Track iPhone Location

  • Track the location of a phone in real-time.

  • Store all recorded GPS locations.

  • All surveillance can be done online.

  • Monitor one’s social media activity.

    Have you ever wondered what people do in order to track the location of their phone to prevent it from being lost or stolen? Well, a lot of it depends on how prepared you were for the possibility in the first place. Which, thankfully, most iOS devices are more than capable of setting up for you without you even having to consider it!

    But, just in case, we’ve put together this full guide on how to track an iPhone’s location for those who may be interested in all the different find my iPhone opportunities and tools out there!

    Part 1. The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location with Aispyer

    For our first phone location tracking tool, we have Aispyer. There is a bit of a separation between this and other alternatives in the market. In that, you will need to download and install Aispyer on the phone that you want to be able to track (it works unobtrusively, so you don’t ever have to worry about it slowing down your phone.) After Aispyer has been installed, tracking your phone, as we will demonstrate below, is as easy as signing on to the Aispyer dashboard!

    • Aispyer is capable of tracking the location of a phone in real-time.
    • It also stores all recorded GPS locations to create a location timeline that you can review at the end of the day — or even further down the line.
    • The app also leeches data in the form of call history, web history, text messages, etc.
    • You can use this to monitor one’s social media activity as well (posts, messages, etc.)
    • All surveillance can be done online and from a remote location using any device!

    Step1 Try Out This Phone Tracker

    You can try out this mobile phone tracker now and follow along with the rest of the steps below by heading to the website we’ve linked below!


    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location-Aispyer

    Step2 Purchase an Aispyer License

    A license is required for those who want to use Aispyer to its fullest. Choose one that you believe won’t injure your wallet too much!

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location-Aispyer

    Step3 Download and Install App

    As mentioned in the introduction, you will need to download and install Aispyer in app-form so that it can work in the background to track your phone’s location! To do so, please follow the video guide prepared by Aispyer linked below!


    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location-Aispyer

    Step4 Sign in to Track Last Known Location

    When the app has been set up, you can move on to another device, sign in to the dashboard (with the email you used to purchase the license),and begin your tracking!

    Right on the dashboard, you can view the phone’s Last Known Location!

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location-Aispyer

    Step5 Review GPS Timeline

    If you want a report on the places visited by the owner of the device throughout the day, you can do this as well on the Locationtab (which we’ve highlighted below.)

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location-Aispyer

    Opening the Locationtab will move you to a page where you can review one’s complete GPS timeline — including date stamps, timestamps, and an accompanying Map/Satellite view!

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location-Aispyer

    Part 2. How to Track iPhone Location by Phone Number

    For our next demonstration, we’re going to stick to something simple by teaching you how to track an iPhone’s location by phone number! For this, we’re going to assume that you have your iPhone under some kind of phone plan — whether it be AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. Because, if so, you should be able to log in to their website and track your location!

    Step1 Sign Up with Your Phone Number

    In most cases, all you need to do to sign up for the location tracking services of your cellular service provider is your phone number. (We’ve chosen myAT&T for this demonstration but lots of other cellular service providers offer this option!)

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location by Phone Number

    Step2 Track Your Location!

    Once you’re all set up with an account, explore the myAT&T management menu (shown below) and try to find the Locationstool. In most cases, this will be left in a pretty obvious spot!

    Doing this should provide a way of tracking your iPhone through your phone number!

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location by Phone Number

    Part 3. How to Track iPhone Location by IMEI Number

    Another way of tracking your iPhone’s location is through IMEI Numbers. Each device has a unique IMEI number hard-coded into their hardware — which will allow you to identify whether a phone is yours or not! Using this ‘method’ is not immediate, but with the use of IMEI numbers, you can have your carrier blocklist a stolen device and make it so that it can be recovered if it pops up on their system at a later date.

    The demonstration below is mostly teaching you how to copy your IMEI number and paste it on a document that you can refer to at a later date!

    Step1 Go to Device Settings

    An iPhone’s IMEI Number can be located in the device’s Settings. Simply go into your Generalsettings to continue from there.

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location by IMEI Number

    Step2 Learn About the Device

    In your iPhone’s General Settingspage, locate and select the ABOUToption — which is what is shown in the images in the next step.

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location by IMEI Number

    Step3 Copy Your IMEI Number!

    To save your IMEI Number in case it is stolen, simply scroll down,holddown the IMEI Number, and then click Copywhen it pops up! That will copy the number on your clipboard and allow you to paste it on a document of your choosing!

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location by IMEI Number

    Step4 Turn in Your IMEI Number

    The only thing left to do now, in case your IMEI number is ever stolen, is to send it to cell phone carriers in your area and wait for the device to pop back into the system!

    Part 4. How to Track iPhone Location Using iCloud

    Next up, we’re going to be using iPhone’s built-in location tracking tool — which is iCloud’s FindMyiPhone. If you’ve had an iPhone any time in the past, you’ve probably already heard of it. It’s a built-in app that locksyour iPhone and prevents anyone from unlocking it without your consent. It’s turned on by default in most occasions, but we’ll be showing you how to turn it on manually, as well as how you can take advantage of it in our step by step tutorial below.

    Step1 Go to iPhone’s Privacy Settings

    To set up your iPhone’s FindMyiPhone services, go to your iPhone’s Settings > Privacy!

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location Using iCloud

    Step2 Turn On iPhone’s Location Services

    Next, in your iPhone’s Privacymenu make sure that LocationServiceshas been toggled on (as is shown in the image below.) This is what will make it possible for iCloud to track your iPhone in the future!

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location Using iCloud

    Step3 Manage Apple ID Settings

    With Location Servicesturned on, go back to your iPhone’s main Settingsmenu and select your Apple IDto manage its settings!

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location Using iCloud

    Step4 Turn on Find My iPhone

    Next, just like with the Location Service settings, locate your Find My iPhonesettings and make sure those are turned ON as well. If enabled, you’ll be able to use your Apple ID to track your iPhone location at a later date!

    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location Using iCloud

    Step5 Use iCloud - Find My iPhone!

    Finally, with all those settings set up as they should be, you can go to iCloud’s Find My iPhone page (linked below!) There, all you have to do is sign upwith your Apple ID, and then you’ll be able to see your iOS device’s last-known location!


    The Easiest Way to Track Phone Location Using iCloud

    Part 5. How to Track an iPhone with Locations Services OFF

    For this last portion, we’re going to be answering the question… is it possible to track an iPhone with Location Services OFF?We already mentioned, in our iCloud demonstration, that the Location Servicesettings on your iPhone must be turned on in order to work. But we didn’t explain why that was. And really… it all has to do with your Privacy.

    Apple doesn’t want to encroach on the privacy of others by allowing your location to be traced without your consent. And so, no, it is not possible to track an iPhone with locations services turned off. Unless, of course, you plant a separate GPS bug on the phone (in which case that will require professional help and will involve potential legal ramifications.)

    Recommendation:The Best Tool to Remotely Track iPhone Data - Aispyer"

    To finish this off, we’re going to trace things back over to our most recommended tool for tracking phone data remotely — Aispyer! Compared to the other options that we demonstrated here today, it was the most reliable andthe most capable of tracking phone data. Whether it be GPS location, phone usage, web usage, social media activity, and so much more.

    So, try it out for yourself today and explore its many remote tracking features!


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