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    There’s always been a big argument over video games and its availability for kids. If not for the violence that most games employ, then for the darker inappropriate messages that could be hidden within them. But this argument has always had mixed sides. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Roblox. Roblox has been under fire for potentially providing dangerous sexual predators a platform to torment young children, and it’s become all the more important to impose parental control on Roblox.

    Learn more about this process, how to stop it, and why it’s necessary, down below.

    Part 1.Roblox Hidden Dangers

    p>The 10 that we recommend have been chosen because they are either free of charge or they offer free trial periods that will allow you to check out the app before making any commitments. Outside of that, however, they are pretty much the same. Any difference we’ll cover in our breakdown of its pros and cons.

    Roblox isn’t just a spot to play games, it’s a place to play user-generated games. And, unfortunately, there’s very little moderation that goes on behind the scenes. As mentioned, video games have always been a bit of a topic of disagreement. And while there is a reason to believe that not all games for children are dangerous. That also means that some of them are. Here are just some of the reasons why Roblox requires parental controls…

    • User-Generated Content:As mentioned, Roblox involves user-generated content. Because of this, there is really no way of knowing what to expect for certain game designs.
    • No Moderation:There is very little moderation that occurs. And it’s not always immediate. So, at any time, your child may run into an unrated game that is wholly inappropriate.
    • Inappropriate Conversations:Another large concern of parents is the open communication available between players in and outside of games. There are stories of children being propositioned sexually, cyberbullies, and exposed to other inappropriate and damaging conversations on the platform.

    Again, this is not to say that Roblox is completely bad. And Roblox has been trying to find ways of making the platform safer. However, that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you can in order to save your child from as much danger as possible.

    Part 2. How to Put Parental Control on Roblox

    The first step in making sure that your child is as safe as possible is to turn on Roblox’s parental control settings. These settings will ensure that the dangers mentioned above are taken care of. For example, it will save them from being exposed to unmoderated content. Meaning, turning these settings on will create a filter (that your child cannot turn off, accidentally or otherwise),that will give them access only to content that has already been curated and deemed safe. These settings can also be changed so that you can control who is allowed to contact your child. Both of these, we will demonstrate below.

    Step1Go to Roblox Settings

    First thing’s first. Go to your child’s Roblox account settings. Once there, select the Securitytab and locate the Parent Pinoption. This switch will need to be enabledso that your child will not be able to turn the settings off themselves.

    • If the switch is disabled, enable it and it shall prompt you to create a pin. Do so and proceed to the next step.
    parental control on roblox - how to step 1

    Step2Go to Privacy Settings

    Once you have a parental pin set up, it’s time to change the account’s contact settings. To do this, select the PRIVACYtab and enter your parental pin.

    parental control on roblox - how to step 2

    Step3Input Contact Settings

    After successfully installed Aispyer app on target device, you can log in your Aispyer account and track Internet browsing history.

    parental control on roblox - how to step 3

    Step4Go to Security

    Once again, go back to the Securitytab. There, under Account Restrictions,you’ll find another switch. Enablethis option as well, as it will turn on an account-wide filter that will make sure that your child is not exposed to any uncurated content.

    parental control on roblox - how to step 4

    Part 3. Tips & Tricks about Roblox Parental Control

    Just in case you’re still concerned about the danger that could be happening on Roblox. Here are a few tips and tricks that should help you feel more secure. We’ve included tips that involve the Roblox controls we introduced earlier, as well as some outsider tools that you may want to consider along with those controls (if you’re feeling extra concerned.)

    1. The Contact Controls

    We’ve already introduced these controls. But, to explain them in more detail… These Contact Settings are useful as they can prevent your child from experiencing the shock or horror of dangerous predators. But they’re also here to potentially prevent your child from cyberbullying. You’re probably aware of this already, but children are just as able to be as cruel as adults. And so, you may find it best to just cut off all conversations on Roblox period. Especially when you are not there to supervise.

    roblox parental control - tip 1

    2. The Roblox Filter

    Again, this is a Roblox control that we’ve already introduced, but it does merit some reintroduction. A lot of the danger involved with Roblox has to do with the content of the games. Most parents are understandably concerned about the idea that their child is free to play games that may include content that is inappropriate for them. That is why this Roblox filter is so helpful! With this enabled, you can be certain that your child has access only the games that are appropriate for them (in accordance with the purview of Roblox’s curators.)

    roblox parental control - tip 2

    3. Consider a Parental Monitoring Tool

    If you’re concerned about what may going on behind the scenes, you may want to consider a parental monitoring tool. These are completely discreet — allowing you to track your child’s activity on their devices without them known. And, they’re also a great way of determining the kind of content your child is being exposed to. Either by allowing you to look through their browsing history or the conversations they have with their peers.

    roblox parental control - tip 3

    4. Use an App/Website Blocker

    If you want to cut off your child’s access to Roblox, then there are ways of doing that as well. For this, we recommend using an app blocker (Aispyer offers this functionality) and a website blocking tool. Doing this will also allow you to prevent your child from being exposed to other kinds of potentially damaging content and games — as most are customizable and will allow you to set up blocks on whatever you deem as inappropriate.

    roblox parental control - tip 4

    5. Consider a More Kid-Friendly Alternative

    Whether you do decide to block Roblox or not, you may want to introduce a Roblox alternative that you are more comfortable with your child playing. There are dozens of popular ones out there that your child may enjoy just as much. It’s just a matter of looking and determining which you feel is most appropriate based on their age.

    Part 4. How to Use Aispyer to Protect Kids from Danger

    As a bit of supplemental learning, we’ve also included a demonstration on how you can use Aispyer, the parental monitoring and control tool we mentioned just earlier. In order to work, Aispyer must be installed on your child’s device. Once installed, you will have complete access to certain information remotely. Including the following…

    • Complete web history tracking.
    • Social Media activity tracking.
    • Records of text messages and calls.
    • Monitoring their visited locations through GPS.
    • And other types of phone or online usage information.

    Step1Sign Up for Aispyer

    You’ll need an account with Aispyer in order to monitor activity later on. So, start with setting up a profile on their main website (which will be your access for monitoring at a later date.)

    roblox parental control - aispyer1

    Step2Apply for a Plan

    Aispyer is a paid service. So, you will need to subscribe to one of their packages in order to use its tools. Do so, in order to continue OR check out all of its features first by looking at the free DEMO available on the Aispyer website.

    roblox parental control - aispyer2

    Step3Install Aispyer on Your Child’s Device

    As mentioned, Aispyer will need to be installed on your child’s device to work. Learn how to do so on the video tutorial linked below.


    roblox parental control - aispyer3

    Step4Use the Monitoring Dashboard

    Once your child’s device has been set up, you can begin monitoring their activity. This includes all the tracking functions we listed earlier, as well as several control functions (like the ability to block certain apps.)

    roblox parental control - aispyer4

    Conclusion:How to Set up Parental Controls for Your Child's Roblox Account

    As a parent, it’s important to understand all the potential dangers your child may experience online. Roblox is just one of the many things that you may want to keep an eye on. Thankfully, there are parental controls and tools like Aispyer to accomplish this task. Keep your options open, and you are sure to find an answer as to how to better protect your child’s innocence.

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