Ways for Setting Up Your XBOX One

  • Put Parental Control on Xbox One

  • Set Up Content Restrictions on Xbox One

  • Set Up Passkey for Parental Control

    Console games are made primarily for playing games. On that end, you can control what your child is exposed to by ensuring that you allow them only to play age-appropriate games. However, with the recent release of the Xbox One, which is far more advancedthan all of its counterparts, you’re allows so much more in terms of setting up parental controls. This is especially helpful for parents who are looking to keep their children disciplined by restricting their gaming-hours and the like.

    Learn more about this process, and how easy it is, down below!

    Part 1.How to Put Parental Control on Xbox One

    To begin the basic XBOX One setup of parental controls, you must first create an XBOX One account for your child to use. Doing this will allow you to separate accesses on the one console (leaving you free to whatever content you want, whilst limiting any age-inappropriate content for your kid.) Start the tutorial below after launching your XBOX One console and creating an account for your kid to use! What is shown in the tutorial is how to set up this created account with the parental controls.

    Step1Select the Settings Menu

    On your XBOX One main menu, click the Settings option to access XBOX’s parental controls.

    parental control on xbox one - how to step 1

    Step2Add to Family

    On the right-hand side of the settings menu is the FAMILYwidget. Select the option to Add to Familyand then choose whatever account you created for your kid to use!

    parental control on xbox one - how to step 2

    Step3Go Through Parental Control Setup

    Now that your kid’s account has been added to your ‘FAMILY,’ click Next. You’ll have to go through the rest of the parental control setup on your own. This is fairly straightforward, and most of it will be explained on the screen.

    However, if you want more details, I’ll be providing them in the other tutorials below.

    parental control on xbox one - how to step 3

    Part 2. How to Set Up Content Restrictions on Xbox One

    One of the first Parental Control settings offered in XBOX One is the ‘Content Restrictions.’ These come in many forms and can be tailormade to fit whatever restrictions you think is best for your child (and their current age.) For example, XBOX One allows open communication over a voice call, but you can turn off this option if you don’t like the idea of your kid talking to strangers on their console online.

    Step1Manage Account Settings

    On your kid’s Account Settings, locate the CONTENT RESTRICTIONS widget (can be found at the top right-hand corner of the screen.) Start with the Access to Content & Appsoption.

    set up content restritions on xbox one - how to step 1

    Step2Allow and Disallow Content & Apps Access

    As mentioned, it’s up to you to decide which activities you want to allow and disallow. Go through the settings one by one by flicking through the options provided at the bottom half of the screen. A couple of examples of parental controls you can turn on include the following…

    • Buy & Download- Control what apps & content can be downloaded and purchased.
    • Join Multiplayer Games - Allow/Block to control whether your kid is allowed to join multiplayer games with strangers through XBOX Live.
    • Video Communications - Allow/Block to control whether your kid is allowed to communicate with others over video calls.
    set up content restritions on xbox one - how to step 2

    Step3Change Web Filtering Settings

    Once you’ve finished the Content & App settings, go back and select Web Filtering. Like before, this will move you to another page where you can change certain set settings (shown in the step below.)

    set up content restritions on xbox one - how to step 3

    Step4Adjust Web Filter Settings

    Much like before, these web filters are completely customizable. Go through them thoroughly to decide what should or should not be allowed.

    set up content restritions on xbox one - how to step 4

    Part 3. How to Set Up Passkey for Parental Control

    As a way of locking the settings that you set up for your child’s XBOX One account, you can create a Parental Control Passkey. This will ensure that no one without access to the pin will be able to make any changes to the settings that you chose in the previous tutorials. This is fairly easy, and it can be done immediately after you’ve set up all the settings you needed to change (so that you won’t have to constantly provide the password while changing your settings.)

    Step1Privacy Settings

    Under your child’s XBOX One account privacy settings, select the Customfeature. This will ensure that the settings you’ve chosen stay active (rather than being defaulted to one of the pre-establish default settings.)

    set up passkey for parental control - how to step 1

    Step2Set Your Passkey

    Finally, all you need to do is set up a six-digit passkey to lock your parental control settings! You’ll be asked to provide this pin should you want to change your Parental Control settings in the future!

    set up passkey for parental control - how to step 2

    Part 4. How to Set Up Parental Control on Xbox One with Helpful Tips & Tricks

    In order to wrap up this guide on XBOX One’s Parental Control Settings, let’s look at a couple of tips and tricks that you can use in order to maximize the potential of all the different options that you’ve been provided by XBOX. I’ll be referring to some of the tutorials already stated above. So, keep them in mind as you go through the following tips!

    Step1 Use Child Defaults

    We didn’t go over this much in the tutorials, but there are defaultsavailable that you can use if you’d prefer to stick to pre-made parental control settings. One of these defaults is called the ‘Child Defaults.’ Select it under the PRIVACY options to automatically set up your child’s XBOX One account with parental control settings fit for a child.

    set up parental control on xbox one - tip 1

    Step2 Use Teen Defaults

    If your child is a little bit older now than they were before, then you may want to ease up on some of the restrictions by choosing the ‘Teen Defaults.’ These will still have certain content restrictions disallowed, as well as some web filtering. However, it’s also a lot freer than the child defaults and should allow for more general freedom for your teen.

    set up parental control on xbox one - tip 2

    Step3 Change to Adult Defaults

    If you’d like to quickly change your kid’s settings to allow for more social activities, then you can do so by using the ‘Adult Defaults.’ This will allow you to quickly change the settings temporarily to allow your kid to contact their friend’s over XBOX live.

    set up parental control on xbox one - tip 3

    Step4 Go with Custom Settings

    Of course, if you’d still prefer to choose which settings are allowed and blocked for your child, then the Custom Settings will be the best for you! This will prompt you to start completely from scratch (which is what we demonstrated in the tutorials above.)

    Step5 Create More Than One Account

    You’d probably guessed this already, but if you have several children, you can always create several accounts (with different parental control settings enabled.) This will allow you to completely fine-tune what is allowed and what isn’t allowed for certain kids!

    Conclusion:All the Ways for Setting Up Your XBOX One with Parental Controls

    As a console primarily made for the younger generation, the XBOX One is mandated to provide Parental Control Settings, and they definitely did not disappoint! The settings introduced above should be all you need in order to make sure that your kid is staying safe over the internet. Whether it be through the games they play or the other features that XBOX now allows on their console.

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