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    Have you ever wondered where your kids have been up to? Teenagers, especially, with the newfound freedom that comes with drivers’ licenses and the approach to adulthood, tend to go everywhere.As a parent, this is undoubtedly worrying, and definitely something that you’d want to keep an eye on. Even if it’s only to make sure that they aren’t coming too close to the seedier parts of the town.

    What can you do to solve this issue? Geofencing! Continue reading to learn more about what geofencing is, as well as how you may be able to use it in order to keep your kids safe.

    Part 1.What Is Geofencing?

    Geofencing, to describe it as succinctly as possible, is a matter of creating a virtual ‘fence’ or boundary with the use of GPS technology. It’s useful for parents who want to create set locations that they believe their children should stayor not enter(it works both ways.) This may sound impossible, but with the capabilities of smartphones plus other advancements in technology, you can now set it up so that you are alerted whenever your child goes or leaves certain areas. Here are some of the key features and benefits of geofencing...

    • Geofencing is completely easy and rather intuitive (if you have the right tool.)
    • Some tools make it, so you are able to customize as many boundaries as you’d like.
    • Sets up boundaries that your child cannot leave or enter.
    • Helpful for alerting you where your child may spend their time.
    • Convenient tool for monitoring your child’s safety.

    Part 2. How Does Geofencing work?

    How Geofencing works really depend on what tool you end up using. There’s a variety of them out there, and not all of them will work the same way. Some are meant merely just to provide you a way of tracking your child based on their GPS location, while others are a little more customizable. Which, as we mentioned, will allow you to set up boundaries with automatic alerts that will notify you when your child leaves or enters certain boundaries.

    Step1Setting Up Boundaries

    When it comes to the customizable tools, setting up geofencing is just a matter of creating these virtual ‘fences’ around certain areas that you believe are danger spots or vice versa.

    Some tools are also capable of allowing to differentiate between both — giving you different notifications based on whether your child entered a restricted area or left a safe area without permission.

    geofencing - how to work

    Part 3.How to Set Up Geofencing for Kids with Aispyer

    A good example of a geofencing tool that you can use in the monitoring sense, is Aispyer. This app is meant to be installed on your child’s Android device and used to track whether they’ve gone throughout the day. This can be very useful when it comes to making sure that your child is not going anywhere you believe is inappropriate for their age. For this particular feature of Aispyer, you can expect to be able to do the following…

    • Access to their Last Known location from the Aispyer Dashboard.
    • Provides detailed reports of all their visited locations.
    • Includes address, coordinates, time the location was visited, etc.
    • Aispyer also offers both a map and satellite view for easy monitoring.
    • A search function that will allow you to look up if your child has visited certain locations OR where your child was at during a specific time or date is also available.

    Step1Create a Monitoring Account

    To begin, you will need to create an account to use for monitoring purposes. Do this on the Aispyer website!

    kids geofencing - how to step 1

    Step2Choose Your Service Plan

    Aispyer is a paid service. Look through the available plans to see which works best for you. OR you can check out the product first through the FREE demo available.

    kids geofencing - how to step 2

    Step3Set Up Your Child’s Device

    Whatever mobile device your child is using, that is the one where you will need to install Aispyer’s tracking app. This process is rather lengthy, but nonetheless very simple! Here’s a link to a straightforward video process that should guide you through every step of the way!


    kids geofencing - how to step 3

    Step4Use Your Monitoring Account

    After the tracking app has been installed, you can now use your monitoring account to sign in to the Aispyer monitoring dashboard! On there, you’ll see device information, most recent apps, and last known location.

    kids geofencing - how to step 4

    Step5The Location Tab

    The last known location map is not all there is, however! Select the Locationtab from the menu on the left, and you’ll be moved to the GPS tracking page. Here, you’ll find all the tools we mentioned when we introduced the app. Including…

    A Map/Satellite view of all the locations your child has visited. As well as the date and time they visited said locations! Plus, all the extra tools that will allow you to monitor your child’s whereabouts as needed.

    kids geofencing - how to step 5

    Part 4.Other Helpful Features of Aispyer

    If you’re curious about other parental control functions, Aispyer has tons more that you may be interested in! You can explore all these features yourself through the FREE demo that Aispyer has made available. But we’ve listed a couple of the key functions down below to give you an idea of the many ways parental control tools like this can be used.

    Step1 Online History Tracking

    Are you curious about what your kid has been looking up online? Well, Aispyer has a perfectly functional browsing history tracker. This works pretty much the same way as the location tracker. You can see all the websites your child has visited as well as what date and time they visited said website. There is also a feature that will show you whether the URL was added to their bookmarks and a search function at the top to browse through the history quickly.

    kids geofencing - aispyer1

    Step2 The Messages Tracker

    If you click the Messageoption from the left menu, you’ll find yourself privy to allthe conversations that are saved on your kid’s device. This includes entire message logs (both sent and received messages.) All you have to do is select a message log from the list of contacts from the left, and then you’ll be able to view the entire conversation thread on your right!

    kids geofencing - aispyer2

    Step3 Call Records

    Messages are not the only things that are recorded by Aispyer. You also get a functional tracker for all calls that have been sent and received. For this, you’ll need to select the Calloption. Then, you’ll be moved to a page where you can see contact information, call duration, date/time the call took place, as well as the call type.

    kids geofencing - aispyer3

    Step4 Browse All Contacts

    You can also view all the saved contacts on your child’s phone! This will include detailed information on the contact in question. Including their name, phone numbers, addresses, etc. And, of course, a search function has been included for this tool as well. So that you can quickly browse through your kid’s address book for specific names or keywords.

    kids geofencing - aispyer4

    Step5 Social Activity Tracking

    Another way you might want to track your child’s online activity is by going through their Social Media Activity records. For this, you’ll need to select Social Appfrom the left menu and then pick which social media platform to track. This tool is not all that different from the message tracking function. In that, you’ll be able to view all message logs and conversations. As well as quickly browse said conversations for certain keywords or phrases.

    kids geofencing - aispyer5

    Part 5.Helpful Tips & Tricks about Geofencing

    To finish things off, we’re going to send you out with a couple of helpful tips and tricks that you may want to know about Geofencing. This is mainly a review of all the important fundamentals that we introduced previously. But it should help you keep on track when you decide to try out a geofencing tool like Aispyer.

    Step1 The Location Tracking Aspect

    If you’re not overly concerned about when your child enters or leaves certain areas, then you may just want to focus on the location tracking aspect. This is a good way to provide your child with some modicum of privacy whilst also making sure that you have access to their GPS location should any issues arise.

    Step2 Geofencing — Creating Boundaries

    A large part of the act of actual geofencing is creating boundaries. Don’t burden yours by overdoing it! Create only boundaries that you feel are absolutely vital to your child’s safety. Or else, you’ll be receiving alerts left and right!

    Step3 Safe Spaces

    Most people assume that geofencing is done in order to prevent children from going to inappropriate locations. And, certainly, that is one aspect of it. But you can also use geofencing to create safe spaces. These are areas where you believe your child is the safest (and should they step out of it, you can set up an alert that will notify you of their abrupt absence.)

    Step4 Customizability

    Not all geofencing tools will be able to give you the amount of customizability that you need. So, before considering a tool for you to use… make sure that you look at all the details and functions provided!

    Step5 Consider a More Permanent Tracker

    If you have a reason to believe that your child is in potential danger. You may want to consider a geofencing tool that is more permanent. Tracking their mobile device is fine in theory. As it is unlikely that your child will leave it behind carelessly. However, phones are also one of the first things people take from you if they have bad intentions. And it’s unlikely to do any good if that is the case. So, ask around to see if there is any way of making your tracking more permanent!

    Conclusion:What is Geofencing and How Can You Use It to Keep Your Kids Safe?

    There are many dangers that pose a great risk for children. But fortunately, we are now able to better equip ourselves with the tools that can help potentially keep them safe. Consider this as you decide whether you are going to try a geofencing tool or a location tracking app like Aispyer. It isn’t necessarily going to be necessary for everyone, but it is certainly an option to keep in mind.

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