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    Smartphones these days can cost an arm and a leg, and, unfortunately, they’re also much too easy to lose! If you know yourself to be a bit of a ditz when it comes to keeping your phone in check, you may want to act pre-emptively to set up anti-theft services on your expensive devices. Fortunately, there are services like this built-into both iOS and Android devices. It’s just a matter of learning how to turn them on and using them immediately upon the loss of your phone! Learn how you can track a lost phone — iPhone or Android, by following the tutorials below!

    Part 1. How to Track A Lost Android phone

    To start, let’s teach you how to track a lost Android Phone. Samsung (and other Android devices) have long since adapted to offer ‘Location Services’ — when, previously, this had been mostly an iOS trait. For Androids, this service comes in the form of the Find My Mobileapp, an app that is very similar to the Find My Phone app but structured a little more loosely to match the designed and software used for Android devices.

    Step1 Open Biometric Settings

    In order to start tracking an Android phone, we must go to the past a bit and prepare the Find My Mobile settings. These, you can find under Biometrics and Security.

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step 2. Manage Find My Mobile Settings Once you’re in the Biometrics and Security page, it’s pretty easy to find the Find My Mobile settings. Select this option in order to begin managing your device’s location services.

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step3 Turn on Google Location Services

    An Android device’s location services are turned off by default. Which is a bad thing, as that will prevent you from looking up your location later on. So, make sure the Google Location Servicetoggle is switched on, otherwise, you won’t be able to track your Android.

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step4 Sign in To Find My Mobile

    Now, for the actual ‘tracking’ point of this tutorial, go to This is where you can track your Android’s location remotely.

    • In order for this to work, you will need to provide the email you used for your Android Device. Do so, and you’ll be moved to a ‘Google Maps’ like service where you’ll be able to see your Android’s last-known location!
    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Part 2. How to Track A Lost iPhone

    Next, for Apple-lovers, we’ve also prepared a tutorial for learning how to track a lost iPhone. Despite the difference in design, the method for finding your iPhone is actually not all that different from the Android method. As mentioned, the Find My Mobile tool used by Android was most definitely inspired by the Find My iPhoneapp that iOS devices use — as you’ll be able to plainly see in the step-by-step breakdown below.

    Step1 Go to Device Settings

    Again, in order to track your lost iPhone, we’re going to have to go back to the ‘past’ a bit and assume that you had done the following four steps. Starting by going to your iPhone’s Settings!

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step2 Use Your Apple ID

    For this next step to be possible, we’re going to assume that you already have an Apple ID and that you have used it to log in to your device’s iCloud services. If so…

    Select your Apple IDSettings to proceed!

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step3 Manage Find My Settings

    Once you’re on the Apple IDsettings page, look for and select the Find Myoption.

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step4 Turn on Find My iPhone

    Under the Find Mysettings page, you’ll be able to see the Find My iPhoneoption. This will have to be turned on in order for the next part of the demonstration to work (which is when we actually do the ‘tracking’ part of this tutorial!)

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step5 Go to Find My iPhone

    Assuming that the previous steps were done properly beforeyou lost your device, you should be able to go to the FindMyiPhone webpage. On there…

    Sign in to Find My iPhone with the Apple ID you used for your iOS device.

    Once logged in, you will be moved to a page where you will be able to see your iPhone’s last-known location! Use this to track a lost, or stolen, iPhone or iPad!

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Part 3. How to find your lost phone with Google and its own services

    As a bit of a bonus, we’ve also included two more tutorials. Starting with a method of tracking your lost phone with Google Location Services. Does it sound familiar? It should! This is the same service that we used in order to locate an Android phone in our very first demonstration. The only difference is, rather than using Samsung’s Find My Mobile App, we’re going to be using Google’s Find My Devicetool!

    Step1 Go to Android’s Biometrics and Security Settings

    This first step is going to be familiar — starting out with, going to your Android’s Biometrics and Securitysettings!

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step2 Turn on Location Services

    In order for Google’s Location Service settings to work, you must ensure that Locationis turned on under Biometrics and Security. If this option is activated on your device, only then will you be able to use Google’s “Find My Device” tool!

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step3 Use Find My Device

    Google’s Find My Device tool is not so different from the other tools we’ve already introduced. For one, you will need to provide whatever account you had used on the device you lost.

    Upon doing so, only then will you be able to track the location of your lost phone!

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Part 3. How to track a Phone by Aispyer

    For our second bonus trick solution for tracking your phone (in case neither Find My iPhone or Find My Mobile) is working, we recommend Aispyer. Just like with the other tools we’ve mentioned thus far, you’ll only be able to track a lost phone if you act early — that is, set up the tracking app on all your devices. We’ll show you how to do that, as well as how to do the actual tracking, below as well.

    Step1 Create an ID

    An ID is required in order to link the device that you want to track with Aispyer. So, create one that you’ll be able to remember — this is what you’ll be using later on down the road.

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step2 Pick a License

    Unlike some of the other tools out there, Aispyer is a pay-to-useapp. That means that you’re going to have to pick and purchase one of their available licenses in order to use it. Do so if you want to be able to track a lost phone in the future! Otherwise, feel free to check out the FREE demo if you’re not quite sure if it’s right for you.

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step3 Install the Tracking App on Phone

    As mentioned, Aispyer does all of its tracking by leeching information from a device using a discreet spy app. You’ll be provided a download link for this app upon purchase, as well as instructions on how to install it!

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step4 Start Tracking Lost Phone!

    With Aispyer, you can begin tracking almost immediately! As long as you’re signed in to the monitoring dashboard (using the ID you created in Step 1),you will be able to see your device’s Last Known Location(as is shown in the picture below.)

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step5 See Detailed Location History

    If you would like to see a more detailed look at the tracked GPS location history of your device, you can do so by selecting the Locationtab from the menu on the left of the dashboard.

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Step6 The Location Page!

    Aispyer’s Locationpage offers a large map along with a list of recorded visited spots on the left. Including detailed Addresses, Aispyer also records the exact Time and Datethose spots were visited — allowing you to track your phone every step of the way!

    How to Track A Lost Phone

    Conclusion:Full Guide How to Track A Lost Phone

    A large part of having the ability to track a lost phone relies on your ability for forethought. Did you make sure that your device’s locations have been properly set-up? Do you remember the ID you used to set up location services? And, how fast will you be able to track your device after it’s lost? These are all questions that you’re going to want to ask yourself beforeyour device is ever lost. By doing so, you can use the convenient “Find My” tools and Aispyer to track your lost phone and save you from the stress of having to buy a new one!

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