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  • Powerful real-time cell phone locator for smartphones and tablets.

  • Track a phone from any device.

  • Monitoring tools that will allow you to track phone usage.

  • Advanced keylogging and data storing functions for managing cellular devices.

    Have you misplaced your iPhone? Or, perhaps, do you have any reason to believe that it’s been stolen? Well, then you’re in luck! There are a couple of different ways that you can go about preventing either from happening — 5 ways how to locate iPhone will be listed below. We’re going to be starting with a powerful spyware called Aispyer, and then rounding things off with a couple of solid apps that you can get from online or from the App Store!

    Part 1. How to locate iPhone with Aispyer

    Aispyer is our most recommended method for locating a phone that has been misplaced or stolen. Through this spyware, you can prevent both issues from ever occurring by building a solid foundation for which you can stand up. That is, a way of locating and tracing your phone (or someone else’s) as soon as you’ve realized you’ve lost it — which should help prevent anyone from picking it up accidentally and having their way with it!

    • Powerful real-time cell phone locator for smartphones and tablets.
    • It can be used to track a phone from any device (iOS devices included!)
    • Dozens of other monitoring tools that will allow you to track phone usage.
    • Advanced keylogging and data storing functions for managing cellular devices.
    • The active ‘tracking’ can be performed from anywhere and on any browser!

    Step1 Subscribe to Aispyer

    In order to use Aispyer, you will need to set up your device for tracking. This starts right on the Aispyer website, where you can sign up and subscribe to one of their available plans.

    Locate iPhone-Subscribe to Aispyer

    Step2 Choose the Right Plan!

    You have several subscription plans to choose from, so make sure to choose wisely!

    Locate iPhone-Choose the Right Plan

    Step3 Install the Spyware App

    With your subscription in hand, you should now be able to access the spyware app. This needs to be downloaded and then installed on the phone that you want to track!

    Locate iPhone-Install the Spyware App

    Step4 Access the Dashboard

    That concludes the set-up portion of this tutorial! Now, all you need to do is sign in to Aispyer so that you can access the ‘dashboard.’ The dashboard is where you can begin locating a lost or misplaced phone!

    Locate iPhone-Access the Dashboard

    For example, right there for you to see, is the Last Known Location widget. This will show you the real-time location of the device that you set up in the first three steps.

    Locate iPhone-Access the Dashboard

    Step5 More Tracking Tools!

    The Last Known Location tool is probably all you need to locate your misplaced or stolen device. BUT you can also use Aispyer’s other tracking tools, like the Location tab...

    Locate iPhone-More Tracking Tools

    The location tab gives you an in-depth look at the device’s location history! This is especially useful if you’re less curious about finding a phone and more interested in finding out where the phone has been during certain dates and times!

    Locate iPhone-More Tracking Tools

    Part 2. How to locate iPhone Using Google Timeline

    For the next method that we’re going to introduce, we’re going to be using Google Maps. OR, more specifically, Google’s Map’s Your Timeline function. This works very similarly to Aispyer’s own Location Timeline feature. In that, you can use it to find out where an iPhone (and thus, its owner) has been coming and going at certain dates or times.

    Step1 Open Up Google Map’s Your Timeline!

    The first order of business is to open up the Google Maps app (this should have been pre-installed on your iPhone. If not, it’s available for download on the App and Play Store!)

    Once the Google Maps app has been launched, open up Your Timeline from the menu that you can select from the upper left-hand corner of the interface.

    Locate iPhone-Open Up Google Map’s Your Timeline

    Step2 Allow Permissions!

    If this is your first time using this function, you may have to allow certain permissions (or manage pre-existing ones.) Google Maps will lead you through this process, just select Learn More to find out more information or select Let’s Go to move forward!

    Locate iPhone- Allow Permissions

    Step3 Select a Date to Locate iPhone Location

    Once you’re all set up, you will be given the chance to choose a specific date to track your location from. For example, in the image below, we selected January 18,2020.

    This pulled up all the locations we visited on that day, in which case, it was just the one!

    You can edit or confirm this location to build-up your timeline as needed.

    Locate iPhone-Select a Date to Locate iPhone Location

    Part 3. How to locate iPhone with Find My iPhone?

    Next is Find My iPhone,a tool that you have no doubt heard of at least once before — and possibly more than that if you’re a long-time iOS user. This is the tool designed by Apple to help you locate lost or stolen iOS devices, but, it does also offer a couple of tools that you can use in order to track the comings and goings of a person based on the GPS of their phone.

    Step1 Turn on Location Services Pt. 1

    The first part in making sure that you can use Find My iPhone to locate iPhones is to turn on Location Services. For this, start by going to… Settings > Privacy.

    Locate iPhone-Turn on Location ServicesLocate iPhone-Turn on Location Services

    Step2 Turn on Location Services Pt. 2

    Once in the Privacy Settings page, locate, select and then enable the option marked as Location Services (as is shown in the images provided.)

    Locate iPhone-Turn on Location ServicesLocate iPhone-Turn on Location Services

    Step3 Turn on Find My iPhone!

    The next thing that you have to do is make sure that Find My iPhone is enabled under the iPhone’s Apple ID settings. This can be done by going to Settings > Apple ID > Find My! Once there, you’ll need to locate, select, and enable the Find My iPhone option!

    Locate iPhone-Turn on Find My iPhoneLocate iPhone-Turn on Find My iPhoneLocate iPhone-Turn on Find My iPhone

    Step4 Use iCloud to Locate iPhone

    With all those settings all properly set, you can now use iCloud to locate your iPhone! All you need to do is head to iCloud’s Find My page (linked below) and Sign in with your Apple ID!


    Locate iPhone-Use iCloud to Locate iPhone

    Part 4. How to locate iPhone Using GPS Tracking Apps

    Our fourth method is FamiSafe, a parental control spyware app that you can use for both GPS tracking and geofencing purposes. This is best used by parents who want to be able to keep watch (and in control) of where their children are going after school or when they’re away from home. Now, much like with the other methods we’ve introduced thus far, this will need some set up before working — but we’ll cover that in the tutorial we’ve included below.

    Step1 Subscribe to FamiSafe

    Just like with Aispyer, you will need to subscribe to FamiSafe in order to get it to work for you. This is done on the FamiSafe main website!

    Locate iPhone-Subscribe to FamiSafe

    Step2 Choose the Right Plan

    FamiSafe does also offers several subscription plans to choose from. So, make sure to pick the one that you feel is best suited for you.

    Locate iPhone-Choose the Right Plan

    Step3 Sign in to Locate iPhone

    Once you have FamiSafe all set up on your child’s iOS device, you can monitor their location from wherever and whenever you wish. You just need to sign in to FamiSafe to access the dashboard!

    Locate iPhone-Sign in to Locate iPhone

    Step4 Locate the iPhone Easily!

    With FamiSafe, locating the iPhone you’ve set up is as easy as opening up the Location tab of the monitoring dashboard (shown below.) this will show you where your child is currently at and their battery percentage (which marks how much longer you’ll be able to locate the iPhone.

    Locate iPhone-Locate the iPhone Easily

    Part 5. How to locate iPhone with Find My Friends App?

    For our last and final demonstration of how you might be able to locate an iPhone remotely, we’re going to introduce Find My Friends. Conceptionally, this is pretty close to both Google Maps and Find My iPhone, but it does have a couple of stand-out features. One of which, unfortunately, is that it’s a subscription-based app like Aispyer and FamiSafe. This does make the app more secure, but it could cost quite the pretty penny if you’re looking for something to use in the long-term.

    Step1 Install and Set-Up Find My Friends

    Much like with most of the apps we introduced today, you will need to install the app and set it up to get it to work. It is, of course, available on the App Store, and setting it up is just a matter of plugging in the right information (email address, password, etc.)

    Locate iPhone-Install and Set-Up Find My FriendsLocate iPhone-Install and Set-Up Find My Friends

    Step2 Subscribe to Find My Friends

    As mentioned, this is a subscription-based app. So, if you want to be able to use it for all that it’s able to do, then you’re going to need to cough up some cash. Thankfully, it does offer several different plans — so you can choose which, if any, you would prefer.

    Locate iPhone-Subscribe to Find My Friends

    Step3 Start Tracking with Find My Friends!

    Once subscribed, you can stark tracking immediately! With this tool, you can create a ‘Phone Book’ of friends that you want to keep an eye on. This will make your purview to their calls, messages, location, etc.! And, it does offer some control as to where they go (customizable alerts can be set up as desired so that you can take action.)

    Locate iPhone-Start Tracking with Find My Friends

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