Real-time Location Tracker

  • Highly reliable real-time location tracking of Android devices. 

  • Location tracking can be performed remotely with any devices.

  • Location reports include street address, a map/satellite view, and timestamps for maximum convenience.

  • A complete timeline of all locations visited is available for your review.

  • More features: Track social media, call log, SMS, browsing history, photos, email, calendar, app infos, etc.

    When your loved one leaves home, do you worry about his or her safety, do you always want to know where he or she is? Well, then we have a solution to recommend to you in the form of android location tracking apps and tools! These tools can be used to track someone's location in real-time, allowing you to determine their whereabouts whenever and wherever you want to! We have included a list of what we consider the best Android real-time location tracking tools below, and even sneaked in an example for you on how they work at the very end to make sure that you know whether it's for your or not!

    Part 1. 5 Best Android real-time location tracking tools

    1 - Aispyer


    The first Android tool on this list is a spying app called Aispyer. This works once it’s been installed on someone else’s phone - allowing you to access all the data on their device remotely. That includes, of course, real-time location updates, a report on their location history, but also phone usage information (SMS, calls, photos saved, clipboard items, web activity, and so on.)

    2 - FlexiSpy


    FlexiSpy is also a very popular spying app. That, much like with Aispyer, requires installation on your target’s Android to work. Once installed, however, you will have access to that person’s real-time location as well as their location history and a handful of other phone usage information, including all forms of messaging, records and intercepts all types of calls, 100% hidden, logs keystrokes - and much more.

    Real-Time Location Tracking Tools for Android - FlexiSpy

    3 - Glympse


    Glympse is a regular location tracking app (unlike Aispyer and FlexiSpy). So, if all you want is a tool for tracking location - and nothing more, then this should work for you. It was primarily designed for coordinating events between friends, family, colleagues, etc. This is evident in the fact that you will need to request access to someone else’s location before you’ll be able to actually track it remotely.

    Real-Time Location Tracking Tools for Android - Glympse

    4 - Find My Device


    Find My Device, you might have already heard of it! This is a native location tracking tool that is available for all Android devices. The only catch is, this is mainly used for finding misplaced phones. So, if you’re interested in tracking someone else’s Android with this tool, then you’re going to have to request the Google account details that they’ve used for their device.

    Real-Time Location Tracking Tools for Android - Find My Device

    5 - Google Maps


    Google Apps, another unique, but reliable tool. Similar to Find My Device, this is native to Android devices. And, while it was not made specifically for tracking someone else’s phone, it’s location-sharing services work well for that purpose. You just need to get a little bit creative to use it - and since the app is FREE, the effort may be worth it for you.

    Real-Time Location Tracking Tools for Android - Google Map

    Part 2. How to track Android real-time location with Aispyer

    For our promised example on how to track an Android’s real-time location, we've chosen to demonstrate with the first tool introduced in the list up above. That is, Aispyer! As mentioned, this is a spying tool that was designed for monitoring or surveillance purposes. Allowing you to extract all relevant information from another person's Android device!

    Aispyer - Real-time Location Tracker

    • Highly Reliable Android real-time location tracking!

    • GPS location tracking can be performed remotely with any device!

    • A complete timeline of all locations visited is available for your review.

    • Location reports include street addresses, a map/satellite view, and timestamps for maximum convenience!

    • It is simple, clear, and have a power-saving strategy.

    • More features: tracking call logs, SMS, location, web history, and social media activities on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, etc.

    The step-by-step guide to use Aispyer

    Step1Create an account

    Fistly, you need to go to the website, and click the "Log in" button to create an account which you will use to track WhatsApp later.

    Step2Download and install Aispyer app on target device

    On the website, choose a plan of Aispyer. After purchasing, you’ll be provided a download link of the app and a guide on how to install it! According to the guide, you can easily download and install the app on the target Android device!

    Step3Sign in to track location in real-time

    Finally, you can sign in with your Aispyer account on to track the location of the target Android device in real-time.
    5 Best Real-Time Location Tracking Tools for Android - Aispyer Dashboard

    Aispyer has dozens of advanced and powerful tracking functions, but the one that's most important here is its real-time Android location tool! You don't have to go very far to access it either. Right on the Dashboard page, you can see your target's Last Known Location!

    5 Best Real-Time Location Tracking Tools for Android - Aispyer Last Known Location


    Try out one of the 5 best real-time location tracking tools for Android that we recommended today! We make sure to include as many unique options as possible. So, whether you’re looking for an all-rounder like Aispyer, or something more native to Android devices like the last two tools we covered, you have something to choose from. If you’d prefer to have the easiest and simplest solution, then we strongly suggest that you check out Aispyer. As we showed you in the quick real-time location tracking example just up above, it’s a really helpful and convenient tool for all purposes!


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