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    Do you have any reason to believe that someone may have bugged your phone? How do you even tell if there is someone tracking your iPhone? Apple is quite proud of its privacy and security functions, but, unfortunately, no phone is perfect in this case. All mobile devices these days can be tracked, and if you aren’t careful, all your information could be right there ripe for the picking for anyone to see and spread around Learn more about how to know if someone is tracking your iPhone below!

    Part 1. How Can your iOS Device Be Tracked?

    What kind of methods or tools can a person use in order to track your device? Well… all the different methods can actually be grouped up quite nicely into three ways.

    Step1 Tracking Through Cellular Service Provider

    No matter what carrier your iPhone is subscribed to, there will always be a chance that a hacker (or even a regular person) can be tracking your call history information, location history, billing information, etc. at the network level.

    This type of tracing is considered impossible to detect as it doesn’t leave any direct evidence of tracking. However, you can rest in comfort to know that this is the rarest form — as its quite difficult to do. And that it is unlikely that just anyone you know is able to do it.

    Step2 GPS Location Tracking Through Spyware

    Unfortunately, something that anyone can do to track your iPhone’s location is GPS tracking is to use spyware. Nowadays, just about anyone can install spyware (surveillance software) apps to record and report your device’s current location.

    Most of these spyware apps run in the background and information is forwarded to the hacker discreetly through a private server.

    Step3 Wi-Fi Location Tracking

    Have you ever seen those little warnings that appear when you try to connect a public Wi-Fi? Well, those warnings mean something. They mean, that hackers can use special software and tools to leech information from your device through a shared Wi-Fi connection.

    So, keep that in mind for the next time you connect to a public Wi-Fi!

    Part 2. How Do I Know if Someone is Tracking My iPhone?

    The first step in determining whether your iPhone is being tracked is to give your downloaded and installed apps a long look. Think. Are there any apps on your device that you don’t remember downloading? Spyware can take any form, some of which can be completely innocuous! They’re rather smart too.

    They can pretend to be something else altogether — with a front that makes it seem like that they are that app. While, in the background, they’re actually doing something more sinister!

    Step2 Check Which Apps Are Using Data

    One of the main weaknesses of apps like these is that they need the internet or data to be able to forward information to the hacker. To address this, it’s easy enough to open up your iPhone’s data usage log to check which apps are using the most data. Or, even, which apps have no business to be using data. That’s usually one of the easiest ways to spot whether spyware has been installed on your device.

    Step3 Monitor Your Battery Levels

    On the same vein as the previous tip, you may also want to monitor your battery levels. Spyware, especially the ones that are constantly tracking and reporting your data in real-time, are often significantly battery-draining. They’re always on, after all, and that takes a lot of juice.

    Step4 Take Note of Any Sudden Crashes

    Again, Spyware is always running in the background of apps. And, whilst they’re usually quite good at hiding themselves from plain view. That doesn’t mean that they never mess up. Sometimes, these energy-draining apps can cause erratic behavior in your device. So, take note of any sudden or strange crashes and malfunctions.

    Step5 Check for Any Strange Files

    Even the most secretive of spyware can’t do anything when it comes down to already hidden files or folders. These are usually generally harder to access anyway, and such is considered ‘safe-ground.’ Take advantage of this by checking for any strangely marked files or folders on your phone. Chances are, if you don’t recognize it, then it may have been planted there by someone else altogether!

    Part 3. Who is Tracking Your Phone?

    Now, you may be wondering… with all that you now know, who is tracking your phone? Who even has the resources or the knowledge to do so easily? It really all depends on your personal situation, of course. But, the usual ‘culprits’ as we say, are as follows:

    • Network Carriers:Yes, it’s a bummer, but unfortunately it can actually be completely legal for your network carrier to save and/or even sell your phone’s real-time GPS history. It’s all in the fine print, and you may find that you’ve signed off on something that’s a little more privacy-invasive than you think.
    • Hackers:Hackers fall in a rather ‘wide’ category, and that’s understating things a little bit. It’s hard to say what hackers want to do with your iPhone’s GPS location history, but suffice to say, it’s usually never good.
    • Family (Parents!):A lot of the available spyware in the market are designed and advertised as ‘Parental Control’ apps. And, any parent, no matter how technologically deficient, with enough concern, can install one of those location tracking apps to keep an eye on where you go throughout the day.
    • Lovers and/or Spouses:Another group of people that care for you that might track your location is a spouse and/or lover. Sometimes this is purely for the sake of your safety. Others, because of lewd suspicions that may or may not be justified.
    • Bosses or Employers:If you have a company-given phone, chances are that there’s some form of location tracking app on it. This is usually a way for businesses to keep tracking their ‘resources’ — whether that is you or the phone is anyone’s guess, however.

    Part 4. Remove Tracking Apps and Spyware

    Step1 Disable Location Services

    Disabling your iPhone’s Location Service settings is one of the first things that you should do. This is but a quick stopgap, but it’s a good way of nipping the problem in the bud and preventing any problems from arising, to begin with.

    • Go to Settings
    • Privacy
    • Location Services
    • Turn OFF
    Tell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone-Disable Location Services Tell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone-Disable Location Services

    Step2 Turn Off Share My Location

    While you’re on your iPhone’s Location Services Settings menu page, you might as well turn off the Share My Location function as well! Much like the previous tip, this won’t fix all your problems, but if you have a strong suspicion that you’re being tracked, then there’s no reason to give them such an easy entryway.

    • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services
    • Select Share My Location
    • Turn it OFF
    • Tell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone-Turn Off Share My Location Tell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone-Turn Off Share My Location

    Step3 Amp Up Your Security — Change Your Passwords!

    Another simple but sure-fire way of preventing anyone from sneaking onto your device and installing a spyware is to change your password! Most spyware need to be downloaded and installed directly on your device to work. Suffice it to say, if they can’t get any access to your phone, then they shouldn’t be able to track your location!

    Step4 Delete Unknown Apps

    Remember when we mentioned that spyware can be completely innocuous? They can take any form. So, if you ever find a strange app on your iPhone that you do not remember downloading yourself. Delete it! Chances are, if you don’t catch a spyware then you’ll at least catch any potential viruses that may have tried to plant itself on your mobile device.

    Step5 Factory Reset Your iPhone

    Unfortunately, deleting strange or unknown apps isn’t going to be enough in some cases. There are a couple of premium spyware on the market that turn invisible as soon as they’ve been installed. So, if you want to make sure to delete any spyware that may be tracking your phone’s location, it’s best to go for a thorough Factory Reset. To do this…

    • Go to Settings > General > Reset
    • Then, Select Erase All Content and Settings!

    Tell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone-Factory Reset Your iPhone Tell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone-Factory Reset Your iPhoneTell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone-Factory Reset Your iPhone

    Step6 Update to the Newest OS

    Another good way of potentially removing any spyware that’s tracking your phone’s location is to update to the newest OS. Apps need to be updated in order to work properly after all. And, while this won’t remove all apps completely, it has a good chance of kicking out any badly designed spyware apps. To do this...

      • Go to Settings > General > Software Update
      • Then, select Download and Install!

    Tell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone-Update to the Newest OS Tell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone-Update to the Newest OSTell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone-Update to the Newest OS

    Step7 Install an Antivirus Software

    Most Spyware are downloaded and installed out of the App Store. These make them more likely to be picked up and removed by Antivirus software — as they are seen as potentially dangerous foreign or alien in design.

    Step8 Remove Your iPhone’s Jailbreak

    Another stopgap is to not jailbreak your phone. Jailbroken iPhones are more impervious to malware and they’re also far easier to hack. There are a lot of spyware that rely on your iPhone to be jailbroken to work (otherwise they aren’t able to crack Apple’s security and privacy settings.) So, if you want to prevent any chance of this from occurring, remove or just don’t get your iPhone jailbroken in the first place!

    Conclusion:How to Tell if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone

    Unfortunately for you, and fortunately for all the hackers and concerned parents out there, it’s only going to get easier to track your location through iPhone from henceforth. There’s a finite amount that Apple is able to restrict your privacy and security settings but there are infinite opportunities for innovative outsiders to figure out how to break those settings.

    Chin up though! That doesn’t mean that your security is a total lost cause! All you have to do is act now and remember to quickly check any suspicious activity on your iPhone whenever you can. If you catch it soon enough and act to prevent it from happening again, you’ll do just fine!

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