Hack Android Phone From Computer
  • Check Android call log, SMS, GPS, web history, photos, email, calendar, etc. on computer
  • Track fast all popular social media activity on Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram, snapchat etc.
  • Three methods to protect your phone data, safe and secure.
  • Easy to install, it will automatically be hidden after the installation.

    The present-day smartphone contains all important information of a person like calls, messages, notes, social media accounts, and much more. So, if you want to keep an eye on a person, the simplest way is to keep an eye on their phone. The android phone being the most popular among the users, the need for hacking arises in several situations like a cheating partner, keeping an eye on the children, and more. Hacking an Android phone remotely from a computer using a program is the best way to do so. Learn more about how to hack an Android phone from a computer remotely. 

    Part 1. Advantages of using a computer to hack an Android Phone

    There are several tools and programs available that help you to keep a track of the activities of a person’s phone and this can be done either using another smartphone or a computer remotely. In comparison to the phone, there are multiple benefits of using a computer for hacking an Android phone and some of the major ones are enlisted below.

    • The network connection on a computer is more stable and faster in comparison to the mobile phone
    • Hacking through computer gives better control over the actions
    • With a large-size screen, hacking through a computer helps you to go through the details of the target phone properly
    • Hacking through a computer reduces the chances of being found out or concealment

    Part 2. How to hack an android phone on computer

    With a wide range of hacking apps available it is important to go with the right one to get all the details of the target device without being found out. One of the best apps for hacking an Android phone on computers Aispyer. The app is simple and safe to use and is unobtrusive in nature which means that the icon for the same automatically gets deleted from the target device after the installation. With a power-saving option, the tracking process is undetectable. Almost all the information on the target Android phone can be accessed from the remote computer using the app like call details, messages, web history, GPS, social media accounts, and more.

    Key features of Aispyer:
    • Comes with 3 ways of data protection that can completely be controlled by you
    • The icon for the installed app gets deleted from the target phone automatically
    • Quick and simple installation and easy use
    • Low power consumption of the target phone
    • Tracks all the information of the target Android device like phone numbers, location, SMS, social media accounts, WhatsApp, emails, calendar, keylogger, and more.

    Steps on how to hack into an Android phone from a computer using AiSpyer


    On your system open the AiSpyer site and create an account using a username and a password. Next, depending on your requirements, purchase the plan and you will get a registration code as well as the download link of the app


    Next, get access to the target device and install the AiSpyer app using the download link or by scanning the QR code. Once the app is installed, the icon will disappear after 5 seconds


    Go back to your computer and log-in to AiSpyer with your account details. Now you can access all the details of the target phone remotely on your computer.

    Thus, hacking any Android phone remotely on a computer is a simple and hassle-free task using Aispyer.

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