Track Phone Location Easily

  • Track a mobile phone’s current location.

  • Track mobile phone’s GPS location timeline history.

  • Search the location timeline for specific locations or dates.

  • Monitor your device’s current battery levels

    Have you misplaced your iPhone 7? Scared that it might get stolen? Well, there are methods that you can use in order to prevent this from happening as well as methods that you can use to track it once it’s been lost! Learn three of those ways below. Starting with a quick tutorial on how you can secure your device with a tool called Aispyer and then rounding it all off with two ways that you can use to either track your phone’s location through your phone number or through your phone’s IMEI Number.

    Part 1. The Easiest Way to Track iPhone 7 Location Easily - Aispyer

    As mentioned, we’re going to be launching this guide off with a quick breakdown of Aispyer. This is the tool to use if you want to keep a phone from being misplaced, lost, or stolen. This is true whether the phone is yours, your child’s, your employees, your friend, or whoever else! All you need to make it work is the app itself, which you can install on whatever device you own is compatible. With the app, you can do the following.

    • Track a mobile phone’s current location.
    • As well as the mobile phone’s GPS location timeline history.
    • Search the location timeline for specific locations or dates.
    • Or, even, monitor your device’s current battery levels (which is helpful in determining how long you have to track your device efficiently.

    Step1 Secure Your Phone with Aispyer!

    To secure your phone with the Aispyer monitoring app, you must first begin on the app’s main website. There, you can either check out the FREE demo, or you can sign up and subscribe to one of their available subscription plans.

    How to Track iPhone 7 Location with Aispyer

    Step2 Subscribing for Aispyer

    Subscribing with Aispyer is as easy as signing up for a monitoring account, filling in the pertinent payment information, and choosing which plan suits your needs the most!

    There are several tiers available for you to choose from, so choose wisely!

    How to Track iPhone 7 Location - Subscribing for Aispyer

    Step3 Download and Install the App

    Once you have purchased the monitoring app, it’s up to you to download and install the app so that you will be able to begin monitoring (an instruction guide has been linked below!) If you want to know if the installation has worked, you can check the Aispyer dashboard.

    You should see the device you set up amongst the list of devices at the top of the interface.


    How to Track iPhone 7 Location -Download and Install the App

    Step4 Begin Tracking Last Known Location

    If the phone has been lost, chances are, you’re going to want to know the device’s ‘Last Known Location.’ This is the best way of determining where your device is at currently and whether that location matches where you last remember the phone being.

    How to Track iPhone 7 Location -Begin Tracking Last Known Location

    Step5 (Optional) Investigate the Timeline

    If you have a reason to believe the phone was stolenrather than misplacedor lost,you can investigate the location timeline for further information. You can access this by selecting Locationfrom the menu on the left side of the screen.

    How to Track iPhone 7 Location -nvestigate the Timeline

    Step6 Review Your Device’s History

    It’s up to you now to review your device’s history properly and figure out where it could be and who could have taken it. Aispyer makes this easy by providing addresses, date stamps, timestamps, and a Map/Satellite view!

    How to Track iPhone 7 Location - Review Your Devic history

    Part 2. How to Track iPhone Location by Phone Number

    Now, if your phone has already been lost or taken, and it’s too late to secure it with a tool like Aispyer, you couldtry out this next method. For this, we’re going to be assuming that your phone has been subscribed to some kind of cellular service carrier. Whether that be T-Mobile (which is what we’re going to be demonstrating with below),Sprint, AT&T, etc. With most of these carriers, you should be able to track your iPhone 7 by your phone number alone.

    Note:We’ll be demonstrating with T-Mobile’s Community tool, but the process should remain similar even if you were under a different cellular service provider!

    Step1 Use Your Phone Number!

    Your phone number is used in the initial stages. That is, in the sign-up or login stage! Use it to create an account under whatever cellular carrier service you’re subscribed to.

    How to Track iPhone 7 Location -Use Your Phone Number

    Step2 Track Location!

    Once you’re on your T-Mobile activity page, outside of being able to view call history, you should also be able to view your device’s Locations. Do so to track your iPhone’s last-known location!

    How to Track iPhone 7 Location -Track Location

    Part 3. How to Track iPhone Location by IMEI Number

    This final method is the ‘end-all-be-all.’ This is what you do if you have no other options left, and you better hope that you have your IMEI phone number to back it up (which is what we’re going to be teaching you to collect below.) An IMEI number is your iPhone’s identification number. It’s unique to yourphone only, and it’s what will allow you to identify one iPhone from another like yours. Learn more about how you can use this to track your iPhone below!

    Step7rsquo;s General Settings

    This all starts on your iPhone 7’s General Settingspage — which you can access by going to your phone’s Settings > General.

    How to Track iPhone 7 Location -Go to iPhone settingHow to Track iPhone 7 Location

    Step2 View About Information

    Once on your iPhone 7’s General Settingspage, locate and select the Aboutoption to view your iPhone’s general information!

    How to Track iPhone 7 Location - View About Information

    Step3 Copy Your IMEI Number

    For this method to work, you must have your IMEI number stored in an external document somewhere. To do that, it can be copied by scrolling down the Aboutpage, locating IMEI, and pressing it until the Copyoption pops-up for you to use!

    How to Track iPhone 7 Location -locating IMEIHow to Track iPhone 7 Location -Copy Your IMEI Number

    Step4 Use Your IMEI Number

    If you do have your IMEI Number stored somewhere (perhaps the back of your iPhone 7’s original box or on your original purchase receipt),you can use it to track your iPhone. To do so, you will have to personally go to your cellular service provider and talk to them about blacklistingyour IMEI Number.

    That way, if the one to have stolen your device decides to subscribe under a carrier, the phone can be claimed as yours!

    Conclusion:Top 3 Ways about How to Track iPhone 7 Location Easily

    Losing a phone? It can happen to anyone. But, unfortunately, not many of us can afford to get replacements for them! Especially not these days, when smartphones like these can cost you almost as much as an arm and a leg! Sure, you could,maybe, locate it after with your phone number or IMEI number. But the chances are honestly too slim for that to ever really work out 99% of the time. Our tip? Make sure that you don’t lose in it the first place by securing it with an app like Aispyer!

    It will take some investment. But, just like how you have items insured to prevent any losses, subscribing to Aispyer can ensure that your investments are ensured with multiple fail-safes that prevent those losses from ever occurring!

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