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    Are you interested in a FREE GPS location tracker for Android or iPhone? GPS cell phone locators were designed for those who may want to locate a lost or misplaced phone. Although, these days, there’s enough variety in the available GPS phone locators that they’re used for different purposes — tracking the location of children, coordinating events with family and friends, and so on.

    The list below has been separated to show both Android and iPhone GPS locators. But, more importantly, we’ve included as wide a variety as possible — so that you can choose freely!

    Part 1. Top 5 Free GPS Android Phone Locator

    1. Google’s Find My Device


    Find My Device is a Google-designed Android native tool that you can use in order to locate your Android phone for FREE! This is the tool that’s used by most (as you can set it up straight on the Settings of a mobile device),but it does have its pros and cons – just like all the other alternatives we’ll introduce in this Top 5 FREE GPS Android Phone Locator list!

    • Google’s Find My Device offers multi-device tracking.
    • Tracking with this tool is instantaneous and done in real-time.
    • It also features several other unique functions for handling misplaced or stolen phones — including remote lock, message, and format tools.
    • This tool is native to Android.
    • Its applications are limited to locating lost devices.
    GPS Android Phone Locator-Aispyer

    2. Glympse


    Glympse is a comparatively simplerlocation app than most. It was designed to record the real-time location of an Android device based on specified timed intervals – which is useful if you want to be able to locate a phone throughout the day, but it does also mean that it drains battery a lot more easily.

    • Glympse offers automatic location sync (customizable intervals.)
    • Navigational extras allow for easy event coordination with families, friends, or coworkers.
    • A low-power mode is available to prevent the battery-draining properties of the automatic location sync function.
    • Real-time location tracking is technically not possible with this app.
    • You will need to manually track location each time.
    • You will need to request one’s permission in order to be able to track their location or location history indefinitely.
    GPS Android Phone Locator-Glympse

    3. Life360 for Android


    Rather than a lost phone locator, Life36o is an Android tracking tool that was designed for sharing real-time location between friends and family. This access is impeded, and will require renewal, but it can be pretty convenient track of the people that matter most to you!

    • Life360 offers parental control properties in the form of GPS location.
    • This is useful for coordinating meetings with members of your family.
    • Customizable alerts and notifications are available to personalize your experience.
    • The FREE version is limited.
    • Plus, the premium version starts at $5 monthly.
    • No battery-saving mode.
    GPS Android Phone Locator- Life360 for Android

    4. Foursquare Swarm


    Foursquare Swarm is a parental control app that is actually very similar to Glympse. It’s incredibly simple as it will allow you to set up ‘check-in’ intervals so that the app can notify you of another person’s current location. This is useful for tracking family but it can also be useful for locating misplaced Android devices.

    • Foursquare Swarm takes a unique approach to GPS location tracking.
    • It was designed primarily for parental control and surveillance.
    • Its GPS location tools are focused on behavioral analysis (like knowing which spots your friends and families spend the most time at.)
    • It is not meant for accurate real time-tracking.
    • Permission is required in order to track another’s location indefinitely.
    • It operates in a ‘check-in’ faculty.
    GPS Android Phone Locator-Foursquare Swarm

    5. Family Locator


    Family Locator,as you can probably guess from its name, is a parental control app designed for parents who want to be able to locate the Android devices of their children. This allows true real-time tracking and is very useful when it comes to providing an accurate report on past location history of another person.

    • Family Locator offers real-time FREE GPS phone locating properties.
    • Useful for finding families in a crowd or studying their location history.
    • You’re also able to apply advanced ‘Geofences’ for keeping your family safe.
    • The FREE version is limited.
    • And, the premium version will cost at least $15
    • Its battery-saving mode cuts off location tracking access.
    GPS Android Phone Locator-Family Locator

    Part 2. Top 5 Free GPS iPhone Locator

    1. Google Maps


    Google Mapsis not a traditional GPS phone locator, but it does offer features that makes it a lot like one. Like, for example, the fact that it can be used to share and request the location of someone else (permission is required but the information is always 100% accurate!)

    • Google Maps is a native app for iOS devices used for navigation.
    • It’s GPS iPhone locating features are quite helpful in the share-and-request sense.
    • The app is 100% with no ads or hidden in-app purchases.
    • It’s best suited for coordinating with friends and family.
    • You will need permission in order to access one’s GPS location.
    • You can only view your own GPS location timeline.
    GPS iPhone Locator-Google Maps

    2. FindMyFriends


    With FindMyFriends,we have another location sharing iPhone app that can be useful for catching up with friends, family, colleagues, etc. Based on their location or their most favorite location spots.

    • Find My Friends is another native iOS app for GPS location purposes.
    • This was designed to help you coordinate with your close friends and family.
    • Anyone in your ‘Circle’ can access your location and vice versa in real-time.
    • You will need the permission of others to access their real-time location.
    • This is not suited for finding lost iOS devices.
    • You cannot use this to connect with friends or family that use Android devices.
    GPS iPhone Locator-FindMyFriends

    3. FollowMee’s GPS Location Tracker


    FollowMeeis a very report-oriented GPS location tracker that is useful for keeping very detailed accounts of the coming and goings of a particular Android device. It’s not the most versatile tool out there, or even the most easiest to use, but it’s FREE and quite efficient at what it does.

    • FollowMee compiles a very detailed GPS location history for you.
    • This history can be accessed at any time with the use of an iOS device.
    • Tracking is performed in intervals,which updates based on your custom settings.
    • The app design is rather rustic.
    • It’s FREE but it does host quite a few ads.
    • The intervals-based tracking is quite battery-draining.
    GPS iPhone Locator-FollowMees GPS Location Tracker

    4. GPSWOX Mobile Client


    With GPSWOX,we return to your standard location tracking app. Although, much like FollowMee, this tool is all for the creation of detailed historical reports of the location of an Android device.

    • The GPSWOX Mobile Client is an iOS device tracking app.
    • Like the previous app mentioned, it compiles incredibly detailed location timelines.
    • It offers both a map view and a detailed listed view (which is printable.)
    • The app is FREE, but it does host quite a few ads.
    • This is better suited for self-analysis.
    • Real-time tracking is performed in intervals, which drains battery life quickly.
    GPS iPhone Locator-GPSWOX Mobile Client

    5. iTrack


    iTrackis the very last FREE iPhone location tracking tool on this list! It’s a bit of a special addition, as it’s not exactly what you can expect form other Android apps. That is, this is best used for analyzing your owncoming and goings. Which might be useful if you’re a very detail-oriented version, as it’s good for sticking very closely to a strict schedule.

    • iTrack is another popular self-analysis GPS phone locator app.
    • This compiles full reports of location history.
    • It also creates a timeline that you can ‘playback’ to assess where you went throughout the day (or a set period of time.)
    • Although the app is FREE, you’ll have to suffer through quite a number of ads.
    • This isn’t to be used for tracking someone else’s GPS location.
    • The interval-based tracking drains battery-life quite quickly.
    GPS iPhone Locator-iTrack

    Part 3. Best GPS Cell Phone Locator


    • Aispyer is what we consider the best GPS cell phone locator!
    • This is a premium spyware app that you can use to monitor a device remotely.
    • A FREE demo is available for you to try and explore all of its features!
    • The app is lightweight and battery-saving (unlike other GPS locator apps.)
    • It offers both real-time location tracking and a convenient summary of previously visited locations!
    Best GPS Cell Phone Locator-Aispyer

    Conclusion:Top 10 Free GPS Phone Locator

    That concludes our top 10 FREE GPS phone locator recommendations. Feel free to test them out and see whether any of them will work for your purposes! If not, check out the BONUS premium app that we introduced in the end. You’re undoubted to see a big difference between the spyware Aispyer and the regular GPS phone locating apps that we introduced. Nothing beats a solid app like that. We guarantee, that once you try it, you’ll see exactly why it comes so highly recommended everywhere.

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