Know Others' Mobile Location

  • Real-time location tracking software for other’s mobile devices.

  • Multi-purpose tracking opportunities - calls, SMS, web history, etc.

  • Remote tracking available on any browser and on any device.

  • Sleek and easy to use interface suitable for most beginners.

    Do you have any suspicions on the coming and goings of another person? Maybe a child who claims to be in one place and has been discovered at another? Or a lover whose escapades are a touch too suspicious? Well, then, would you want to learn how to know another’s mobile phone location? Most people these days don’t go anywhere without their cellular device, and with the right kind of tool, you can take advantage of this and find out where a person has been spending their time! Learn more about this below.

    Part 1. How Can I Know Other's Mobile Location

    So, how can you know another person’s mobile location? Well, there are actually three major ways that someone can track the location of another person’s mobile device (two of which we’ll be teaching you below.) these three are.

    • Spyware Tracking:Spyware, or spy software, are programs, apps, software, etc.,that you can set up to spy on someone else’s device (whether it be their mobile, their tablets, their PCs, etc.) Spyware can take a great many forms, but most are quite capable of tracking someone’s location without the person ever knowing! They run in the background of other apps and forward mobile phone data (like GPS location) to a server that a hacker can access remotely.
    • Cellular Service Provider:A phone’s location might also be tracked through one’s carrier. Now, not all carriers will provide this service, but those that do, can be accessed with an account or phone number!
    • Wi-Fi Tracking:This form of location tracking is trickier and left more up to chance than anything else. It will also require quite a bit of skill and can be quite complex, so this is the one method that we’re not going to be teaching you how to do.

    Part 2. Easy Steps to Know Other's Mobile Location

    For our demonstration on how to know other’s mobile location with spyware tracking, we have Aispyer. This is our prime candidate for spyware for cellular devices. It’s lightweight, unobtrusive, reliable, and quite sleek in its design! Much like with most spyware, this will need to be installed on the device of the person you want to ‘spy’ on, but you won’t have to do much else outside of that once the app has been all set up!

    • Real-time location tracking software for other’s mobile devices.
    • Multi-purpose tracking opportunities (calls, SMS, web history, etc.)
    • Remote tracking available on any browser and on any device
    • Sleek and easy to use interface suitable for most beginners
    • Unobtrusive design that blends into the background of other app activity

    Step1 Use Aispyer to Track Another’s Mobile!

    In order to use Aispyer effectively, we start on the Aispyer website. This acts as the central platform for all things Aispyer. It’s where you must subscribe to the software and where you can perform the actual location ‘monitoring.’

    How to Know Others' Mobile Location-Aispyer

    Step2 Subscribe to Aispyer

    Much like with all other spyware apps in the market, Aispyer is a premium program. That means, that you’re going to have to purchase a license in order to use it! Do so in order to have access to its prime GPS location features!

    How to Know Others' Mobile Location-Subscribe to Aispyer

    Step3 Install the Spyware App!

    Once you’re subscribed, you should then be able to install the spyware on the mobile device of the other person that you want to track! This is a surprisingly intuitive process, but, if you want to learn more, check out the video guide linked below!


    How to Know Others' Mobile Location-Install the Spyware App

    Step4 Sign in to Central Dashboard

    With the device set up, you can now begin actually spying!

    As mentioned, spying is performed on the Aispyer website — where you can log in to access the monitoring dashboard (a preview of which is shown below.)

    How to Know Others' Mobile Location-Sign in to Central Dashboard

    Step5 Track Other’s Last Known Location

    For surface-level location tracking, you don’t have to go anywhere further than the central monitoring dashboard. As you can see, it’s pretty easy to know another’s mobile phone location with Aispyer! Their Last Known Locationis right there and available for your viewing!

    How to Know Others' Mobile Location-Track Others Last Known Location

    Step6 Known Other’s GPS History

    If you want to go deeper than the ‘surface-level’ real-time tracking, then you access the mobile’s GPS location history by selecting Locationfrom the tab on the left of the Aispyer menu.

    How to Know Others' Mobile Location-GPS History

    Selecting Locationwill open up a map/satellite view (similar to the one on the central dashboard),as well as offer you a list of visited locations on the side — where you can also see the date and time those locations were visited.

    This feature is especially helpful for tracking down where a person has been and confirming whether their statements match the actual truth!

    How to Know Others' Mobile Location

    Part 3. Can I Know Other's Mobile Location by Cell Phone Number?

    For this next demonstration, we’re going to show you the second method of finding other’s mobile location — that is, going through a service provider! In our demonstration, we’re going to be using AT&T — which offers an online platform myAT&T that you can use in order to track your (or in this case, someone else’s, call history and location.) But there are plenty of other carriers that provide the same, or similar services that will allow you to track someone’s cell!

    Step1 Log in to myAT&T

    As mentioned, you will need either the account or the phone number of the mobile that you want to track for this! If you have it, you can go straight to myAT&T and log in to view that device’s location.

    How to Know Others' Mobile Location-Log in to myATT

    Step2 Check Their Location!

    Once you’re in the myAT&T central dashboard, you should be able to select the Locationstab to know that person’s mobile phone location!

    How to Know Others' Mobile Location- Check Their Location

    Conclusion:How to Know Others' Mobile Location

    There aren’t many reliable methods out there for tracking another person’s location. That is, unless you want to get fancy and set up professional bugs (which cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to set up properly!) Fortunately, you can avoid all that by using spyware like Aispyer It’s the most accurate method of getting to the mobile location of others! So, try it out today if you have any reason to want to keep an eye on your children, lover, friends, colleagues, etc.!

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