Best Parental Monitoring Apps

  • Best free parental monitoring software that uses modern technology to oversee phone activities without limits

  • Highly-intuitive user interface that makes parental monitoring operation easy for users at all levels

  • Block apps, monitor Whatsapp, view call logs, record phone conversation, etc 

  • Read social media chats and get updates whenever your kids us being threatened or bullied online.

    Parental control apps have become a necessity rather than a choice. The so-called ‘Kids mode’ is nothing but useless-employment that has no chance of restricting today’s tech-savvy kids. The alternative: parental control apps, however, can monitor, restrict, regulate, and prevent them from using their devices for devious and crafty purposes.

    In this post, you’ll find the best free parental monitoring apps for both android and ios. Ideally, it’s best to tell kids about the good and the bad in the online realm, teach them to behave responsibly. But having one of these parental control apps is crucial to keep them safe, especially at such a naive age.

    Part 1. Top 5 Best Free Parental monitoring app for Android 2021

    1 - Aispyer


    AiSpyer is one of the most comprehensive and best effective parental control apps globally and that's why it's topping on this list. It enables you to set rules, schedule screen exposure, block explicit and unsuitable content. With a raft of features and an intuitive dashboard, AiSpyer provides an intensive way of monitoring your child’s real-time whereabouts and online activities. It's unmistakable and has avant-garde features that allow the parent to execute monitoring operation up to 30x faster than other apps you'll find online.

    Key features of Aispyer:

    • Packed with all the essential parental control-app tools like a real-time GPS tracker, phone locator, web history tracker, etc.
    • Keylogger tracker logs all keystrokes typed and pasted content on the clipper. 
    • Stealth enables discrete monitoring; further, with less memory footprint, it doesn’t consume much battery. 
    • Includes Facebook and Whatsapp spy switch, allowing you to record your child’s message. You can disable it if you wish to respect privacy. 
    • Well-designed and simple interface
    • Effective monitoring
    • 100% undetected 
    • No

    2 - Kaspersky Safe Kids


    Developed by Kaspersky, another amazing digital monitoring service: The Safe Kids parenteral control app has both free and paid versions. The free variant includes primary features like blacklisting inappropriate content on one device only. The paid version, however, is powered with sophisticated features like location tracking, device scheduling, geofencing, web-monitoring, and an effective alert system.  

    Key features of Kaspersky:

    • GPS tracker points to real-time whereabouts. 
    • Remotely manage and view reports without accessing your child’s phone. 
    • Besides blocking inappropriate content, it enables to limit social media access and reduce screen time.  
    • Cheapest available—pricing $15/year
    • Daily advice from an expert child psychologist
    • Custom material block on different devices
    • Slows down mobile performance
    • Unfriendly interface 

    3 - Screen Time


    Screen Time is another parental control app that extends standard monitoring features for free. To unlock the crucial functions—location tracker and web filters—you’ll have to pay high upcharges.

    Key features of Scree Time:

    • Provides daily reports of your child's activities.
    • The ‘One-push’ switch allows to remotely freeze the child device.
    • Block custom apps at scheduled times or all the time.
    • Approve apps before being downloaded to your child's device.
    • Intuitive design and simple interface. 
    • Unique Task Reward system—additional screen time for completing a task. 
    • Baffling charges for limited functions—consider Aispyer if you have a high budget. 
    • No text or call monitoring even after many updates. 

    4 - Qustodio


    Even the free version of Qustodio meets all demands that any contemporary parental control has to offer. Still, the paid Qustodio is much robust with text monitoring and custom app control. 

    Key features of Qustodio:

    • Family locator mode shows the exact location in real-time.
    • Allows monitoring of all linked devices of your kid/s.
    • SOS switch to alert when in danger.
    • All-inclusive parental control app
    • Highly configurable and easy to manage
    • Control over advanced restrictions and limitations of online/offline activities. 
    • Hefty subscription prices—purchase to get the most of Qustodio
    • Social site tracking is limited to only Facebook

    5 - mSpy


    mSpy has some elemental parental control features up its sleeves preventing your child from unwanted exposure and online dangers. With the basic ($39/month) version, you can track phone calls, messages, and review browsing history. To enjoy essential parental control features like GPS tracking, instant messaging, and per-app blocking—you’ll have to get the premium ($69.99/month) option.

    Key feature of mSpy:

    • Access to all messages & calls, duration, and timestamps.
    • Access to online messengers like Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat, etc.
    • View images, videos, emails, downloaded app history of your ward.
    • It has a simple interface and supports remote monitoring 
    • The app is invisible on your child phone
    • Real-time updates every 5 minutes
    • Massive data breach exposing sensitive information of 400,000 users
    • $30 and $60 monthly is significant when other parental control options like Aispyer provides nearly all features for much less. 

    Part 2. Top 5 best free parental monitoring app for iPhone 2021

    1 - TeenSafe


    TeenSafe is a solid parental control option for ios users with 30+ features. With standard parental control app traits like geofencing, real-time locator, and social media monitor, TeenSafe also includes robust features like viewing text messages and monitoring call logs. 

    Key features of TeenSafe:

    • Notifications or activity blockers.
    • Complete phone shut down.
    • Allowance for specific activities (like calls only.)
    • No jailbreak needed. 
    • Private and Ensures Anonymity
    • Easy to install and use
    • Data breach, exposing sensitive data of many users 
    • Limited features for $14.95/month

    2 - Spyic


    Spyic is a known name in the parental control-app realm. Used by millions, Spyic has all the characteristics that any good parental control app necessitates. Whether it is viewing messages, checking call logs, or reviewing social media activities, Spyic will not disappoint you.

    Key features of Spic:

    • Monitor remotely and anonymously.
    • Real-time locator and geofencing to limit your kids to safe areas.
    • Review website history and view downloaded apps or games.
    • Stealth mode is 100% discreet, the child will never discover you
    • Compatible with all ios versions
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Spyic doesn’t give you control over restricting or limiting your child’s device activities. 
    • High-priced given no-control over the target device. More of a ‘spy-app’.

    3 - Kidlogger


    Kidlogger is an all-inclusive parental control tool giving you information about every online movie your kids take. The free version is limited to one device permitting control only over a few features, and the sneakier features are limited to the paid version.

    Key features of Kidlogger:

    • Monitor messages, call logs and choose to record the conversation.
    • Scheduled email reports.
    • Takes screenshots when chosen keystrokes are typed.
    • Flexibility over function like the microphone-option, if you wish to respect your ward privacy
    • Multiple device monitoring
    • Effective option when it comes to monitoring call logs, social sites, skype, etc.
    •  Affordable.
    • No control over their activities, only tracking and reporting
    • Limited disc space, you’ll have to clear data often. 

    4 - Family Time


    Family Time is aptly named. With web filters, imposing time limits, Family Time can restrict your kids from staring at their screens and spend time with the family—a little corny but with a simple and intuitive design, it does exactly that.

    Key features of Family Time:

    • Instantly lock your kid’s device.
    • Block some or all apps.
    • The location tracker shows the real-time location of your kids.
    • SOS and PickMe switch.
    • You can share the control with your partner if you are busy with other tasks.
    • Safe drive option—to review speed limits, and find whereabouts.
    • Mirror call history and text messages.
    • Relatively expensive
    • Location tracker doesn’t work without an internet connection enabled
    • Your child can disable it

    5 - Phone Tracker


    Phone Tracker free version offers everything that the paid users get, in return, you see some ads. The premium version, of course, disables ads, and also reports the location history of your child. 

    Key features of Phone Tracker:

    • Phone tracker uses both cell tracker and GPS tracker to show accurate location. Moreover, the navigation pinpoints if you wish to reach your child.
    • Shows the battery levels of your child.
    • Besides registering the current location of your phone it also tracks and logs all the visited locations by you and your child. 
    • It's easy to use.
    • The features of Phone Tracker limits itself to only GPS tracking. 
    • Pricey for just one function—it’s better to stick with the free version and see some ads. 

    Part 3. FAQs

    How can I Monitor my child's android/ios device without them knowing?

    Step1 Register for an Aispyer account

    Create an account on the official website of Aispyer by clicking on the Sign up free button located in the menu bar at the top right corner of the page. After that, find the best plan and pay via Credit/Debit or PayPal to subscribe to Aispyer. 

    Step2 Install Aispyer on device

    Download the Aispyer application on the target device using the QR code or download link sent to your email by the Aispyer team. Then install the Aispyer monitoring app on your child’s phone. 

    Step3Monitor kids activities efficiently 

    That’s it! As mentioned, it’s simple.  After logging in from your device, you can monitor every and all things your kid is doing on the phone via the Aispyer dashboard.

    Does Apple Have a parental monitoring app?

    No! But Content & Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time allows you to restrict the use of apps and disable other features on your child’s phone. It also enables you to filter explicit content and review downloads and purchases. 


    The best parental control app for you depends on your child’s age. For some, monitoring calls and messages may not be a necessity, whereas, for some, being informed of your child’s mindset is critical. Teen years will expose your child to something inappropriate, and it’s natural if they see some explicit content, but it’s useful to keep an eye on their activities. Whom they are talking to might not seem relevant at first, but after they start coming home late with bloodshot eyes only to tell you that they are going to bed—it becomes your duty to know who are they talking to? This list of best parental monitoring tools provides you with all the best options available on the internet—choose one that suits your needs most.

    Parental Control


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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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