Parental Control App
  • Cost-effective parental control app that supports a wide array of parental control features.

  • Track activities of your child on all popular social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

  • Track call log, SMS, GPS, web history, photos, email, calendar, app infos, etc. on your child's phone.

  • It is simple, clear, and have a power-saving strategy.

Are there apps you don't want your kids to use on their mobile phones? Do you feel insecure your child is visiting websites that have content that may be harmful to him/her? Well, there are lots of free parental control apps that can help you detect whatever you want. But only a few have all it takes to satisfy your requirements. And fortunately, you've stumbled into the perfect spot to discover the few excellent universal parental control apps that can help you monitor your child's activities fast and efficiently. Besides, this is the best guide you'll ever find online, so keep reading to uncover the unknown.

Part 1.What's the best and most effective parental control app in 2021?

If you're looking for a top leading, effective, fast, and reliable lightweight parental control app, then,  Aispyer is just a perfect choice for you. And fortunately, it's a remotely working app that supports tracking of GPS location, text messages, social media activities, and lots more. From the easy setup process to its highly intuitive user interface, Aispyer is a great tool that has been no match for other parental control apps you'll find online. Besides, it supports stealth mode, and it also utilizes an advanced power-saving technology to make every tracking and spying activities you execute undetected by your target or anyone.

Key features of Aispyer

  • Aispyer employs AI technology to spy on call history, text messages, web browser activities, GPS location, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and others on the kid's device.

  • Keep updated on target activities every minute without being detected.

  • Unmatchable tracking tools that support three modes for protecting user data.

How to monitor your child activities without hassles

Step1Register for an account on Aispyer official website

Visit the official website of Aispyer and click on "Sign Up Free" butoon in the right upper corner of the page. Input all the required information in the next window and then click Regiter to create an account for yourself.

Top Free Parental Control Apps - Aispyer step 1

Step2Install the Aispyer app to the target device

Now, choose a plan of Aispyer according to your needs. After purchasing, download the Aispyer app by the download link which you can see in the email from Aispyer team and install it on your child Android device.

Step3Start tracking the target's activities with no stress!

When the connection to your child phone is established, you can login on with your account to monitor your child activities handy.

Part 2.Top 8 free parental control apps 2021

A quick search on Google for top free parental control apps, you'll discover tons of monitoring software that portray to be free and fantastic whereas they are not. For this reason, we've done thorough research for the best possible options available in this category. Thus check out our top 10 list of free parental control apps below.

1 - GuestSpy


First on our list is the GuestSpy parental monitoring software. This parental control app is one of the top tools that offers users free access to spy on target devices and get all possible information required. And it's surprisingly incredible that it also functions in stealth mode, making you invincible to target whenever you're executing your monitoring operation.

  • Ability to alert parents when the target changes the SIM card on his/her devices.
  • Stealth mode is available, making the app hidden and undetectable by your child.
  • Too many glitches when using the app can be so annoying.
  • The data upload process is slow.

2 - Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is another simple parental control app that enables you to do multiple monitoring operations free from your home. Whether you want to listen to your kid's phone conversation, text messages, jpeg exchange, or more, Hoverwatch gives you the ultimate access to do all of these effortlessly. Although the Apple version of this app has a big drawback, it's a decent choice for Android and Windows users.

  • Availability of GPS tracking to detect target location.
  • You can easily save your kid's online messages and conversations.
  • Supports Android, Windows, and Apple devices. But the Apple version has too many drawbacks.
  • Information may not be as detailed as you want from an ideal monitoring app.
  • Some plans may be too expensive.
  • It sometimes gives invalid information about activities on the target device, like outdated call logs and text messages.
  • The keyboard tracker lacks some keystrokes.

3 - WebWatcher


Firstly, the amazing aspect that got me interested in this app is the ability to give heads up when your kids chat with bad words and visits dangerous websites on the internet. Besides, WebWatcher allows a free trial for all users to access its top features, and it's compatible with all mobile devices, computers, and tablets. Also, you can utilize it to listen to recordings on your child device, view photos, detect all incoming and outgoing calls, track online activities, and lots more.

  • Supports stealth mode making the app undetectable while running on your child device.
  • It's highly compatible with most mobile phones, computers, and tablets.
  • The free trial gives you the privilege to test all features before you purchase the app.
  • Antivirus software may prevent the app from running on the device.
  • The app may impede other functions and features on the target device.

4 - Flipd


Up next is the Flipd parental control app that has simple, enjoyable monitoring tools for parents. And it's also compatible with both Android and iOS devices. However, its efficiency is one main reason that made the tool succeed in this list, making it a reasonable choice for all parents, especially if you aren't heavy-handed with your monitoring.

  • The simple and highly effective app, but has a limited monitoring function.
  • Flipd directs on app management and phone usage.
  • Easy to use interface. 
  • Limited monitoring functions make the app unbeneficial to parents looking to monitor a lot of their child's activities

5 - FamiGuard


FamiGuard is another popular parental control software that helps you monitor your child's smartphone activities remotely. Just like other parental control apps introduced on this page, FamiGuard also supports a lot of features, like GPS locating tracking, screen time limit, daily updates, tracking of social media activities, filtering of content that can be viewed on the internet, etc.


  • Availability of a broad variety of monitoring features that'll give you a heads up on every action that occurs on your child mobile phone.
  • The application works smoothly without any problems.
  • It has a clean interface making it easy to use.
  • There's a broad variety of monitoring features, but FamiGuard lacks the essential features for a parental control app.

6 - Net Nanny


From blocking negative website contents to tracking GPS location and many more, Net Nanny gains a spot on this list! Yes, Net Nanny is a parental control that allows you to place 100% control over every operation your child executing on his/her smartphone. And their pricing plan is very different from other parental control software mentioned here. Because plan proving is based on the number of device you're monitoring.

  • An amazing user interface that makes navigation around the app easy.
  • It's accessible from any device.
  • Net nanny parental control app possesses remarkable website blocking and parental monitoring tools. The 
  • The cost of purchase is fairly expensive.
  • Lack of some essential features like location tracking.
  • The app must be purchased before you can try out the advanced features.

7 - McAfee


McAfee is a safe and reliable parental control app used by families globally to track the activities of their loved ones on any device. From the easy setup process to the easy to use and comfortable interface, this app possesses lots of tracking tools every parent will need to detect their kid's activities fast and conveniently.

  • Availability of advanced restriction and spying tools.
  • A well-detailed report that comes with outstanding graphics.
  • Quick update on new activities that occur in the target's device.
  • Availability of advanced restriction and spying tools.
  • A well-detailed report that comes with outstanding graphics.
  • Quick update on new activities that occur in the target's device.

8 - Kidlogger


Kidlogger is another useful, yet free parental control app that gives you the ultimate access to know all you kids are doing on their computer or smartphones. And it's cool because this app supports all devices including PC. With the Kid logger app, you can monitor your child phone calls, text messages, browsing activities, and much more handily.

  • It has the ability to monitor multiple devices efficiently.
  • It supports screenshots.
  • It works in stealth mode and doesn't drain the device battery.
  • Kid logger doesn't offer application blocking or content filtering options.
  • It's limited to iOS devices.

Part 3.Tips for monitoring your child's activities without them knowing!

  • Firstly, we recommend you download the parental Aispyer control app, as it'll enable you to execute your monitoring operation in a hassle-free way.
  • Enlighten your kids about the dangers of the online realm.
  • Educate yourself more on different happenings in the online world, especially social media.
  • Keep updated with his/her activities and take necessary steps when you notice any threat or bully.


Every beginning must have an ending! And fortunately, we've concluded today's discussion. So whatever monitoring tool you may be looking to purchase in the pursuit to know all that's going on in your kid's life,  this page has enclosed all top apps that can get the job done effectively. But if you want a more efficient parental monitoring software that uses modern technology, we authorize you to reach out for the Aispyer parental monitoring software. 

Parental Control


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Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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