iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps

  • The last-known location of your target in real-time.

  •  Offers a timeline of all recently visited locations.

  • GPS tracking is unobtrusive.

  • Works in the background of other apps.

    Have you heard of the “Find My” phone line of apps that have been littering the app store? These are apps that you can use in order to track an iPhone’s location! Whether that means tracking your own lost phone, monitoring your child through their iOS device, or sharing your location with friends or colleagues in order to coordinate meetings and events! If you’re interested in what these real-time location tracking apps have to offer, take a look at the top 10 list we organized below!

    Part 1. Top 10 iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools

    1. Google Maps for iPhone


    First up on our list is Google Mapsfor iPhone. It supports both iOS and Android devices and is quite clever in its simplicity. It has just enough tools to satisfy all the needs that we mentioned in the introduction — tracking lost phones, coordinating with family and friends, etc. whilst also offering a couple of bonus location tracking tools to appeal to your desire for uniqueness. Including a timeline of the most recent locations visited and the ability to control who and for how long someone is able to access your current real-time location!

    • Incredibly accurate real-time reporting.
    • Lots of customizable location sharing tools.
    • Includes an in-depth timeline of all locations visited.
    • Consent is required to access another’s location history.
    • Location access can be shut down at any time.
    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-Google Maps for iPhone

    2. Life360:Find Family & Friends


    Second on our list is Life360,another location-sharing app meant for family and friends who want to be able to track their precious people whenever they want. It works by allowing you to create ‘circles’ or groups wherein you can set up customizable location-based services that will allow anybody in your own circle to access your last known location and a timeline of all your previously visited locations!

    • Accurate and real-time location readings
    • Hosts a private messaging chat that’s useful for coordinating events.
    • Customizable alerts that will notify you of any changes in your family/friend’s location.
    • FREE app but includes in-app purchases.
    • iOS-only app for iPhone and iPad

    Will require the consent of the other party to track their location

    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-Life360

    3. FamiSafe


    FamiSafeis considerably larger (in size) than all of the other apps on this list. But its size is fairly matched by the functions that it offers. Including, of course, the standard location tracking tools that we’ve introduced with its predecessors, but in a way that is far more suited for parental controls. For one, the location access cannot be turned off by the person you’re monitoring — the access is unlimited, which makes it perfect for parents who want to keep a close eye on where their children are coming and going.

    • Powerful and efficient design.
    • It has both location tracking and geofencing capabilities.
    • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
    • One of the most expensive tools on this list.
    • The added functions come at a cost — the software is larger than average.
    • A lot of initial set up is required.
    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-FamiSafe

    4. FollowMee’s GPS Location Tracker


    We go back to something a little simpler with FollowMee’sGPS Location Tracker. It’s not going to be the fastest or most efficient at tracking location in real-time (there is a very small, nearly negligible delay),but it is FREE, and the tracker is always on and unobtrusive — your target will never know it’s working!

    • FREE app for iPhone.
    • Customizable location alerts can be set from 10-minutes to 12-hours intervals.
    • The App can be password-protected to prevent access removal.
    • It is available only for iOS devices.
    • The design is quite old.
    • There is a negligible, but still existent, delay in tracking time.
    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-FollowMee GPS Location Tracker

    5. iTrack-GPS


    Our next pick,iTrackis suitable for some of the purposes we mentioned (tracking family members and coordinating events),but, because of its simplicity, you won’t really be getting more than that. That may be exactly what you want though — in which case, you can download the app for your iOS device for FREE on the app store.

    • Real-time location tracking.
    • Photo-sharing functions.
    • FREE to use iOS app.
    • iPhone and iPads only.
    • There’s a limited number of people you can track or share location with.
    • The location timeline exists only up to the last 6 hours.
    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-iTrack-GPS

    6. CocoSpy


    CocoSpyis an online location tracking tool that was designed primarily to be used for families. Particularly, parents who want to keep track of their child’s phone usage. It comes with a lot of spying functions that allow its users to leech location history, call history, text message, web browsing history, and more, from their target to access on an online platform remotely.

    • Lots of powerful and advanced spying functions.
    • Available for both iOS and Android.
    • Standard location tracking and location timeline history provided.
    • Expensive pay-to-use app.
    • Payments are to be made annually (subscription-based.)
    • No geofencing or alert-based tools.
    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-CocoSpy

    7. Spyic


    There’s not much to say aboutSpyicthat wasn’t already said about CocoSpy. The two online location tools are pretty much the exact same — down to available tools, design, and even pricing. It’s just a matter of choosing whether you like one coloring than the other!

    • Standard location tracking plus location timeline tools.
    • It also offers a variety of monitoring functions.
    • A demo is available to explore its available features.
    • Spyic is an expensive subscription-based tool.
    • No downloadable monitoring app (you’ll need to monitor using a browser.)
    • Limited tracking capabilities with a lot of set up required.
    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-Spyic

    8. FoneMonitor


    If you want an online location tracking tool, then FoneMonitoris another one that you can consider. Much like Spyic and CocoSpy, this tool will require a lot of set up to use. But, once it’s set up, its tracking is completely unobtrusive and efficient. Providing you all the information you could possibly want from your child’s iPhone or Android device.

    • Reports last-known location in real-time.
    • It offers a complete GPS location timeline.
    • Unobtrusive design — works in the background.
    • Expensive subscription payments required.
    • Limited trial demo.
    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-FoneMonitor

    9. Glympse


    Glympseis actually not all that different from our top two picks from this list. In that, it’s an app meant to be used for location-sharing purposes. However, we rated it lower than the other two because it isn’t quite as powerful. There’s nothing wrong with its real-time location tracker, but neither will you get much outside of that.

    • Reliable and accurate real-time GPS location tracker.
    • Useful for coordinating events with friends and family
    • Customizable location-based alerts.
    • Limited in its uses.
    • Not as rich in features as other alternatives.
    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-Glympse

    10. LocaToWeb


    Much like Glympse,LocaToWeb is actually not that bad of an app. It just offers a little less than others that we’ve listed before it — plus, we factored in the fact that it’s a paid app (which in itself is not such a bad thing, but it’s definitely not as preferable to the other completely free to use options out there.)

    • Capable of tracking location real-time
    • Simple but efficient geofencing tools
    • Customizable location-based alerts
    • LocaToWeb is a pay-to-use app
    • Its design is rather lackluster
    • Users have reported the app being rather slow at times
    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-LocaToWeb

    Part 2. The Best Android Spy and Track Tool - Aispyer

    As a bit of a bonus, we’ve also included an introduction to what we consider the best Android spying and tracking tool in the market — Aispyer! Comparatively, this tool is the closest to FamiSafe, Cocospy, Spyic, and FoneMonitor. In that, it requires a fair bit of set up, but once properly installed, you can use it in order to access almostanythingthat has been stored on the Android device of your target.

    • Aispyer reports the last-known location of your target in real-time.
    • It also offers a timeline of all recently visited locations (with timestamps!)
    • GPS tracking is unobtrusive, and it works in the background of other apps.
    • You can also use this tool to track phone calls, text messages, clipboard items, keys logged, social media activity, web browsing activity, photos saved, and so much more!

    Step1 Try Aispyer Now!

    You can try out Aispyer today and follow along with our tutorial on how to use this online tool to track someone else’s location! Just sign up through the URL linked below!


    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-Aispyer

    Step2 Pick a License Plan

    Much like with most of the location tracking tools out there, Aispyer is a premium subscription-based tool. That means, in order to use it for the long term, you’ll need to purchase a tracking license based on how many months you plan to use it!

    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools- Pick a License Plan

    Step3 Download and Install GPS Tracer

    In order to be able to use its GPS location services to the fullest, you will need to take the time to install and set up the GPS tracking app on your target’s Android device! There are guides that you can follow available for this purpose. One of which has been linked below…


    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-Install GPS Tracer

    Step4 Sign in To Track Location

    In order to actually use Aispyer for tracking purposes, you will need to sign in with the account you created initially. This can be done from any browser and on any device!

    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-Sign in To Track Location

    Step5 Use the Monitoring Dashboard

    Immediately after signing in to Aispyer, you’ll be able to see a map or satellite view of the Android’s last-known location. You can also hover your cursor over the red pin if you want to see the exact address of the location (right down to the street!)

    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools- Use the Monitoring Dashboard

    Step6 Check Location Timeline!

    If you want a more detailed look at where your target has been for the last couple of hours, you can check their location timeline by selecting the Locationtab from the side menu!

    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-Check Location Timeline

    Step7 Review Target’s Location Timeline

    The location timeline tool offers addresses, timestamps, and a map/satellite view. It can also be used to search the recorded history by date or by a specific address (to allow you to narrow down results and ensure that your target is right where they should be at a given time or date.)

    iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools-Review locatioon timeline

    Conclusion:Top 10 iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps

    Real-Time location tracking tools and apps are a dime-a-dozen these days, but that doesn’t mean that you should go with whatever you see first! Explore your options, there’s plenty of there for you to try — whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device. You may be surprised by how much you might enjoy a newer and lesser-known app, like Aispyer, for example, when compared to something older — and perhaps something that isn’t as up to date with the newest tools available.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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