension created for the purpose of blocking websites. It’s very simple, and really not all that feature-rich. However, if all your looking for is a quick and easy-to-use website blocker, then this may just end up working just right for you!

    • Works for the Mozilla Firefox browser.
    • A completely free browser add-on.
    • Capable of blocking multiple websites and URLs.
    website blocker extensions - leechblock

    7 Impulse Blocker


    Impulse Blocker is another Firefox browser extension. Again, this one is very simple, but it’s also highly effective. Of course, you do have to keep in mind that this will only be blocking browser activity for Firefox. So, it doesn’t make for a very good website blocker for anything other than self-imposed restrictions (which is primarily what this was created for.)

    • Free Mozilla Firefox browser add-on.
    • Quick and Easy-to-Use URL blocking functions.
    • Great for imposing self-restrictions.
    website blocker extensions - impulse blocker

    8 WasteNoTime


    WasteNoTime is a bit special as it’s available in both Safari and Chrome! It’s also FREE, so you can use it without having to worry about providing payment information or the like. Much like some of the other website blockers we’ve introduced previously, this was not necessarily designed to be iron-clad. Instead, it’s a blocker that may be of benefit to those looking for a tool that will impose lite but effective restrictions in times where wasting anytime is not acceptable.

    • Activity tracking features for timing how much you’ve spent on the web.
    • Available for both Chrome browsers and Safari.
    • Used for blocking out distracting websites or URLs.
    website blocker extensions - wastenotime

    9 Limit


    The limit is very similar to the website blocker we introduced previously. It will allow you to time how much you spend on certain websites, as well as imposes limits that should helpfully help you keep your time properly spread out over a period littered by deadlines and the like.

    • Monitors web-browsing activity.
    • Restrictive controls are available for blocking distracting websites.
    • Use for the chrome browser only.
    website blocker extensions - limit

    10 Pause


    Pause, as you can probably tell from the name, is another restriction imposing website blocker. The only difference between Pause and all the other tools we’ve introduced is the fact that it imposes moments of reflection rather than iron-clad blocks.

    • Great for encouraging a good strong worth ethic in children.
    • Available for FREE for Chrome browsers.
    • Encourages you to get back to work by ‘pausing’ when you try to access certain websites.
    website blocker extensions - pause

    Part 3. Helpful Web Browsing History Tracker for Android in Market

    Now that we’ve gone over both website blocking software and browser extensions, let’s take a look at the other end of the spectrum! The best tool to pair up with the website blockers we introduced is a web browsing history tracker. These will tell you what kind of websites your child or employee is visiting, and perhaps give you an idea as to which of the most distracting websites to block in order to promote a smoother workflow!

    For Android devices, the tool that we most recommend for this purpose is Aispyer. Which hosts the following functions…

    • A complete record of all web activity.
    • Be it on a browser, an app, or a social media platform.
    • Detailed accounts of SMS, Calls, saved contact information, and so much more.
    • Completely remote and discrete monitoring available at alltimes of the day.
    • Clean and easy-to-use interface for maximum user-friendliness.

    Step1Create an Aispyer Account

    Aispyer is hosted on its own website. So, if you want to use it, you will have to create an account on their website (linked below!)


    website blocker - aispyer1

    Step2Pay to Use

    Aispyer is a pay-to-use mobile app. So, if you want to use it, then you’ll have to pay for it. A variety of subscription plans are available for you to choose from!

    website blocker - aispyer2

    Step3Set Up Aispyer on Android Phone

    Finally, you will need to set up Aispyer on your target Android phone! Aispyer has an in-depth but easy-to-follow installation video available for this purpose!

    website blocker - aispyer3


    Step4Monitor on Chosen Device

    Although the software is currently only available for Android devices, you can actually perform your monitoring from any device of your choice! Just sign in to your Aispyer account and you’ll be able to see LIVE information of the Android device you set up Aispyer on.

    website blocker - aispyer4

    Step5Go to Browsing Page

    For tracking web history specifically, please go to the Browsingtab (which you can select from the menu at the left.) This will move you to a page where you can see the complete browser history of your target Android device!

    website blocker - aispyer5

    Part 4. Helpful Web Browsing History Tracker for iPhone in Market

    To end things up cleanly, we’re going to also introduce a web browsing history tracker for iPhone. This one is called CocoSpy, and, much like Aispyer, it was designed for the purposes of keeping watch of the activity of children or employees over the internet (either on their social apps or their chosen web browsers.)

    • Remote and discrete spying tool.
    • Provides complete web browsing history.
    • Available for both Android and iOS.
    • The user-friendly interface makes for easy spying!

    Step1Create a CocoSpy Profile

    Much like with Aispyer, we’ll start off by creating a profile on the CocoSpy website.

    website blocker - cocospy1

    Step2Set Up Your Target iPhone

    Next, you’ll be led to an iPhone setup process. Follow through with the installation to proceed!

    website blocker - cocospy2

    Step3Go to Browser History Tab

    Again, just like with Aispyer, you need to go to the Browser History tab.

    website blocker - cocospy3

    Step4The Browser History Tab!

    The browser history tab offers a detailed report on all the URLs and websites that the user of the iPhone has visited. It also includes how often they use the website, what date and time, as well as whether they added it to their bookmarks or not.

    website blocker - cocospy4

    Conclusion:Best Website Blocker Software and Extensions (& How to Use Them!)

    That concludes our rather lengthy introduction to the best website blocker software and browser instructions! Hopefully, we were able to introduce one that you can use for yourself! If you’re still unsure, just go for the first on the list for either section! Make sure to check out the last two programs we introduced as well! You’d probably benefit from trying out a monitoring app like Aispyer or CocoSpy in conjunction to your website blocker pick!

    Parental Control


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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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