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    The iOS ‘Location Service’ function is what allows for the ‘FindMyiPhone’ feature that iPhones and iPads are known for. Simply put, this function cannot be turned on by anyone without access to the iCloud account on the device — which allows the owner to locate any iPhones or iPads that may have been lost or stolen. The issue is, unless you have these services turned on, they won’t work for you! So, how exactly can you use the Find My iPhone App,and how do you turn on the location services option to do it?

    Part 1. How to Turn on Location Services on an iPhone or iPad

    Before we go into detail about the FindMyiPhone services, let’s take a look at the ‘Location Services’ that makes it work. From the name alone, you can probably guess what this function entails. But, to paint a clearer picture, iOS’s location services allows GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other such services to telegraph your location (no matter where you might be.)

    Step1 Go to Your iPhone or iPad’s Settings

    It all starts on your iPhone or iPad’s Settings. Go to it in order to proceed!

    how to use find my iphone app

    Step2 Go to Privacy Settings

    Once you’re on the Settings page of your iPhone or iPad, scroll down and locate your Privacysettings. This is the settings page where you will be able to find the location services menu!

    how to use find my iphone app

    Step3 Turn on Location Services on the iPhone or iPad!

    Once you’re on your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy Settingspage, locate and select the Location Servicesoption. That will move you to a page where you will be able to see your device’s Location Services settings!

    • Make sure that this is marked ONif not, flip the toggle switch until it turns green (as is demonstrated by the picture on the right.
    how to use find my iphone app

    Part 2. How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your iPhone

    Now that your Location Services settings have been turned on, you can finally manage your FindMyiPhone settings. Again, this is the option that will allow you to locate your device should it be stolen or lost. So, it’s best to turn it on as soon as possible! The only time this option should be turned off is when you plan to reset or format your iOS device. In which case, do try to remember to turn it back on again once it’s done!

    Step1 Go to Your iPhone or iPad’s Settings

    Much like before, all of this starts on your iPhone or iPad’s Settingspage. Go there to proceed!

    how to use find my iphone app

    Step2 Manage Your Apple ID, iCloud, etc.

    For Find My iPhone to work, you must be logged in. That is, you must have an Apple ID, iCloud ID, etc. If you are logged in to any of those on your iPhone or iPad, an account management widget (shown below) should appear at the top of the Settings menu.

    • Select this widget to move on to the next step!
    how to use find my iphone app

    Step3 Go to Find My Settings!

    On the Apple IDSettings page, scroll down and locate the Find Mysettings. This is what you’ll need to select to move on to the next step.

    how to use find my iphone app

    Step4 Turn on Find My iPhone!

    Much like with the Location Services demonstration, look for the Find My iPhoneoption. This should have an ONbeside it. If not, turn it on manually in order to activate the Find My iPhone services on your iPhone or iPad!

    how to use find my iphone app

    Step5 Use Apple ID to Find Your iPhone!

    If you want, you can test out this function by going to the Apple website and accessing the Find My iPhone portal. On there, all you have to do is provide the Apple ID you logged in with on your device! Once logged in, you should be able to access your device’s location whenever you wish (so long as your device is powered on.)

    how to use find my iphone app

    Part 3. Common Problems about Location service on an iPhone

    If you’re struggling to work out why your Location Services or Find My iPhone settings aren’t working as they should, take a look at the compilation of the most common issues below. We’ve listed them out to address a variety of different issues that you may have to deal with regarding either of the demonstrations we displayed earlier.

    1. Can’t Sign in To Find My iPhone?

    One of the most common issues people face is the inability to log in to iCloud when trying to locate their iPhone or iPad using iOS’ location services. In case this is the issue for you, try to answer the following question... Are you using the correct iCloud ID?More often than not, a mistyped user ID is the culprit. So, double-check what you’re using to sign in to Find My iPhone before trying to find another solution!

    2. Find My iPhone is Locked?

    A ‘locked’ iOS device is one that is currently linked to another Apple ID (perhaps the previous owner — if you bought it second-hand.) If your iOS device is locked, there is really no way of turning off or turning on Find My iPhone. So, if you end up purchasing an iOS device like this, it would be best to get in contact with the previous owner. Otherwise, you’re going to have to pay quite the pretty penny to get the phone unlocked professionally.

    3. “Device No Longer Locatable?”

    If you lose your iOS device and it gets unlocked by someone that finds it, a message saying that ‘Your Device is No Longer Locatable’ will appear on Find My iPhone. Have no fear, however, as long as you get to it fast enough (a maximum of 24 hours after Location Services have been turned off, to be exact),you can access your device’s last known location quite easily!

    Conclusion:How to Turn on Location Services on an iPhone or iPad

    That concludes our how to turn on location services on iPhone or iPad guide! Make sure to protect your iOS devices by keeping up on your location services and Find My iPhone settings! They only take a couple of minutes to turn on and configure, and the rewards of doing so will be more than worth the trouble. Save yourself the mental and physical stress of having to purchase another expensive apple product and protect your devices today!

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