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Power Saving

Aispyer is a useful photo tracker that can help you track photos of albums, screenshots, screen recordings, etc. with one click.

Why Choose Aispyer Photo Tracker?

  • Track photos with thumbnails sorted by date.

  • Fully support to search photos by date.

  • Fully support to auto play photos.

  • Zoom in and out photos with ease.


How to Track Photos with Aispyer?

Step 1

Visit and create an account of your own.

Step 2

Download and install Aispyer app on target device.

Step 3

Now you can track photos on target devices easily.

It’s always necessary to know what photos your kids made and saved, because you can know what the life of your kids through photos and know whether your kids is in a healthy or safe state. Therefore, using Aispyer photo Tracker to track photos on your kids’ device is a must-have.

All the photos saved in the mobile memory can be tracked.

Firstly, you will need to create an account on Aispyer, and then purchase a plan. After that, you’ll get the download link of Aispyer app. Now you can visit the download link on the target device to install Aispyer app, or scan the QR code with the target phone to install the app. When the app finished installation on target device, you can log in the dashboard on Aispyer to start tracking photos.

Aispyer photo tracker is 100% free to use. With this app, you can monitor photos without any attention. Thois photo tracker also makes the whole process hidden, and you’ll only need to install the app on the target phone for once, then you don’t need to use their phone anymore.

More Features of Aispyer

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