Locate Android Phone

  • Online Android Phone GPS Location tracker.

  • Real-Time GPS location reports.

  • Multipurpose tracking functions likeSMS, calls, web activity, social activity.

  • Remote tracking can be performed from any location.

    Are you looking for a way of securing your Android phone so that you can always locate it when it gets lost or stolen? Or, maybe, you want to be able to set up a GPS tracker on an Android device of someone else that will help you keep an eye on where they’ve been? The spyware that we’re going to introduce to you, called Aispyer, can do both for you! Learn how to use this tool and learn how it compares to three of its best-known alternatives below! What's more, there are also top 3 ways about how to locate Android Phone in this article.

    Part 1. How to locate android phone with Aispyer

    If you want to use Aispyer to locate an Android phone,you can do so fairly easily! This is true whether you’re doing it for yourself or someone that you know. All you have to do is install it on the Android device you want to track, and after, you’ll be able to track it (from anywhere and at any time) through any smart device that can connect you to the internet!

    • Online Android Phone GPS Location tracker
    • Real-Time GPS location reports PLUS location timeline reports
    • Multipurpose tracking functions (SMS, calls, web activity, social activity, etc.)
    • Remote tracking can be performed from any location

    Step1 Sign Up for the Spyware

    If you want to follow along with this tutorial, you’re going to want to sign up for Aispyer first and foremost! This is done on the Aispyer website (linked below!)


    Locate Android Phone-Sign Up for the Spyware

    Step2 Purchase the Spyware

    There are not many spyware out there available for free, and none that can be trusted as much as the premium spyware that we’re going to be introducing today! So, prepare yourself for a bit of an investment if you want to use Aispyer!

    Locate Android Phone-Purchase the Spyware

    Step3 Set Up the Spyware

    As mentioned, the spyware will need to be installed on the Android phone that you want to be able to locate later on, but this process is fairly intuitive! If you find yourself getting lost, you can see an in-depth video guide available on the Aispyer website (linked below!)


    Locate Android Phone-Set Up the Spyware

    Step4 Access the Monitoring Dashboard

    Once the Android phone is all ready to go, you can begin your monitoring! This is done on the Aispyer website (which you can access from any browser and on any device!)

    Locate Android Phone-Access the Monitoring Dashboard

    Step5 Locate Android Phone in Real-Time

    If you want to be able to locate the Android phone’s real-time location, you won’t have to do anything too special to do it! The Last Known Location widget on the main dashboard (highlighted in the image below) is available for you upon entry!

    Locate Android Phone-Locate Android Phone in Real-Time

    Step6 Locate Android Phone’s Past History

    As a bonus, you can also locate the Android phone in the ‘past.’ Or, rather, you can view all the location’s the phone has been logged being. For this, all you have to do is click the Location tab (on the left of the screen.)

    Locate Android Phone

    The Location tab is actually a page where you can review a device’s GPS location history. This is especially useful if you want to confirm the places visited by someone you know!

    TIP:Explore the functions we introduced (and others) through Aispyer’s available FREE demo!

    Locate Android Phone

    Part 2. Top 3 Ways to Locate Android Phone

    Step1 XNSPY


    For our first recommended alternative, we have XNSPY! This actually is capable of spying on both Android and iOS devices (but it’s best known for its Android version.) A free version of this spyware is also available for trial, but if you want to actually use it, you will need to pay quite the fee.

    Here are some of the pros and cons of this particular spy app…

    • XNSPY, much like Aispyer, provides real-time GPS location tracking.
    • It can also be used for reviewing one’s previously visited locations.
    • Tracking can be performed remotely, and the app is 100% discreet!
    • This spyware is subscription-based, and regular payments are required for use.
    • The design is rather old and can be a bit difficult to manage for some.
    • Updates do come rather slowly, so you may be waiting a while if end up wanting to upgrade your mobile device.
    Locate Android Phone-XNSPY

    Step2 Spyzie


    Here’s another spy app that you may also want to check out. It’s called Spyzie,and it was created for the sole purpose of spying on another person’s mobile device. It’s not that dissimilar to the other apps we’ve mentioned. But, we’ve listed a couple of pros and cons that you can consider below…

    • Spyzie offers quick and reliable GPS Location tracking functions!
    • Tracking of any kind is performed in the background of other apps
    • The spyware app is available for both iOS and Android devices
    • Much like with the rest of the apps on this list, payment is required for use!
    • The spyware is not regularly updated for iOS devices and might prevent you from upgrading from a more recent smart device.
    Locate Android Phone-Spyzie

    Step3 FamiSafe


    FamiSafe is another spy-related app, but it does kind of lock itself down as a ‘family’ or ‘parental’ control app. That means that it provides a couple of unique tracking functions that we have yet seen from the other apps that we introduced, but it also means that it might not be what you’re looking for (depending on the purposes of your tracking or spying.)

    • FamiSafe offers a reliable GPS location tracking tool for real-time monitoring.
    • Parental controls are available (in the form of Geofencing)
    • The app is lightweight, unobtrusive, and energy-saving
    • This is also a subscription-based app that will require regular payments
    • It doesn’t use the same standard interface design used by other spyware apps
    Locate Android Phone-FamiSafe

    Conclusion:Top 3 Ways About How to Locate Android Phone

    If you’re looking for a way of locating or keeping tracking of an Android phone,then Aispyer is the tool that we most recommend you use. Comparatively, there isn’t much of a difference between one spyware and another. However, if you want something cheap but reliable, then Aispyer is definitely the way to go! It, when compared to the alternatives we introduced above, is definitely the most convenient tracking apps of the ones we mentioned.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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